26 Mar 2021


Monday my hairdresser came and cut my hair which had grown quicker then usual ! Mr. G had spent  his weekend at the hospital and seemed to be quite satisfied. That changed on Monday evening when I called him, he wanted to come home ! I told him that it was impossible and that's not my decision but the doctor's. 

I tried to recover from the last stressing weeks and only drove my scrabble girls to the only one who lives in the next town. I still am the only one  who loves to  drive, so I am the "chauffeur" !

In her garden spring had slowly moved in we could observe all kind of birds drinking out of the little pond.

After our game where we all had almost the same points and two cakes with coffee, I drove them back to  Waterloo.

We noticed a that the Japonese Cherry trees had started to bloom. It was sunny bad rather cold

On Wednesday I did some shopping, and also bought 5 T- shirts for Mr. G.which I brought him in the afternoon. No way to visit him I had to give my bag with the laundry to a nurse and got the dirty one back. Amongst the dirty laundry I found some clean once, he hadn't noticed the difference.

I did the laundry and also called him in the evening, but he was angry that he was not allowed to come home. The tests with all the machines have not yet been done. Sometimes he is a bit confused and then normal again !

Myriam came and we watched a few movies about the Acrylic painting in modern Art. It was funny what the painters used ! Nail brushes, spatulas, clothes pin, squeegee for windows, etc. Everything except a brush !

Today I finally could talk to the doctor who takes care of Mr.G and she told me that he is a special case (that I knew) they did a lot of memory tests with him and apparently he answered well to things which normally people don't know and those which everyone knows he didn't know ! 

Our governement has again restricted our lockdown, now the hairdressers are again closed and all "non essential shops" ! Of course it's never their fault, that they hadn't ordered enough vaccins ! I decided not to watch the news anymore ! 

Fortunately when I go out and see that spring really tries to move in, I feel a little better !

The fields look beautiful

and I "planted" fake flowers in my cat pots, it looks really nice. The furniture is not yet put up it's still a little to cold.

I don't know if you have seen the eruption of a volcano in Iceland with a meter long unspeakable name but as you can see I was there !

In  my dreams and sitting on the sofa taking pictures of the TV screen !!

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25 Mar 2021


1. "Hope springs eternal"...discuss. 

There is not much to discuss the only thing I hope is that this nightmare of Coronavirus which lasts now one year ends before the whole world gets crazy !

2. Last time you needed to 'spring into action' or 'spring to someone's defense'...explain. 

As for the moment I am living alone with cat Rosie and Mr. G is in hospital, I have no one to defend and I don't remember when I needed to spring to someone's defense, it must have been a very long time ago ! Maybe the fact that we all have to wear a mask, people fight less ?

3. Tulips or daffodils? baby birds or baby bunnies? The cherry tree or the dogwood tree? Jelly beans or peeps? March madness or spring training? Peas or carrots? 

I prefer tulips to daffodils, especially when I see the tulip fields in the Netherlands. Of course I prefer baby bunnies,  and cherry trees, which have started to bloom and they are very pretty.  Last time I ate jelly was in my childhood, have never seen that in Belgium. For both March madness or spring training I am too lazy ! I like peas and carrots, can't tell what I like more.

4. I read an article here on the South's best cities on the rise. They are-Baton Rouge Louisiana, Fayetteville Arkansas, Greenville South Carolina, Huntsville Alabama, Lexington Kentucky, Norfolk Virginia, Tulsa Oklahoma, Waco Texas, Wilmington North Carolina, and Winston-Salem North Carolina. Of the cities listed how many have you seen in person? Which one on the list would you most like to see? Have you spent much time in the southern states (USA)? Any spring road trips on your calendar? 

In the 80/90 we have been very often in the States and during the years spending holidays there we have been from the Niagara falls til Los Angeles, and from New York to Denver. Don't remember how many States we visited and all tourist things of course !  I have to add that my Mother's sister had married an American and that's why we have been there so often.

5. Tell us how your outdoor space needs sprucing up this spring? Which do you enjoy more (or hate the least-ha!) yard work or house work? 

My outdoor space is a rather big balcony which goes all around the apartment. I hate garden (yard) work and  housework too. For the housework I fortunately have brave cleaning lady and the balcony doesn't need a lot of work because I put fake flowers in the pots and nobody sees the difference. At least I don't have to water them. For the moment everything is still put away for the winter and as it is still too cold to sit outside I will wait another week and then put table and chairs etc on the balcony.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Today our prime minister was on TV and gave new rules for the lockdown ! I can't see his face anymore and the others either  ! I don't know how they can invent  such stupid rules ! Fortunately for me personally nothing changes, anyway I don't have the intention to buy clothes and I also don't have children who have to go to school, because schools will close too ! Last year the children were not dangerous at all and this year they are ! I better think of nice things to do !

 Spring slowly moves in !!!




24 Mar 2021


 I visited a stable in  Holland the cows were very friendly ! And I breathed the good country scent !

Mum chicken  with her chicks amongst the cows !

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23 Mar 2021


These were happy days when our life was still normal. Our friend Kadijah a Belgian of Morrocan origin had invited us to a real Moroccan couscous, which she had prepared herself ! 

First there were some specialities as starter

and then we enjoyed the excellent Couscous

Our host who had worked so hard to prepare us something typical of her country of origin

Before the mint tea ceremony we all choose a Kaftan out of her wardrobe !

and here she poured us a cup of  delicious mint tea. Usually I never drink mint tea because I hate the taste, but she had put something else in the tea and it made it taste so different ! It was the first time in my life that I drank three cups of mint tea !!

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22 Mar 2021


Isis loves company and participates in the conversation






On Saturday I rested the whole day  after all the excitement of the past week! Mr. G seems very happy with his room in the hospital and the people are all very nice. He is alone in his room and can watch TV as much as he wants. 

I slept until 10 a.m., 12 h exactly (!) then drank coffee and made my post for the next day. In between friends called me and I hang on the phone for a while. The weather was so nice (but cold) that I had to open the living room door and sit in the sun that was shining inside. Then it was already evening and I watched a movie. 

On Sunday I still felt exhausted and tired, but at least gathered my energy and answered comments.

Fortunately, Myriam came in the afternoon to measure our balcony because I would like to put a fake grass carpet on it. I think this  will look very nice. Now I have to find the grass carpet !

We scolded again about the new Corona rules which are not logical at all and I think more and more that we are treated like little school children. The kids who have not been tested last year because they were not dangerous will suddenly be tested this year because they could be dangerous !Probably to keep the statistics high. Something is wrong with the whole corona story. 

I called Mr. G in the hospital again, he is feeling good, he had to walk a bit, tomorrow on Monday all tests will start. It will probably last the whole week. I don't know yet. 

Don't worry ... be happy 





21 Mar 2021


The last meeting on Friday of our dear prime minister to announce new or changed rules  has brought no changes except a few very ridiculous, such as travelling in a train and only use the window seats ! 

It's better not to think about it, the only thing I wish is that you can eat and drink outside on a sunny terrace watching people ! Meanwhile I watch my lockdown cat

Rosie's feelings about the lockdown

I think I will do the same but on the sofa !!