23 May 2014



I finally managed to make a picture of our aqua gym class, with everybody in the water and the view we have from the swimming pool.

In the afternoon I went to Ilona to bring her some pictures on my USB key which she had lost when her computer broke down. There were holiday pictures and also pictures from her cats.

She showed me her painting which is now finished and I like it very much.
We sat on her terrace in the sunshine and in the evening I saw that I had taken some colors.

2. Nicole came for a short visit and dog Charlie's first action was to empty all the bowls of my cats. Then he made his tour in the house met my cats laying on the beds, which seemed of no interest to him neither to the cats before he settled down with us in the garden.

3. I finally bought some flowers to plant in my pots and gathered all my courage to plant them ! It's hard work when you don't like to do garden work !

Arthur my little helper and supervisor followed me to each pot and probably thought I was preparing new litter boxes for him. What a disappointment when instead I planted flowers ! I am quite happy with the result.

4. After a long pause I returned to my Yoga class and noticed with pleasure that I hadn't become rusty at all, thanks to the exercises I do each morning.

To bring some animation into the house, my cat Pookie brought a bird in ! The poor thing was still alive and Mr. G. ran behind Pookie to safe it. Although Pookie is 16 years old and has problems with her hind legs and can't jump anymore, she has nothing lost in her speed and disappeared with the bird in the Garage. Mr. G. who has no leg problems was not quick enough and could only clean the Garage later which was full of feathers !

5. After our painting class Ilona came to pick up dishes and cups for the birthday party she will give on Sunday for her mother's 90 birthday.

I made a little birthday card which I will put together with my gift. She doesn't look her age at all and still lives alone in her apartment. She cooks her meals, bakes cakes goes out and travels ! With 87 she made a tour through Egypt, Israel, and Jordan ! To me she is an example how you can age without medications ! She doesn't need any !

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22 May 2014


 Letter A

When I raked my brain for a post for this theme I thought about my fear of spiders, which is a phobia and called arachnophobia !

The idea came when this week I had watched a crime movie where a woman was killed with a tarantula ! These spiders are not dangerous for humans they only look ugly and disgusting at least for most of us.


The murderer who knew that his victim was suffering from arachnophobia had put a tarantula in her office and then had locked the door. He only had to wait until this charming beast showed up and did its effect. That's what happened. The woman pushed an awful scream fell on the floor and was dead. She had been literally scared to death and died of a heart attack. Almost the perfect crime, but little tarantula showed up and the investigators understood.

Maybe I wouldn't die, but certainly become hysterical ! I even run away from a mini spider which amuses Mr. G !

There are so many "A" phobias I really was surprised ! 

Agoraphobia- Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like markets. Fear of leaving a safe place. (I had an aunt who suffered from this and couldn't even go to her mail box !)

Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing. (Not my case)

Aeroacrophobia- Fear of open high places. (That's me !)

Ailurophobia- Fear of cats. (Certainly not, I have four !)

Amathophobia- Fear of dust. (No, I don't even see dust)

Anthropophobia- Fear of people or society. (Not at all)

Ataxophobia- Fear of disorder or untidiness (same as with dust, I am blind)

and if you want absolutely know from which phobia you suffer just have a look  here I am sure you will find one which suits you !

Jenny Matlock
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21 May 2014


Santa incognito on holidays in France ??

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20 May 2014


I have been on holidays in Normandy for a week and discovered the "côte fleurie" (the blooming coast). We visited several towns along the coast and the first one was Dives sur mer.

This historic harbour town is located in the Calvados Department. Apart from the harbour and port of Dives-sur-Mer, its main appeal is its history as a base for William the Conqueror’s fleet and subsequent conquest of England in 1060 before he started ... read more here

19 May 2014


As the sun was shining I had no excuse anymore to avoid garden work ! Most of my friends love to work in their yard, and it is a hobby and a relaxation to them. For me it is a chore I don't like at all, but have to do it.

Under the watchful eyes of my cat Arthur, I pulled out weeds and planted a new Hortensia at our entrance. The one which stood there for 36 years and which had bloomed each year, suddenly died and Mr. G. had to take it out. I hope the new one will grow the same way !

My neighbor saw me working and came out and we started to chat. I told her about my adventures in Normandy, as I hadn't seen her yet since I came back. As it lasted and lasted her daughter brought her a camping chair and I sat on the steps. We had a nice pow how and people who walked by laughed when they saw us. When finally she crossed the street and went home with her chair, I wasn't up for continuing, gathered my things and put them in the Garage. Then I made myself a coffee and took a sunbath in the garden. Mr. G. sunshine or rain, always prefers to stay inside.

And while I was staying peacefully at home Brussels center was completely closed to cars. There was the Belgian Pride Color parade, for the equality of homosexuals. About 45.000 people were on the streets watching the parade and even our prime minister who is also homosexual was there. In some African countries but also in Russia they are still persecuted and killed.

On Sunday morning I went to the midi market in Brussels.

There were lots of people of all countries. They enjoyed a glass of wine or beer on the terrace of "my" café. The lady next to me had put her handbag on the floor just besides a little wall and when she wanted to leave the handbag was gone ! A pickpocket had stolen it.  The poor woman had all her money and bank cards in her purse and of course was very upset. Nobody could understand how it disappeared we hadn't noticed anything suspicious. There is no chance to get the purse back !

On my way back in the bus an elderly lady admired my scarf which I had knotted around my head. She wanted to know how I do it ! As she had bought a scarf on the market, I showed her how to put it around her head, fold it and knot it. The whole bus watched and I got an applause !

The afternoon I spent in our garden. Mr. G. was rather surprised to find a carton with legs underneath sitting in the chair and took these pictures. I was busy to watch the "New Tricks" series on my Kindle !