24 Oct 2020


On Friday the sun was shining and I thought I will combine Photo Hunting with my shopping list. 

I choose a little village not to far because I knew that there were many trees and old little houses. I even found a local bakery with delicious fresh baked bread, bought a loaf and looked around. 

Suddenly I saw Halloween decorations ! I was very surprised because Halloween is not so much celebrated but apparently in this little town it was ! Maybe people will all celebrate at home, which will be quite difficult, because we just got the new Coronavirus rules and all Halloween events for kids were cancelled and of course no way to go for trick and treat. You are only allowed to invite 4 people and of course no parties. The restaurants and bars are closed so what should they do with the Halloween things they bought .... They decorated the windows and I found these reflections :

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23 Oct 2020


Since the beginning of the week the European countries are getting more and more red, nearly all of them are at least orange, but not for long, usually they turn into red too ! People are tired and lots of them panic  and remain at home imagining the worst ! 

I try to lead a normal life except the mask on my nose when I go out. But Monday we didn't even scrabble, because they all were tired or not feeling well or suddenly afraid to catch the virus. I think we should get together as we did in March, always the three of us and even if we can't sit outside we all have spacious living rooms where we can keep distance.  So I made myself a cosy afternoon, Mr. G. was with his Whist group, now they play once a week in private and only four. The Tennis Club is closed and since March no Whist was allowed. The same with me and my painting class !

Nicole and I were invited by my former neighbor for 15 years, until she was the victim of a maniaco depressive manipulator whom she married despite all warnings from family and friends, and who had .sequestrated her. After 3 years she finally managed to escape ! Terrible story. But now she has moved into a little University town called Louvain la Neuve. 

Louvain-la-Neuve was artificially created,  following the linguistic crisis between French and Flemish speaking students,  that rocked the University of Louvain between November 1967 and March 1968. Finally the Walloons were thrown out and the new Louvain was inaugurated on October 20, 1972.

That's why all buildings are not older then about 40 years. I really liked this little town, I had been there long time ago when they just started to build the new University.

We spent a nice afternoon with her in her new apartment, she has left the past behind her and everything in her home is new, besides her paintings.

This is the building were she lives on the first floor. I like the architecture.

The  next day it was really warm 20°C ! I  could have sat in the sunshine, but the wind was so strong I was nearly blown away !

I tried to take a picture of the trees in the strong wind, but of course each time they bent I was too late !

The plastic with which I had covered the garden furniture for the winter nearly blew away and I had to fix it with a cord and put the heaviest cats  on the plastic, now it seems to stay !

And while I worked at my computer and did some laundry, looking out of the window,  I admired the red bush, which had been green and each day became more red.

I didn't go out at all this day, because when I see the empty streets and shops and everybody with a masked face it really doesn't lift my mood !



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21 Oct 2020


Do you think he could do something for us, and kill it ??


20 Oct 2020


In 2007 I was again in Egypt and this time I visited the Karnak Temple Complex, commonly known as Karnak, comprises a vast mix of decayed temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings near Luxor, in Egypt. You can read more about Karnak here in COUNTRIES & CITIES  

Probably now it looks diferent today more souvenir shops probably and a few camels, but at that time there were only tourists who were very interested in the old Egyptian history. 

And here are a few pictures


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19 Oct 2020


Tiny cat figurines out of my cat collection




What a boring weekend and everybody is in a bad mood ! On Friday our prime minister talked to the population as if we were 3 year old children. It's a new one because Mrs Willmes was only there for the first lockdown because we had no government. Now this one was chosen to avoid elections and I don't like the guy ! What a difference with the female Prime Minister who could speak in both languages without any accent (Dutch and French) and this one who in both languages talks in a boring way, which makes me sleepy ! Anyway I can't change the world and now since he has announced that restaurants, cafes and bars and snackbars will be closed for a months, people are all very angry. Nobody understands this strange logic : You can travel in full buses, trains and trams where people are squeezed together but not sit in a restaurant or bar where the distance is respected and lots of restaurants have made transformations so that people are safe. 

Therefore even on Saturday when the shops were open, the streets were empty I think nobody wanted to go out and was angry (like me) or completely hysterical of fear to get the virus. I have to say that it was his intention to scare people and there are always once who only listen and don't think.

I worked on my computer and watched a bit TV and then went to my friend who had the kidney surgery. She was angry too, because only one kidney was done, for the other it has to be done later, beds should be kept free for eventual Corona cases ! If I understand well all surgeries are postponed and you can die in peace while they have to keep the place for eventual Corona infected people. But in the News it sounded as if the hospitals would explode ! 

To comfort us, it was shown on television how the Funeral homes are already preparing for a coffin rush and also showed how the coffin was pushed into the blazing furnace. I call that manipulation ! Why do they want to scare people so much ?

Sunday it rained and I thought I make some photos again of our window view now that the leaves are changing colors, but sloly  mostly the trees are still green. 

My neighbor has brought me my paintings I had stocked in her garage and I managed to put them nearly all in the big box I had bought to put the garden furniture inside. There are a few paintings remaining which I will hang on the walls.

I discovered a play house for kids in a neighbor garden ! Had never noticed it.

For mid October it still looks quite green !

 And cat Rosie who sleeps her 23 h per day and has no Coronavirus problems !