28 Jul 2023


On Monday there was a terrible wind again ! We had wind in the past but not that strong that it blows chairs and umbrellas away. This also was not good for my breathing, so I stayed home again and read very interesting posts of old blogs from 2009. There were still people on my reading list but who unfortunately had past away. Sometimes a relative wrote it on the blog, sometimes it hangs in Blogworld without an owner. I also watched TV, and when I typed I listened to "Britain got Talent" or the American one. That's nice because there are so many teenagers and even children with a wonderful voice. 

On Tuesday I did my shopping, it was still cold (for a summer day) only 19°C so I hurried up to go home again before I blew away. The couple who took so well care of me when Rick passed away, invited me for Coffee and cake or took me with them to a restaurant. And I didn't even know them well. Now her husband had climbed on a ladder and fallen down and was in hospital. She cannot drive, so she asked me if I could take her to the hospital. Of course I could. 

To my surprise (I was a bit doubtful) she could sit in my car without any problems as she is so fat that she can hardly walk. She had a cane, but that wasn't enough, she should have a walker. She weighs 160kg and is just 1.60 tall. In the hospital I had to get a wheelchair because she couldn't walk the few meters to the elevator and then to her husband's room. He is not better, although he seemed to be a bit slimmer because he didn't like the food of the hospital. (Good for him). He looked quite sick and I wonder when he can come home. She apparently doesn't realize the situation, she thinks that he can come home next week ! But he can't walk neither ! I wonder how they will manage this, I thought I better say nothing, she will see by herself. She is only 74 years old, and besides the grease she has nothing except that her knees hurt. Which is normal to carry this weight ! I wished I could tell her to loose weight, even through a surgery. She is such a lovely girl with a big heart !

I realized that I hadn't been to the mail box for a while. That was something Rick used to do, and I always forget. Anyway besides invoices there is nothing in the box. On my way back I stopped at Nicole's my neighbor, for a little chat and then I took the elevator again to my apartment. 

Slowly (very slowly) I look through the things I want to sell or give away. I had found a publicity in my letterbox from a company who takes "everything". I will see, anyway I will not haggle only a bit, I am happy if I can get rid of the things. And while I looked through my jewelry I found this :

A gift from Rick for a birthday in the beginning of our marriage, little golden earrings, of course cats ! I knew that I had them somewhere but didn't know where, and now they are on my ears again. They are so tiny that you hardly see them.  He offered me quite a lot of bracelets, rings and necklaces, each time we were at the Garda lake. He had had a girlfriend in the past and they had remained friends. She owned a jeweler"s shop, which was of course very interesting. She was a nice girl and we even became friends. 

To end the week we were blessed with buckets of water the whole day ! The farmers who had complained about drought, a few weeks ago,j  now complain about too much water. I think the result will be increased prices ! Each Friday I go to visit Nicole, she is still the same, her brain cancer apparently sleeps ! Hopefully for a long time. The only handicap she has is that she has difficulties to walk and has to use a walker. She wants to travel with me, but I think that belongs to the past.

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27 Jul 2023


 1. July 25th is National Merry-Go-Round Day. Do you call it a merry-go-round or a carousel? When was the last time you rode one? Did you enjoy that? Metaphorically speaking, what's something in your life right now that feels like a merry go round?

I had never heard this expression and first thought that it was a spelling mistake and it should be "Mary" goes around. Which I could understand, in short she walks in circles. But then I googled and it was a completely other meaning ! and it was Merry and not Mary ! According to Google it meant "continuous busy activity or a continuous series of changing events". And yes there is something in my life right now which would fit, I am tired of the merry-go-round of raking my brain when and how I should leave my apartment and long to settle down in the home I choose and don't move anymore.

2.  What word do you have a hard time pronouncing? What word do you have a hard time spelling? what's your favorite word in another language?

I think in my case I sometimes pronounce the words wrong. I said vaise, instead of vase, or an ouul instead of owl That's why I mostly write and not speak. When I am in England often people don't dare to correct me because they think I would be offended, but I am thankful when somebody tells me the right pronunciation.

My favorite word in another language, that's difficult for me. In German, French and English I don't have a favorite word, maybe in Italian.  My husband called me "Bionda" which simply means "blond". But in my ears it's my favorite word. Unfortunately I will never hear it again.

3. What's a phrase or cliche you use pretty often and find to be true?


4. When it comes to grocery shopping what is your most dreaded chore-menu planning, the actual shopping and paying, or the unloading/putting away? How often do you shop? Do you use any of the pick up and/or delivery services?

I hate shopping, although besides fruits, cheese and bread my list is not too long. I don't cook anymore so I don't need anything else. I don't use delivery services, I change my mind too often, so if I order something, I would probably want to change, I prefer to see what I buy.

5. Something you need or want to do before July comes to a close?

The only "thing" I want is impossible to get neither in July nor in other months 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I always have to think about how to get from my apartment to the retirement home! Where do I put the furniture, where do I put the whole household? I also have some valuable items that need to be sold. There is probably someone who takes care of everything, but at the moment I'm at a loss.


26 Jul 2023





I think I need glasses

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25 Jul 2023


Only few people know that the  famous Manneken Pis, symbol of Brussels. also has a dog, Zinneke Pis.

In 1999, on the initiative of its creator the sculptor Tom Frantzen, had the idea to give Manneken Pis a dog. This dog, often discovered by chance, surprises and amuses passers-by. In old Brussels dialect (“brussellair”), Zinneke means both the little Senne (river that once bypassed Brussels) and a mongrel dog. Today, Zinneke is the symbol of cosmopolitan and multicultural character of Brussels.

If you own a dog which is "composed" of different breeds, the Brussels' people call it a Zinneke.


24 Jul 2023



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My alarm clock worked this time, now my Whatsapp doesn't ring when somebody sends me a message. I don't know if the two have something in common, so far I couldn't find out. 

As usual Maria cleaned and I was writing posts, when she left, I did my shopping and found that fruits are very expensive ! The government says we should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but doesn't raise the income ! I only bought some goat cheese, blueberries, and grapes for one person and not even a week and payed nearly 50 € ! I am more and more convinced that if only women would rule the world it would be a better one. 

I have made my calculation of what I spent here in this big apartment per months and what I would spent when I move into my "castle" where everything is included, TV, wifi, laundry 3 meals per day activities, a library, a pottery, and even chicken. My "daughter" Isabel came and we recalculated the whole thing again and came to the conclusion that it is nearly cheaper to live in this beautiful home then staying in my apartment and pay the charges, the heating, electricity etc. If little Rosie cannot come with me, (there are always exceptions) then I stay here until next year. I can't give her away after 17 years of life together, we would both die. 

view from my room in the residence                                     View from my terrace

There is not much difference !

On Sunday I wanted to go to the market and buy myself another dress, but it rained and it was so windy that my flower pots wanted to fly away but couldn't because I had attached them with a cord. 

I was real tired the whole day and even intended to stay in bed, but then my principles throw me out of the bed. I was jealous that Rosie could stay in her basket the whole day. I hate strong wind, it causes a lot of damages. Fortunately on our National Day the 21st of July the sun was shining ! 

The Belgian flag

and the Queen, with the future Queen Elisabeth and the King were dressed like the flag (only the other way around on the picture, black (the King in the middle, yellow the crown princess and red the Queen ! Quite clever ! the two boys are the sons and the the girl the youngest daughter. 

Nobody was on the streets, the wind would have blown the people away ! When I watched the news I saw the mess on the airport with all the people who wanted to go to Greece and the flights were cancelled, and special airplanes who brought the tourists back who had escaped the fire !  

Then I had a few phone calls and ended the afternoon by watching "Escape to the country"