11 Feb 2022


On Monday despite the eternal bad weather I went out anyway to look for a lamp that worked without electricité. The light in my basement was broken and I had to use my mobile light to see what I had in the basement. I had completely forgotten. Unfortunately I didn't find a suitable lamp at all and thought I'd better have a look on the internet. I've noticed that stores have less items in store but far more choice on their web page. I wanted a lamp which I also could use on the terrace because the light there is not enough. I returned home and surfed the web, without any success. I think I must look for a camping light. A very exciting day.

It was time to go shopping my fridge was empty and my son wanted to come on Saturday. Adeline my neighbor came with me and we quickly bought what we needed, me above all the waffels for Rick ! He is the best customer of the wafel producers !

When I visited him, there were no wafels anymore and I had brought him 4 packages with 20 medium-sized waffels each, he had eaten them all. It's not because he doesn't eat his meals, apparently he eats very well, but he likes to enjoy his waffels while watching TV ! Unfortunately he remains so skinny.

It was the gymnastic day and I watched them, it was so funny and cheerful and everybody gave his best. Only my lazy Rick preferred to watch and declare that he will participate the next time. I stayed there longer as forseen and chatted with four young nurses who did their practicum. Was very interesting what they told me. One was of Italian origin and Rick chatted with her in Italian, which went real good.

For the last time I had to go to the Bank to close an account which we didn't need anymore and banks are not cheap ! The "banker" tried to convince me to invest !! That made me laugh ! I asked him if he would invest his last money when he approaches his 80, which made him stammer that a saving account didn't bring me interests, which in turn made me laugh because in my coffin I don't need any interests, yes when you are young you don't think about all this.

That was all for the week, it is about time that the sun proves that it still exists, so that I can go for a little photo hunting. Meanwhile I dig in the past ! 

 Unfortunately I have no pictures of my birth !

Even Rosie's little tongue didn't manage to collect all the water which the rain had left on the chair.

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10 Feb 2022


1. Besides the predictable name-rank-serial number, what's something you know by heart? 

Impossible for me to keep  numbers by heart, only the codes of my bank cards and the birthday dates of my husband, son and grandson. And  even that is difficult ! I don't even keep my phone number in mind !

2. Something recently that had you tickled pink?

If this means that my face turns pink in cheerful or naughty situations then my face doesn't change color only the expression !  Not recently, not in the past and not in the future. When I am furious even a blind can see  that (or eventually hear) !

3. How do you define the word romantic, and are you one? 

 I am certainly romantic in different moments, but it is difficult to explain, it depends the place where I am, the landscapes, the sea the mountains, a sunset,the nature make me romantic. Not the humans.

4. Finish this verse with your own original thought....'

Roses are red, violets are blue... and smell like my shampoo.

5. Five little things you are loving right now? 

 my kitty, my smartphone, an apple, the sunset, the squirrel outside, 

Kitty Rosie

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I rake my brain if I have not forgotten something.  But the most important thing,  the wafels for Rick I bought yesterday !



9 Feb 2022


Waterloo battle



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8 Feb 2022


The only "wood" we have in Waterloo is small but has everything ! Wood flowers, animals, a variety of trees and it's a wonderful spot in the town to relax and believe that you are in a big wood. There is also a little lake and lot's of ducks and other animals. Benches all around invite you to sit down and rest.

In the past, charcoal was produced here on what used to be part of the Sonian Forest.Today you can walk around the lake (3km) and admire the lush surrounding nature.A chance to learn about ecology.

Of course it would look even more beautiful in spring or summer !


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7 Feb 2022



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I must have been pretty tired because on Saturday morning I slept until 10am, which hasn't happened to me in a long time. Luckily I had already prepared my post and didn't have to do anything else. 

After dinner I went to see Rick and he seemed pretty good. I tried calling our son so Rick could say hello to him but unfortunately it didn't work very well as he was outside playing golf. !

We then sat down with the others in the drawing room and I noticed that there were some new faces. They just served coffee and I got a cup too, I chatted a bit with the nurses and after that, I drove back home. As soon as I arrived it started pouring and a strong wind came up. I woke up several times this night because  the wind was howling around the building and something was rattling in the apartment. After following the sound I realized it was coming out of the box in the wall where the fuses were. It was the door  which made such a noise ! Apparently there the ventilation went through the whole building! I taped the door shut and went back to bed! 

That's what I saw when I entered the living room ! And then it started to hail ! I thought the windows would break ! Poor Rosie made eyes like marbles ! Fortunately nothing was damaged only a flower pot had suddenlyh  wings and was on the other end of the terrace.

Fortunately Adeline and I were invited by Nicole, who looked great despite her brain cancer and not to forget that she is over eighty  ! We had a lot to chat Adeline, has 10 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren the 11th is underway. We teased her that she had increased the Belgian population ! 

Nicole had found her tablet again but forgotten how to use it. I explained her again  and invented a new password because she had forgotten her old one over the years ! Now it works again. 

Her cousin a retired confectionist had baked "Merveilleux" for us which means "Wonderful" and effectively they were excellent ! We ate them all except one which we left for Rick who adores them too ! 

 The afternoon was quickly over and we returned home, just before the next stormy weather arrived !

Rosie observes everything going on just over the her basket border !

6 Feb 2022



Clouds over the field where the Waterloo battle took place in 1815