31 Dec 2007


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The word key evoked a souvenir in me, the Schlüsselkinder, or "Latchkey kids" in English. The official definition says : "A usually school-age child who regularly spends part of the day unsupervised at home while the parents are at work".

There were many of them when I was a child, just after the second world war. The schools, as still today in Germany finished at 1 pm and from there on the children were of their own. There was nothing organized for children after school.

This was a big problem for the parents. A lot of women at that time were alone because they were widows, or their husbands were still war prisonners. They had to work if they wanted to feed their children.

This didn't fit at all in the society scheme because officially it was not usual that women worked. But the after war situation had special rules. Women had no choice, or they had to work to support their family or they suddenly lost their work and had to stay home because the war was over and the men back. For this reason, I had never been a latchkey kid. My mother stayed home and was bored the whole day. I was running and playing around with those who wore a key on a string around their necks.

I found this very interesting and was rather envious because they had a key and could go home whenever they wanted to without ringing the doorbell. Nobody cared either if the child was feeling lonesome or not or had other problems.

Of course this situation was very much critizised from all of those who had a normal life and everything was done to give the working mother a bad conscience, but nobody organized something to help them officially. Of course help between neighbors existed and most of the latchkey kids had a neigbor's address where it could go in case of a problem.

Long after this time a study was made about these children to find out if there were more criminality amongst them then the other children with no key around their necks. The result was amazing, the latchkey kids had become responsible adults much more then the others because they had to learn very early to take care of themselves. Of course some choose the way of criminality, but not more then the "nomally" brought up children.

A sculpture in honor of a latchkey kid.

I wish you all a very

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Peter at Holties House is hosting Fun Monday this week. He wants us to tell our favorite joke and/or show our favorite cartoon.

This is a real problem for me because I don't like jokes in general. Especially not when during a a party or a supper somebody's only conversation skills are jokes ! That is really too boring and doesn't make me laugh. Therefore I am unable to tell you a joke, as soon as I have heard them they are already forgotten. I prefer by far funny life stories. The only joke I kept in mind is because cats are involved.

Two cats meet on a street. One cat says in total surprise "what !!! you are pregnant again ?? who is the father ?" and the other answered : "I don't know I had my head in the trash bin".

I don't have a favourite cartoon to show but here are my favourite videos which make me laugh.

The poor owner must have a horrendous water bill !

I wish you all a very

30 Dec 2007


I always read on blogs that people are afraid of spams ! They have spam protectors and thousands of verifications not to let through one spam. And when a spam manages to get through, usually the reaction is from furious to fear. And if on top they write about this spam and what it had caused I think the person who send it must be very satisfied because at least he got what he wanted : attention and reaction.

I haven't done anything special to protect myself from spams except the usual things which everybody has. So it is not very difficult for "spammers" to get through and I admit I find it funny ! It is so amazing to read what some peoples brains are breading a real feast for somebody who is interested in psychology.

I cannot say that I am getting spams very often, but it happens from time to time and it always makes me laugh.

This morning for example I got a proposal to spend New Year with a young man (pictures were available, but I refrained myself from the pleasure to look at this Adonis) in all "discretion". It was a "call service" who offered it's services. Isn't that nice ? Maybe it is not of interest to me but I am sure some lonely or unsatisfied women are glad about such an offer and service.

Sometimes I get offers for free condoms to try out. Besides the fact that I don't need them anymore and never had, I don't know how to find the time to try out 4 different sorts at my high age (and not only mine). I think my blogging would suffer.

I don't even mention the porns which I personally find funny because the contortions of these (mostly) women are worth a circus presentation.

It also happens that people use my blog to empty their fanatic religious or political hearts and try to make a better world. These usually mile long comments I just delete I don't want to make the world better this way.

There are a few other examples such as publicities but not really worthwhile to mention. So what is your reaction when you get spams ?

29 Dec 2007


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This year we went to Amsterdam (Netherlands) to celebrate Christmas there together with my son. I had seen Amsterdam in spring, summer and automn but never during Christmas time and I was quite disappointed.

The city had very poor or rather no Christmas decoration compared to other European cities. Only the shops had done a little effort. There was no Christmas market and only a few light garlands on the streets in the center. I heard that they only start to do some Christmas decoration and that it hadn't been the use at all so far.

The official Christmas tree in the Center was very poorly decorated and there was nothing else around. Finally I saw a little bit in the western area of Amsterdam. We made a walk through this area and I took some pictures.

The private houses had no decoration at all not even in the windows. I saw maybe two. The so decorative house boats were not decorated either I only saw one. I also was told that not all families do a Christmas tree and this too only starts. Christmas trees apparently were only put up by catholic families in the past.

My conclusion was, it is really not a city to visit around Christmas and get into Christmas mood !

There is almost no decoration at these houses. The place in front was covered with little metal sculptures of reptiles

The Hard Rock Café had some decoration !

and around the Vondel park which is the biggest park in Amsterdam there was again nothing.

On a little place we finally found something christmaslike and I bought a portion of Poffertjes.These are mini pancakes which are baked on this special griddle. It is served with powder sugar and tastes delicious.

This time I didn't want to see more of Amsterdam, it was too depressing ! Fortunately at our son's appartment it was really Christmas !

We use to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and start with an apertitif while unwrapping our Christmas gifts. Then we have a nice meal.

A beautiful Christmas tree

A nicely decorated table, our son even ironed the Christmas table cloth and I found it funny because I never iron anything and my table cloth is iron free ! Here we are with a couple of their friends and our son's girl friend sitting in front of Mr. Gattino.

An open fire in the Television

Jersey the dog who belongs to a collegue, is spending Christmas holidays with our son.

and even the big Buddah he bought in Vietnam was in a christmassy dress.

28 Dec 2007


Name 2 things you would like to accomplish in 2008.

I don't want to accomplish anything not even two things, I am far to lazy for that and maybe I accomplish far more, who knows ?

With which cartoon character do you share personality traits?

With none ! I am an unique ! (my middle name is Modesty)

What time of day (or night) were you born?

I don't remember

Main Course
Tell us something special about your hometown.

That would take pages and pages ! I live on the famous battle field of Waterloo where Napoleon lost his battle and therefore changed the face of whole Europe. You can read about it here. I precise I looked for some bones in my garden but didn't find any.

If you could receive a letter from anyone in the world, who would you want to get one from?

From Bush, explaining me why he doesn't stop this stupid war in Irak. And to check if he can write correctly.

27 Dec 2007


13 remarks about Christmas and Christmas gifts

1. This year I spent Christmas in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2. It was a very nice feast

3. Of course lots to eat and gifts !

4. This is a DVD imitating an open fire to hide a screen if it is in your living room for example. It also makes the noises of burning wood.

5. Photoshop !!!

6. An USB connector, 2 G

7. Lovely little wooden cats

8. A cat made out of a lemon

9. A cat in glass with a flower in

10. a book about cats

11. Cat post cards

12. a scarf, Rosie had to check all the gifts !

13. and these beautiful earrings from my son he had made especially for me by a jewel designer. They are made out of turquoise and mother of perl with silver.

As you can see Santa spoiled me very much this year !

26 Dec 2007



Note : These are NOT my cats !

24 Dec 2007


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To all Bloggers of the World and to everybody who comes here today !

I am going to Amsterdam for Christmas eve this afternoon and will be back on Christmas day late evening.

I put here the most famous Christmas song for the children in Belgium and France. It is called "Petit Papa Noël", which means "little daddy Christmas". It is the first song they learn in school for Christmas.

The first lines mean :

Before you close your eyes do a last prayer : Little daddy Christmas when you come down from heaven with thousand presents please don't forget my little shoe. But before you go, cover yourself because outside it is very cold.

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Having no more strength to write about "joy" because of the joy of wrapping gifts, please enjoy my definitions for the word "joy" in pictures !