21 Oct 2023


Monday I filled in my empty fridge. In less than a month I don't have shopping to do anymore ! Hurray ! For that at least I won't miss Rick who loved doing shopping ! The whole afternoon interrupted by a few phone calls, I put my new photos in new folders and then watched a bit TV. Outside it rained ! It was necessary for once because it was a long time it hadn't rained.

Now each day I have a little look through my clothes and shoes, to decide what I would give away and what I would take with me. I felt like a hoarder when I looked through my shoes.  Ladies are supposed to love shoes and collect them, I don't care about shoes and am only too lazy to throw them away. Therefore I found 2 pairs of boots exactly the same, only in one was a hole. Shoes which had become antiques and 4 pairs of the same color, but not in a good shape anymore.

This was a a reason to go shoe shopping the next day, and I was lucky I found a black and a beige pair which at least were new, and they fit. After that I visited Nicole who was busy with painting, they had a painting class. Some of them were really good, the others painted wooden pegs in green. I asked  why in green, and it was to hang photos on a grid. 

And finally to end the week and start my move, Momo the young man who will move my furniture into "my castle" and then empty the apartment, arrived and we went to the retirement home. He measured every corner, had very good ideas and made a plan how everything will be installed. 

I was very happy with the result, because everything I wanted to take along I can ! There is enough room, in fact it will look like my living room here only with a bed, but that I can cover with the cover which actually hides the old armchair which Rosie is squatting, and there is also room for her basket just behind the bed, so she can hide when somebody comes she doesn't like.

Google is mad again, I can't download pictures, have to sign in each time into Firefox or Google Chrome and get crazy.

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19 Oct 2023


1. What's something small you tend to sweat even though you know you shouldn't? 

2. October 17th is National Pasta Day...do you like pasta? What's your favorite? Cooked at home or eaten in your favorite Italian restaurant? How often do you make/eat pasta? 

That's a question for me ! I was married 54 years with an Italian and my MIL and him were excellent cooks. They made plates which probably you never find in a restaurant. So we ate mostle pasta, and not a lot of potatoes, in Italy the potato is considered as a vegetable.

3. Do you consider yourself a spontaneous person? Explain. People who know me say that I am very spontaneous person !

I needed filters for my extractor hood and came out of the shop with a television that which had a very reasonable price. Rick's eyes almost popped out of his head.
I found my boarding school for oldies just because I was driving through the area and suddenly found myself in front of a castle that was a retirement home! I went in, looked around and decided that here I want to stay until the end. I signed in straight away and got a wonderful room with a view on the whole park. Yes,  I act first and think later. These are only two examples. Rick liked these surprises, at least he didn't have a boring wife. 

4. Who are some of your heroes? Tell us why. 

Heros ? I don't know any hero these are mostly men who pretend to defend their countries, and follow the politicians who want a war but prefer to stay at home in their armchair. 

5. Let's wrap it up with something light...Taylor Swift...are you a fan? On a scale of 1-10 how much so? (1=who's Taylor?, 10=a true Swiftie, seen her in concert more than once). If you're a fan what's your favorite T. Swift song?

I have never heard this name, I had to google to know who she was. Apparently she is not known in Europe at least to me, never saw a movie and didn't recognize her face.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

As my move approaches and all the brain raking is done, I am just busy to prepare a "corner" for little Rosie and what I have to buy for her. Her scratching post is far to big and the litter box too. I also have to buy a collar, as she was not wearing one here in the apartment.

18 Oct 2023


As a computer specialist it took me one day to figure out how to download photos, as Google has again changed (for our safety) and I had to find out how to cancel cookies ! 


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17 Oct 2023


On Sunday I went to the "Cirque du Soleil" with Isabel my friend (and caretaker), to thank her for all she had done for me. 

It was really something I had never seen before, instead of seeing animals in the circus we saw people, and that was much better. Animals belong into the nature and people can have their circus wherever they want, at least they don't have to sit in a small cage. 

 The story of this Circus is amazing. At the dawn of the 1980’s, a troupe of performers founded by Gilles Ste-Croix took their talent to the streets of Baie-Saint-Paul, a charming village near Quebec City. Known to the public as Les Échassiers de Baie-Saint-Paul (The Stiltwalkers of Baie-Saint-Paul), this group would form the core of what would grow into Cirque du Soleil. This crew had an eclectic show, highlighting jugglers, dancers, fire breathers, and musicians who pleased local fans with their act. Little did these early fans and performers know that these embryonic beginnings would lead to something magical, exciting, and revolutionary on a global scale. 

After years of honing their craft, Guy Laliberté, a member of Les Échassiers, decided that the show they had developed was ready to delight fans outside of their home town. 

In 1984, to mark the 450th anniversary of the discovery of Canada by Jacque Cartier, Laliberté decided to take the show on a province-wide tour, giving people a glimpse of the future of the circus arts while reflecting on the history of their storied nation. 

This traveling show offered a unique take on the circus arts: Animal free, striking, dramatic, beautiful, and reflective. A fitting name; As Cirque du Soleil’s sun rose for the first time, a new dawn broke in the world of circus arts. 

Cirque du Soleil made waves in the international scene for the first time in 1987 upon their first tour of the US. After sell out shows in San Diego and Santa Monica, the Cirque du Soleil’s went on its first overseas tour of Europe in 1990. 

1993’s Mystere became the first permanent Cirque du Soleil show. Performed in a theatre custom built to accommodate the complexities of the show, Mystere lit up the Las Vegas strip and became a required stop on any Vegas trip. 

Mystere still fills its theatre after two decades of residency in Las Vegas, dazzling generations with its artistry and beauty. Cirque du Soleil was here to stay, and in the following years expanded to conquer Asia, Europe, and South America with a series of new shows that tour the world, filling large arenas with modern circus fans. What a stunning career ! Meanwhile The Cique du Soleil is known worldwide, has about 4000 employees, and as it is impossible to describe what I have seen, I add the two video so that you have a glimps of what I have seen...  

16 Oct 2023


Rosie baby 


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On Saturday I was like a zombie, I did the minimum of what I had to do, fortunately Maria did the rest.

I hadn't slept very well so after lunch  I watched a short film at least I thought so. I suddenly woke up, the TV was off and at first I didn't know where I was, I was so deeply asleep! That was my Saturday.  

Sunday was completely different, In July I had already booked 2 tickets for November to see the show "Cirque du Soleil". I was lucky I managed to get  2 places in the middle and had a perfect view. All other places were already booked, remaining were the very cheap once where you could hardly see or the very expensive once, 400 € ! A little too much for my wallet. 

I had never seen a Circus like that, usually it was always with animals which is not allowed anymore, but the humans were far better than animals who belong in the nature and not in a circus. 

I went with Isabel, who always takes care of me  to thank her for all she does for me. She calls me every day to know if I have no problems and also does paperwork for me

The entrance, while I took pictures she waited for me

Everything was perfectly organized. Very good organization, you couldn't get lost, water fountains, very clean restrooms and everywhere signs. 

Our places were perfect we were just in front of the stage and also near, not too much otherwise you get all the dust in your face. 

Unfortunately my photos didn't show how wonderful and amazing it was, so I made it easy so that you can see it too, I found it on YouTube ! Anyway it was not allowed to take pictures.

The artists were like they were made of rubber..  Sometimes I had to hold my breath or screamed with the others !

15 Oct 2023



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