8 Jan 2009

THURSDAY THIRTEEN - Definition of resolution

A lot of you are talking about New Year's resolution. Before I started blogging I had never heard of it and lived 65 years without making New Year's resolutions and I am still here. How is that possible ?

Before starting, I wanted to know the exact meaning of "resolution" and looked in my dictionary. I found following resolutions (please don't fall asleep)

13 definitions of "resolution"

1. resolving of something: the process of resolving something
the resolution of a difficulty. Ok I'll try to find something

2. joint formal expression of opinion, arrived at after discussion and usually as the result of a vote. I don't vote and have my own opinions

3. decision: a firm decision to do something OK that's what I always do it only depends what !

4. determination: firmness of mind or purpose. I think I can be very determinated especially when I want something !

5. electronic engineering reproduction of detail in an image: the level of reproduction of detail offered by a TV or computer screen or a film image ??? I only watch the movie

6. solution: an answer to a problem . OK, I try to find a problem, I promise

7. physics chemistry separation into constituent parts: the process or act of separating something such as a chemical compound or a source of light into its constituent parts ??????
I slept during these lessons at school

8. medicine subsiding: the disappearance or coming to an end of symptom or condition such as fever or inflammation. I got it ! I take some medication.

9. music satisfactory conclusion of a harmonic pattern: the movement from a dissonant to a consonant chord or note. Oh no, I am not musical at all !

10. music final note in a harmonic progression: the note or chord to which the harmony moves when progressing from dissonance to consonance. It becomes complicated !

11. theater part of a story when conflict is resolved: the point in a dramatic work when the conflict is resolved. That's something for me, I love theatre and according to Mr. Gattino I always make some too

12. physics See resolving power. OK I see

13. poetry syllable replacement: the substitution of a long syllable for two short ones in the rhythm of a line of poetry. I don't need this either, I don't do poetry

Now I can say that I have done my first and last New Year's resolutions !

Concerning Thursday Thirteen, as there is no official page anymore, and I post always early, you can put your link here in Mr. Linky and tell the others to come to my blog if they wish, for other participants.

I just heard that Alice Audrey put up a list with people who want to continue. Go to her blog.


Mar said...

LOL, there you go with your resolutions! Interesting list. I have never made New Year's resolutions , I actually have wishes for the new year so I am asking (who knows whom! or rather to whom it may concern) for things...

Didn't know about the disappearance of the T13 page, I haven't done a list in ages. There's no point in re-starting now (for me), so that's crossed out of my blogging New Year's resolutions , ha!

Mar said...

It's been very cold in Spain, yes, and it snowed practically at sea level. The kids went to play to the next village yesterday (10 min ) which had like 10cm snow. I even saw a car with snow on top at the parking lot (and I didn't have my camera with me because I only wanted to go to the hairdresser!), a very, very unusual sight around here!!

SandyCarlson said...

You make me laugh, Gattina. Better to keep things simple. That is resolution enough!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Right, I think I get the message...it's all very confusing. Is that it?

Melli said...

WOW! I had no idea that "resolution" had sO many definitions!
Thursday Thirteen died again? Awwww... Maybe YOU will be it's reviver this time!

colleen said...

My resolution is to keep doing Thirteen Thursday's even though the hub is down. I have couple of unlikely other ones mentioned in my TT. And Alice Audrey is keeping a list of bloggers still TTing. http://aliceaudrey.wordpress.com/2009/01/07/13-people-who-did-thursday-thirteen-last-week/#comments

Kristen said...

TT seems to be alive in pockets all over the web. We must all be die-hards at heart.

Mary said...

I love resolutions! And I'm sorry to see the TT site disappear, but I'm glad it's living on somewhere!

Alice Audrey said...

I see no reason why people can't come to both of our blogs to hook up with other Thursday Thirteeners. When I did my list of 13 bloggers who are still doing it, I just wanted to show people the meme is still alive.

I had no idea "resolution" had so many definitions. Totally cool!

claudie said...

Resolutions... Sounds a little complicate! I 'm not often on the web since Mamie Marguerite entried at the residence and since her appart must be free at the end of january! Il a neigé à Marseille! c'est la panique totale dans le sud!

megan said...

We woke up and the Thursday Thirteen was gone. Will it be back? No one knows. But for now here's a little spot on the web to bring us all together again. http://www.thursday-13.com

Tink said...

Wow, I didn't know half of them! I didn't make resolutions this year.
Thanks for visiting my TT!

Michelle said...

Wonderful list. I haven't made any resolutions this year. I can't seem to keep them. LOL!! Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy TT!

DianeCA said...

Fabulous post!! Best New Years Resolutions so far!! And so many of them ;-) Love it! Yes, english is a complicated language...so many meanings for one word!

Pear tree cottage! said...


So lovely to visit you in the new year and you will not find me making any statments about Resolutions........I never have and us Aussies love a bet ir two (bet you can or bet you carn't) on New years Resolutions but me....I won't even buy a ticket in a chook raffle.

Love always visitng you!

Dr.John said...

Now that is the first blog I have read about resolutions that doesn't make sany.
Cute idea.

Betty said...

Love your resolutions! LOL! I haven't made resolutions this year, I hadn't had the time to think about them. We'll see, maybe I'll do yours! =D

Thanks for visiting my TT!

The Bumbles said...

Cute AND educational! Perfect T13 my dear - ours is here...

Betty said...

LOL! Gattina! I meant what I said about doing your resolutions, but I guess I should've clarified!

I meant that I should do your definitions of resolution, as in you know: resolve something, make decisions, be determined...etc as my new year's resolution. =)

Sorry for the confusion, but I'm glad I made you laugh! =D