16 Oct 2015


1. It seems to me that all days are the same, grey, humid and cold. Apparently we have the coldest October since ages, only 2 to 3 ° and it has even snowed a bit in the Ardennes.

2. The only thing to do is staying home and do things you don't like to do, like sorting out old things you don't need anymore for the big garbage truck which comes twice a year. From lamps to suitcases, old tools and other stuff, Mr. G and I carried everything on the street.

My neighbors did the same and it was interesting to see how many cars and vans drove by to choose from all these things, something they could need. We never had such a lot of traffic in our street !

3. I had enough of staying home and took the train to Brussels center.

Close to the Grand'Place is a big gallery with a lot of shops of all kinds. At least it was warm in there. I walked around and bought two berets, one in red and one in beige, I like wearing them but I hadn't found any in Waterloo.  In this gallery there are a lot of leather clothes shops and coats and clothes in general, mostly owned by Pakistani (I guess) and you have to haggle too !

4. Each year I have an eye control to see if everything is OK. Ever since I have seen the drama with my neighbor who has developed the "Macula" I prefer to have my eyes checked. Although I had an appointment I had to wait for 45 min, because of an old lady who had mixed up her appointments and sneaked in before me ! I hadn't heard my name ! Fortunately everything was OK I only need new glasses. The doctor said my view has changed to worse, which I can't understand, because I see better then ever and even can take my glasses off at home. Anyway I am a special case, ever since I stopped smoking I cough like an old locomotive and I am breathless more quick ! The fact that I lost 5 kgs during my pregnancy instead of getting big like all the other future mums, confirms that I don' fit into norms.

5.With the prescription for new glasses I went to the optician. I nearly fainted when I heard the price ! And the health insurance only reimburses half of the price of one glass, because the other is not strong enough ! Of course the frame is not included, so I wonder how you do when you have no money for a new frame ? Do you have to nail the glasses on your eyebrows  over your eyes ??
I could have easily gone on a two weeks holidays for the same price !

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15 Oct 2015


I was looking for a winter coat and therefore went to different stores, boutiques and shops and as usual when you are looking for something you find nothing.

In one store I saw a beautiful mannequin, in a black velvet suit, black patent shoes and white socks, which were the only "color" spot in the whole outfit and the mannequin too, because obviously it was a black one. I could only see the back, but admired the velvet suit which looked really very elegant. I suddenly remembered that Mr. G. once also had a velvet suit, that must have been in the 70th but it had been brown. At that time he was a fashion freak and not comparable to the "garbage" look he has today, he doesn't care about fashion or clothes at all anymore. How people can change.

Anyway my mannequin suddenly became alive moved and turned around. What I saw was a handsome very tall black man with a large smile on his face showing white teeth that all dentists in the world only can dream of. He had seen the shock on my face and that made him smile !

I quickly recovered and told him that I am sorry to stare at him like an old lady in a zoo, but that I had taken him for a mannequin and was shocked when it suddenly turned around. That made him laugh out loud and me too ! I told him that I liked his velvet suit and that he looked very elegant. He was very pleased, he was not more than in his 20th. I smiled again and went away, avoiding mannequins.

Jenny Matlock
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14 Oct 2015


Seen in an exhibition : mouse traps with breasts ! No comment

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13 Oct 2015


An exceptional animal park

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12 Oct 2015


I continued to sort out clothes I didn't need anymore, and Kim thought what a nice person I was to prepare her a bed in the hallway. I still have not finished, I have to look through 2 other closets.

Kim on her new bed !

My car wasn't white anymore but more gray it badly needed to go through the car wash.

And while I was sitting in my car and it rumbled over my head I took some pictures and was proud of myself to have created modern art !

In the evening Nicole, my neighbor and I went to Ittre, the little town where our theater is, our season ticket had started and we saw the first play.

It was very nice and very funny too, it was the life story of the French actress Sarah Bernard  "the most famous actress the world has ever known". We first had our supper in the theater restaurant and then enjoyed the play. We laughed a lot, it was really very good.

On Sunday we had our wedding day ! 46 years with the same man, I earn a medal !

As usual I got a flower bouquet, and we had Sushis for supper. I had bought a warm sweat suit for Mr. G. as he is always "running" around like a bin man, and had badly needed a new one. Arthur decorated the new outfit with some white hairs.