18 Mar 2022


On Monday I felt like I was stung by a TseTse fly, I felt so tired. 

I finally found my way out of bed without using a satnav ! All day I dragged myself from the computer to the TV, chatted with my neighbor, watched a movie, and then went to bed and read. At that moment the day started for cat Rosie and she raced through the apartment growling like a dog and hiding under the cushions.

When I looked in the mirror I stated that my hair looked like an old Hippie hairdo, it had to be cut. My neighbor's hair too, and as she can't drive she came with me, but before we had lunch in the "Lunch Garden" of the Carrefour store. For once the Steak was very good and didn't taste like a plastic toy. 

After that we went to the hairdresser also in  the Carrefour store. There we had a lot of fun because we were alone with the young woman who liked to laugh too and who was happy to have two funny oldies as clients ! Usually she said, her clients had all sour faces and the whole day the poor girl had to listen to all miseries of the world and the personal illnesses ! 

The result

As usual I visited Rick to bring him his wafels. He forgets more and more and thought I hadn't called or come and it was the same with our son. Even his friend who had played a game with him on Sunday afternoon he had forgotten. To distract him a bit because he only wants to stay in his room I took him downstairs to the others 

where crepes were prepared and everybody waited to get his crepe. It was quite funny and the young male nurse did his best to amuse everybody. Rick who didn't want to eat a crepe, finally ate two ! I made a selfie from us, not one but 8 until I got a smile on his face !

In their garden the trees started to bloom and also the hedge with yellow leaves.
I had to buy Rosie's cat food, since she became an inside cat she didn't  tolerate what she used to eat before, now she has special food for seensitive stomachs. In the animal food shop still sits Cookie the parrot. I know him since the shop was opened 15 or more years ago. He was outside sitting on his cage and looked at me from top to bottom 
I talked a bit with him and when I went away he whistled like a man ! I had to laugh I thought now I am belonging to the 3rd youth, and at least a parrot whistles behind me !
In the evening I admired a beautiful sunset sometimes they are really amazing !


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17 Mar 2022



1. It's March 15th and as the saying goes-"Beware the Ides of March". Have you read or studied much Shakespeare? Do you have a favorite Shakespeare play? How do you feel about a Caesar salad? 

Of course I have studied  Shakespeare centuries ago at school and even in German ! I have seen Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Othello, and that was more then enough.  I saw the balcony of Juliet in Verona and must have a picture of me standing on the balcony !

For years I had forgotten Mr. Shakespeare until I made a tour around the UK and ended up in  Stratford-on-Avon where he was born in 1564, apparently he was quite precocious, because he had to marry Anne Hathaway, who was  8 years older and pregnant at 26 ! All this I learned when we visited his birth house and the house where he lived later. He was an actor in London, which I didn't know. I couldn't find out what the "Ides" are, because in all languages it's Ides. The sentence was said by a Roman to warn Cesar that he would be killed on March 15. 

Now I don't know what Shakespeare has to do with Ceasar salad, I doubt that he has ever eaten it, but I like it. It doesn't sound like an English plate in the 16th century it's too healthy !

2. Have you ever been to Rome? If so what do you love about the city? If not, any desire to go? 

It's a shame I have been visiting Italy from top to bottom even before I married an Italian, but I never had time enough to visit Rome  because I thought I needed a few days for that. Maybe I will find some time some day, but it is not really attracting me, that's the downside of having travelled a lot at the end all these old cities look the same.

3. What's your favorite place to 'roam'? 

In a wood or a park or along the sea

4. Do you like pizza? Thick or thin crust? Red sauce-white sauce-other? Your favorite toppings? How do you feel about pineapple on a pizza? 

Pizza is an emergency plate, almost in the whole world you can order a Pizza when you get unexpected guests. Yes I don't mind to eat a good pizza rather with a thick crust. I sometimes eat one with pineapples, anyway you can put every left over in your kitchen on a Pizza dough !  The origin of Pizzas was in Sicily when at the end of a few days all rests were put on a dough and cooked in an oven heated with wood. In fact it was the food of the poors. There are 687 types of Pizza in the World !!

5. 'Rome wasn't built in a day'...tell us how this expression applies to something in your home-life-job currently (or recently)? 

My moving from our house into an apartment ! After two years I still have things which are hidden somewhere in the basement but my lack of energy made that I tell myself each day I will do it tomorrow ! Rome is a good example !

6.  Insert your own random thought here. 

Now we have unmasked faces and could see our smiles, but everybody or nearly have still sour faces because of the economical crists,  the petrol prices are so high that some companies can't deliver their goods. I am fed up of Putine's killing innocent people just for playing war ! There is nothing positive to think about for me with on top my very ill husband !  



16 Mar 2022


 The train station in Liege is also called "Draft Station" because wherever you stand you are in a draft.



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15 Mar 2022


The Rouge-Cloître site is an exceptional place steeped in history, ideal for a family discovery or a school outing. In terms of nature, the Rouge-Cloître is classified as a nature reserve, and is home to exceptional flora and fauna. It offers walkers its gardens, its walks, its ponds (one of them is accessible to fishermen), its "health track" and its playgrounds.You can read here more about the Rouge Cloitre (the Red Cloister).


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Yesterday was a historical day NO MASKS or vaccines certificate anymore !!


14 Mar 2022


Why do I have a headache ??

Arthur the cat is against modelling

 More then 10 years ago the feet of my grandson !

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Saturday morning was desinfection day, which means that Maria cleaned the apartment and I Rick's computer and even managed to connect my computer to his ! I was very proud ! Slowly, slowly I learn and manage. Next thing is to connect the printer to my computer ! 

Maria had cleaned the windows so well that I have to pay attention that I don't walk through !

In the afternoon I visited Rick who again was not in his best mood. I tried to distract him and told him funny stories, but he couldn't concentrate interrupted me and started something completey different and then forgot again. It was very stressing to find out what he wanted to say. The nurses complained politely that he is very difficult and gets quickly aggressive. Probably they need to give him a stronger dose of his medication. He also was again very tired. I returned home rather down. 

I had no energy anymore not even for my photos I watched a funny movie to cheer me up, but it didn't really work. Rosie probably wanted to comfort me and I found a gift in my slipper. 

On Sunday I woke up at 8 am found it too early so I read a bit on my tablet and suddenly it was 10 am !  That didn't matter after all I am retired and alone and as Rosie slept too, we got up together. 

I had a lot of plans in my head, I wanted to see an exhibition, a flea market and ended up in front of my computer and wrote, for me it's the best therapy. I still have some adventures of my youth in my sleeve and I wrote a draft and suddenly it was dark and the refugees of Ukraine appeared on the TV screen and other horrible pictures. I didn't watch anymore I just listened a bit. It's useless until somebody has the guts to kill Putine ! Why does the Corona Virus take care of him ?


13 Mar 2022


When I was in the South of France, my friend took me to her cousin who had two enormous turtles in his garden.  As they didn't like each other they both had a very spacious enclosure separated by a wooden fence. 

I had never seen such big turtles and their owners hadn't expected that they became as big as a leather pouffe I had seen in Morocco. They had taken 30 years ago from Northern Africa,  two little turtles (which today is strictly forbidden) which became big and bigger. Fortunately they had enough space to keep them almost like pets ! 

They understand their names and come "running" especially if you have some salad leaves. In winter they take them in (I wonder how ) and put them besides their open fire. There they start their winter sleep and guests who come think that there are two enormous strange round rocks sitting on each side of the open fire. At least there it is warm. In spring they go in their enclosure again where each of the turtles have a "little" house where they can go if it is bad weather ! I was very impressed !