13 Jan 2023


It becomes real difficult to discribe my week, This was the second week in the new year and I was still under antibiotics and felt tired and without energy. I would say fortunately we had a lousy weather rain each day so anyway not very attractive to go out. 

Fortunately I had to write  for my Blog, answer comments,  and still working on my photos. 

But one day, I pushed my computer aside, went in Rick's room and emptied the two big travel bags which were still standing in a corner because I hadn't the courage to empty them. There were 3 in total so one is left. 

To my surprise it went rather quick, One bag to give away for charity, one bag to be kept and the rest were decorations and photos which I put in a drawer. New T-shirts I kept for myself as pajamas, I was very satisfied with myself, that after 7 months I had found the courage and emptied at least two bags. The rest I will do another day.

I also followed on the Belgian Television what was said about the poor rich boy Harry and his horrible family !  He probably thought that now everybody will pity and understand him, but I got the impression it was the opposite, even that they made fun of him. Best thing to do for the FIRM is to continue their motto "Never explain, never complain" in this case at least. One thing is for sure I would never buy this book, I prefer to spend the money for something more important.

I had ordered a cane with a seat, not for walking but for sitting. When I travel and the guide gives long explanations I sometimes need to sit down to get my breathing back. It's very practical I can carry it over my shoulder and unfold it when I need it. It was the first time I put my nose outside to pick up the cane, I intended to do some shopping too, but I was too exhausted. The antibiotics make you weak. 

Once a year I have to ask to verify my gas heating and finally after having called three times they came this week. The yearly check up I have to pay but reparations are for the landlord.

For the moment there are the Inspector Barnaby's series on TV, I mean the new one, the nephew and everybody speaks perfectly French. Rick loved these series too and counted the murders and then he calculated the average per film. He arrived at 4 murders. So I also counted but this time there were only three. Probably tomorrow there will be more to keep the average. It's amazing that there are still people alive in the little Midsummer villages. The first Inspector told once in an interview that he had solved 200 murders. 

Nearly every day I am very spoiled by cat Rosie. This time I found my slippers "stuffed". 

On other days she puts her mouse or mice in her food bowl especially when she is not happy with her menu.

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11 Jan 2023


tired soldiers enjoying a good Belgian beer after the battle "show"

 On the battle field of the WATERLOO BATTLE under renovation 

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10 Jan 2023


What a historical day !! Now we finally know everything about Prince Harry, when he lost his virginity (at least he still remembers,) that he is circumcised, how many Taliban he killed and that his dear brother knocked him down, broke his necklace and he hit his head on the dog bowl, which broke. What a tragedy.

Thanks to the fact that the book had been published by error in Spain,  2 days before the official date,  I don't even need to read the book. I know the most important things.
When I had pitied the little boy walking behind the coffin of his mother and million of people watched him, at that time I thought this will leave traces. 
I doubt that washing the dirty laundry of his family in public, will heal the wounds, it's rather cheap and not very intelligent. Poor Harry has learned one thing ! Talking about family secrets brings a lot of money !

Instead of gaining sympathy he probably lost a lot. Quite sad.


9 Jan 2023


 Where is the intruder ?


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As after one week I still was not feeling better I finally called our doctor, I never had needed her, but I knew her very well because she had taken care of Rick. Normally she doesn't home visits on a Friday, but knowing me, she even insisted and  only 2 h later she rang at the door. We understand each other very well and I think she had taken her lunchtime to have a bit more time to chat with me; The diagnostic was quickly done, I was victim of the flu epidemic we have in Belgium for the moment, I had taken the right medication and as after a week I still didn't feel better, she prescribed me antibiotics 
We talked about Rick and my new life and how I miss him. It was really nice to talk to her. Now that I am "out of work" I miss him even more, for practical things like shopping, running to the pharmacy or getting on my nerves asking me all 5 min how I feel. With eagle eyes he watched over me that I took my pills at time, and stood at the door when I took a shower, in case I would fall. That was my problem, which I solved easily, I didn't shower, I washed myself in the sink. It's better to die dirty then slipping in the shower and break my neck. 
Of course several people offered me to do the shopping or help me if I would need something, and I found it so cute that everybody's first question was if Rosie had enough to eat ! To eat she had enough but I ran out of sand for her litter box which was immediately bought by Isabelle ! Adeline bought me fruits and yogurt and the others asked each morning a "health report" ! 
But still I felt alone, although I was so thankful that so many people took care of me. A little phone call was already enough. 
I hope that the rest of the year will be better then this awful start ! 

Rosie keeps her eyes on me !

8 Jan 2023


 Park Solvay near Brussels