3 Jun 2023


This will be a "Friday's not fave but ten " 

Since a week I am back from my Danube cruise which unfortunately wasn't at all as I expected. I had thought I could rest on the deck and admire the beautiful landscape, instead the ship navigated during the night where I only saw the lights of the little villages. Otherwise the excursions which I expected by bus and not too much walking took place early mornings when the shops were still closed and you had to walk !!  With my lung disease I couldn't walk that much so I stayed on the ship. I couldn't even sleep longer because the restaurant was closed at 9 am ! (I told them what I thought and got a nice breakfast in the panorama room ! Those who were in  the same situation also had to stay on the ship.

Unfortunately the weather was cold and very humid for a few days and you couldn't even sit on the sun deck, while my friend at the beginning participated in the excursions? after 4 times she was so tired and had to stay too, she has Parkinson and hadn't expected this military regime neither ! The ship company was called  Rivages du monde and instead of different nationalities we were 160 French and 18 Belgians ! A few spoke a little English and were surprised that nobody outside the boat spoke French. Even the French don't like to travel with French they only compare to France, and made fun of the Belgians. 

The worst was the lunch, which usually lasted almost 3 hours, very nicely prepared and also very good, but you had to look for the portions with a magnifying glass, they were so small, but since we had 4 courses it was enough. There was as much wine as you wanted, and as soon as the glass was half empty, it was refilled. White and red depending, most took both. Then everybody collapsed in a sofa or in the bed or had to go on an optional excursion to see other churches and ruins. 

I had asked for an alcohol free beer instead of the wine as I don't drink alcohol, the first waiter came and told me that it was not possible, but he would ask his chef. The chef came, told that it was not possible, but he would ask his chef. I thought I was in a joke ! Then the chef called the manager and now they were 4 around me to tell me that it was impossible that if they would make an exception with me they would have to do this with the others too ! I told them it would be better to serve a glass of alcohol free beer than 3 bottles of wine to one person (that was allowed) Finally before I exploded I gave up. I forgot to mention that the price of the beer was 3.50 € ! The others had their fun the manager less ! 

The ship was very nice

The sightseeing way too, only besides Budapest, Munich and Bucarest I haven't seen nothing especially when our ship was anchored in the middle of two others and I could admire the bedrooms of the other ships or just a wall.

we both again at table !

our room was quite spacious and very nice with panorama windows

Even the French started to complain about the long eating hours, especially when they wanted to go to an optional excursion, with the belly full !

and here are the artwork we had for lunch and supper

This was called the "Panorama room" where we got coffee and cake at 4 !

while we were treated to boring music. The singer was good but the piano a bit old fashioned.

The Panorama room

we played Scrabble, sometimes with other people too

while we were stuck between two other ships, 

The last evening was a Rumanian evening with local food, music and dancers

and some guests joined in.

There is much more to tell and it will come in the next days together with pictures of the landscapes. It really is a very beautiful part of Europe. 
It's a pity that they didn't mention in their catalogue that this cruise was not made for disabled people and certainly not for once in wheelchairs. You need to be a good walker !
So from Monday til Friday, I tried to recover from our return flight where we had to get up at 7 am and I went to bed at home at 1 am the rest of the time I spent in airports ! I unpacked my suitcase yesterday!! And my friend got home with a severe Parkinson attack. Long live the badly organized cruises ! 

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1 Jun 2023


1. Do you know much about (or understand) Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Does it worry or excite you? 

Neither nor, After all, thanks to artificial intelligence, I learned something new,  that I had never heard of before ! It doesn't worry me at all, my natural intelligence wouldn't be enough to help me to find out how to peel potatoes, but Googles artificial intelligence does ! Very useful indeed !

2. What was the last song you listened to? Your favorite movie soundtrack? What song always puts you in a good mood? 

I have no idea what song it was because I watched "Britain got Talent" and there are so many songs which are beautiful, which unknown people perform. 


I have no song which puts me in a good mood, I love a song which fitted so well for Rick's funeral ceremony "Love of my life" from Freddy Mercury.

3. What were you doing ten years ago? 

Thanks to my Blog, I can tell you exactly what I did 10 years ago ! I complained about the rainy weather, but in the afternoon the sun came out and while Rick watched his beloved Formular 1, I went with a friend for a walk in a park and said hello to the Alpacas which were there ! I would always have good alibis thanks to my posts !

4. Your favorite no-bake summer dessert? 

Ice cream !  Stracciatella

5. Something you're looking forward to in June? 

As I just came back from an exhausting Danube cruise, with poor landscape seeing, but mostly based on French food (4 courses, 3 hours) lunch and dinner, I have no plans for June. I have to digest my deception !  I didn't know, or the catalogue didn't mention that it wasn't a cruise for seniors or disabled people so we were prisoners, very well fed, but didn't see a lot, as the ship navigated during night !

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I am thinking of what I have to do, and that's a long list. And as it is so long, I will do like Rosie


31 May 2023



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29 May 2023


I am back from my cruise on the Danube. I just post one collage because I am very tired the return flight was a mess, In short we got up at 6 am spent hours in  airports and before walked around in Bucarest, and were home at 1 pm. I think I never will take a plane again ! From Bucarest to Brussels I it should take at the most 2 h flight, but with all these checking in waiting hours and delays, I think it's quicker to walk or take a train !

On top of being tired I am also down, it is the the first anniversary of Rick's death. One year now, without him, time flies by so quickly.