29 Feb 2020


It's always difficult to find a gift for a 9 year old boy, who on top is your grandson. When my son was 9 the toys he selected were completely different with what is on the market now and as a reasonable grandma I didn't want to buy him a modern object without falling into the computer game section.

I knew that he loved to put things together and suddenly I had a perfect idea which combined an outside and inside object, a metal detector !

The detector was delivered in pieces which had to be put together and when it was finished, he had a metal detector. Of course he had to try it out immediately and inspected our whole house. In the bedrooms no suspect noise was heard, but under our living room the detector started to make a loud noise !

I told Toby the whole living room must have at least gold under the floor and that we would find a treasure ! Unfortunately the treasure turned out to be the iron bars on which the living room was built.

No chance I told Toby when I come to visit you we will go along the sea and on the beach we will certainly detect coins and other metallic things and who knows maybe the treasure which he hasn't found under our living room.

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28 Feb 2020


Scrabble Monday was as usual, it rained and we were playing, I had very bad letters and lost again of course. We had strawberry cake which was very good.

Miss Isis watched over us ! She loves scrabble, there are so many leather shoes under the table to sniff at.

The next day Mr. G and I had to go to the bank not as bank robbers but only to give autographs.

In the car we heard about how many dead today, because of the Corona virus, there was one ! and a few infected a bit everywhere in the world.

After coming out of the bank in the same radio station there were a few infected more but not yet dead. We picked up two "Woopers" in the new "King Burger" which had just opened, before there was another one, and listened to an interview of a politician I don't remember which country who discussed the situation of the Corona virus ! Coming home and serving the burgers, I switched on the TV and heard Mr. Trump saying that there is no danger for the USA. He must know. I couldn't hear the word Corona anymore and changed channel. Unfortunately for me they just showed material against the Corona virus,  masks, pills, doctors, steril uniforms etc and nothing else. Not even a little war or a car accident.

We watched a movie and went to bed without masks !

To my surprise for the first time this year it had snowed and we were end February and flowers had already come out ! It lasted half an hour and then the world was green again, at least my little world around the garden.

In the afternoon, I went apartment hunting. I had a few addresses and wanted to see at least the outside and surroundings. There is quite a big choice and they all looked very nice.

This one was nice but I don't know if it will be still free when we could move in !

I want a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment with balcony, living room and at least 100 m2,  but or they were too far from the center or they were on the first or second floor and I want to be at least on the 4th ! My whole life I was sitting on the ground now I want to sit high and watch the roofs and not the hedges !

Again each time I went in the car there were Corona virus infected people here and there and also in Italy. I am sure that my SIL is already half dead only because it could arrive on her 5th floor.

Next week our house will be put on the market and then the circus will start ! I better don't think of it !

As it was carnival some of us came disguised ! I wanted to be a Corona virus because I had seen somebody disguised like that and it was so funny. He was wrapped in bandage from top to bottom and had a white hat with a golden crown and a mask.

But I had not enough bandage and no crown so I disguised myself as a "gilet jaune" (yellow vest ) remember the strikes in France which turned into a riot.

We also had "Red Feather" and a professor a Mexican and a Bavarian. The others didn't like to disguise themselves they were not used to it. We had a lot of fun you can imagine.

Already when I entered the building the cleaning women and the whole staff who saw me bursted out in laughter and escorted me to the room.

After painting class where I ruined my  painting, we went for lunch together and then I returned home to write my blog and check the photos.

The snow was completely gone, except in the Ardennes where on the highway an accident happened and caused a 40 km long queue !

When we have three snowflakes in Belgium the whole traffic collapses !

and here are my night (and day) caps. No wonder that I am tired with these two always in front of my eyes as an example

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27 Feb 2020


I think I googled for hours to undertand the meaning of "written off" but as it has to do with accounting, debts, numbers and all things I hate, and I need a calculator for adding 1 plus 1, I finally understood that "written off" has nothing to do with writing !

Writing I could explain, because I love writing !

Finally I found something what even I understood : Cartoons

Golf in Belgium - 18 holes near you

If the government wouldn't  have the money written off  the holes would be repaired by now !

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25 Feb 2020


Who is the intruder ?

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In a lot of countries there is Carnival time, and so it  is here in Belgium too. In our little town Waterloo  was no official Carnival procession, but in the neighbor town Nivelles there was.

It is always very funny seeing people relaxed and cheerful and having fun ! Everybody talks to everybody and of course in the cafes the beer flows in streams !

These are all witches

a pirate ship

and the little once had fun too !

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24 Feb 2020


The contortionist



My cleaning lady is still in Ireland so the other one came on Saturday morning. I am very happy with her, she is real good and a very friendly woman. Unfortunately leaving our house and driving a few km an 18 year old girl who had mixed up the pedals bumped in her car and damaged it severely. And as it is usually, you are innocent but you have the most paperwork and worries !

In the afternoon I visited a friend who had a head surgery, she had a ulcer in the brain, fortunately not a bad one. Finally it was not so severe, after 3 h she was in intensive care and a week later at home. They had made the operation through the nose, so she looked completely normal with nicely combed hair. She felt a bit dizzy and weak but could walk around in her apartment. I found her real nice and also relieved because you never know how you will get out of a brain operation ! That's like the spine !

We are "blessed" with another storm called Helen it is just arriving and I see the trees shaking in the strong wind.

So what to do on a Sunday when you risk to be blown away ? Go to the movies ! And that's what we did.

Little Women, the French title was  "Les quatre filles du Dr. March "The four daughters of Dr. March"