6 Jul 2018



1. The school holidays have started and the good thing is there is a lot less traffic in the city. Summer sales have started too and are lasting until the end of the month. In Belgium there are only twice "Sales" one on first of July and one first of January.

I didn't join the female crowd and storm into shops to catch a bargain. I wait until the end of the sales in case I need something because then it's really cheap.

2. It is still very hot here around 30 ° (86 F) I live with closed shutters to keep the heat out of the house. But I am lucky in our yard under the pergola it is nice and cool and the wind is blowing a bit.

3. This is my office for the moment, I really wished it would last at least the whole summer, it could rain during night, but not during the day !

4. Nicole owner of dog Charlie was very unhappy since he died more than a year ago. She told me she couldn't live without an animal. To adopt a dog was impossible, because she lives in a flat and would have to go out all the time and it's also difficult to find a place when you go on holidays. Her daughter works in an animal refuge and had sent her a picture of this cute cat. She is already adult but is a little cat and is supposed to be a Birman cat. Why she landed in a refuge is unknown probably she has a little breed fault somewhere. Of course I had to see her and she is real cute, and not shy at all after she spent the whole afternoon in the dark under the staircase until she finally came out !

I only saw her the next day on the way to our Scrabble group, I stopped at Nicole's  to finally see her and fell in love ! Now Nicole is happy, when she comes home, there is somebody waiting for her.

5. We had again a very nice Scrabble afternoon, followed by coffee and and excellent cake !

It was very hot and we only did one game. Nobody went into the swimming pool though !

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5 Jul 2018


A blue sky is always very pleasant to see especially when you lay down and look up in the air !

Blue, blue everywhere, sometimes little white, fluffy clouds

I could lay there for hours and relax ! Birds are chirping and my cats run after them without any success.

Of course I couldn't imagine what was going on over this blue sky ! And finally I was happy not to see it ! But I could hear ! I don't know if it was due to the wind but the noise of airplanes became unsupportable ! I counted 7 planes in 5 minutes ! As long as I live in Waterloo that has never happened. Probably they have some work to do on the normal runway and had to use another one !

Finally I had enough and googled to know why it was so noisy !

And then I found a site which showed me why ! A picture of what happened above my head, over the romantic blue sky !!

It was all these airplanes which landed or started in Brussels or Brussels South ! I was horrified, I had never though that there was so much traffic in the sky ! Almost more than on our streets !

I took a screen shot of the traffic because on the site Flightradar the little mini planes are moving which looks even more terrifying !

Now I think it is a miracle that none of these little toy planes fell on my head ! 

4 Jul 2018


Garden watering

TV watching

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3 Jul 2018


It is impossible to escape the World cup fever unless you lock yourself in in a basement with earplugs in your ears.Wherever I go, there are posters, flags or other things which should celebrate the Belgian Team "The Red Devils" ! Adults and kids wear horns and carry a fork and cars are decorated with horns and the rear view mirror wear a "stocking" with the colors of the Belgian flag.

Tonight the Devils will play against Japan. Of course whole Waterloo is equipped for this event.
A huge screen is built up in the park where an area is destined for all kinds of sports. All caf├ęs and Brasseries have big screens to attract clients.

The park lay peaceful in the sunshine when I went there around 10 am and a part from me, nobody was around.

The trees looked green and beautiful

and the air had a delicious smell.

Then I discovered a little hole, which lead to the ground where the screen was built up.

It was huge and normally everybody should see the game.

In my naivety I had thought I could go on the empty ground and take pictures from there ! Impossible it was all surrounded by high fences !

Nobody could go inside.

I held my camera through the grid holes to make the pictures ! Here are the beer tents. I hope they will have enough !

and then I discovered the entrance, where you have to buy the tickets to sit or rather stand up in the lawn !

The way to the tickets ! Tonight there will be long lanes of people here

and then you can see a pool of peoples all in red, yellow and black ! This was from the last game when Belgium won against Tunisia.

And here is a picture of the Belgian team which plays in Russia.

I can only agree with Mr. Trump who said that we live in a hell hole ! For the moment he is right, we do with all the devils around !

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2 Jul 2018


We had a wonderful rather hot and sunny weekend ! Real summer for once ! Ideal to live outside !

We were invited by a friend for a drink late afternoon, she has a very beautiful huge garden. Unfortunately there is no way to sit in it because there are no seats ! So we had to stay in the glass covered patio in which it was quite hot, despite the fact that the windows were all open. We are all the kind of outside girls except our host and Nicole even sits on her terrace in a thick coat when the sun is shining !  But we had a lot of fun and laughter, it's always nice to get together !

I sit the whole day outside and work from there, I can observe what is going on, not much, because I can't see any neighbors, they are away on holidays but at least my cats entertain me !

I saw cat Rosie sitting in the lawn and realized a little later that it was a magpie as Rosie couldn't fly away ! Must have been the heat, because I don't need glasses anymore.

Sunday Mr. G. had his formular 1 and was glued to the TV screen. I escaped the noise of the cars and went to Ilona who had just returned from Spain. We were sitting in her garden on comfortable beach beds, in the shade of course and she told me about her holidays.

She had bought this beautiful breakfast service, but could only take a sample along in the airplane, her friends bring the rest by car.

On my way back I saw the houses and cars decorated for the football game tomorrow, Belgium (The Red Devils) against Japan.