16 Sept 2023


I have nothing else in my head than the move ! I don't recognize myself anymore. I moved 3 times in my life and only remember the funny things which happened even the last one, when we moved from our house into this apartment, I was not traumatized ! But now ! The shock of Rick's death must have been stronger as I thought. You don't know yourself and your reactions. The "party girl" has disappeared remains a kind of zombie. 

Dominique who spent two days with me,  loves to draw plans and here is her first draft ! She didn't have the right measures and added a window in the wardrobe.


When she was gone, I started to continue to take pictures of what I want to sell, because there are some things which have value. Tomorrow a buyer will come and hopefully buy the painting I have from the Grand'Place.

And then I have to look for helpers, with my 4 x 20 years I am not the youngest one, and I always fear to forget something. I write everything down in my phone. If I would do that on paper I would look the whole day for them.

What makes me angry is that I have 3 wigs completely new, which I had ordered for Nicole and they had delivered them twice. I called the Red Cross and other institutions, nobody wants to take them. I feel like I ping pong game they send me through whole Belgium. It's a shame, so many women need wigs after a cancer ! I am sure there are organizations who would take them with pleasure. I will ask on Facebook sometimes it's useful.

I visited Nicole and we chatted together and I still don't understand why she wanted to stay in this home which looks like a hospital ! 

The room is small and there are two beds in, the lady who shared the room with her moved and now she waits for an other one. I couldn't stay with another person if I am not forced too. And there is no view !

My lung doctor had forgotten my appointment and squeezed me between two other patients. I was not very happy with that, because as he was in a hurry he gave me very short explanations. I have to go to a physiotherapist and coordinate my breathing with my walking ! 

Anyway I start with all treatments I may have to get after my move, for the moment my head is how to get rid of all my belongings ! 

A young man rang at the door, he wanted to buy the painting which he did, and the strangest thing was, he bought it because his grandfather painted it. That's why he wanted a photo of the signature. He tries to buy all the paintings his grandpa made for his children. Isn't that romantic ??

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14 Sept 2023


 1. Did you watch any coverage of the 9/11 services on Monday? How do you feel on this day some 22 years after the events occurred? Share more if you want to share more. 

With the terrible earthquake which happened in Morocco on all channels they talked about that. We still not know how many deaths and wounded people. Now 3 days later there is not much hope. Maybe 9/11 was mentioned too, but I didn't pay attention. We were lucky nobody died in this catastrophe, from people we knew. 

2. September 13th is National Peanut Day...do you like peanuts? Your favorite dish that contains peanuts? 

I hate peanut butter, it's way too fatty. Peanuts only I eat, but it is not my favorite to nibble in front of the television. I don't know anyone who eats peanut butter and it is not recommended in schools.

3. Something you're currently 'nuts' about? 

Oh yes ! my move into the boarding school for vintage people ! My friend Dominique makes a plan and cuts out little furniture which we move around to see what is the best looking. 

4. Your favorite Peanuts character? There are several quizzes online if you're curious...I took two and got the same character for both so I'm sure it's accurate lol. (Click here for the link)

The answer was : You are Snoopy, an extreme extrovert.

5. Tell us about a job you worked 'for peanuts'

I never worked for peanuts, I preferred to do nothing !

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Always the same ! I am moving ! A friend came yesterday and made drawings, how to put the furniture what to take along, and when she was gone I discussed with cat Rosie where she wants to have her basket !

Not easy to start the 3rd part of your life ! 

13 Sept 2023


When the house behind our garden was built, and I looked out of the window, what did I see, our cat Arthur who tried out all the windows, there was no glas and no frame and he had a wonderful view on me taking pictures !

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12 Sept 2023


When I think of Marrakech and the surroundings, and look at my pictures from 2010 and what I see today, I cannot find the words to describe this tragedy. 

This area in the south of Morocco is particularly beautiful. Many films were shot in Ouarzazate.  I also visited the studio, which is probably in ruins today.

I had never seen a town or village all in red ! The whole region seemed to be made out of red rocks. Unfortunately they were not strong enough to protect the people from the earthquake.

and now  ! After it happened on September 9th

11 Sept 2023


Leia Toby's furry brother is growing ! She is 5 months old now. Next month pour girl has to go to the vet to get spayed.



Saturday when I tried to get up I felt already that it was a bad day and just this day my son came, he wanted to see where his mother would live in the future ! 

It was so hot over 30°C, the heat wave continues ! I took a pill to feel better and it worked a bit. 

Dario the poor boy had left Amsterdam after 11 am because he had to bring Leia (the new dog) to the doggy school, so that she will be the best educated dog in the world. No I am kidding, because she will be very tall and has to be educated. 

The highway was congested so that he arrived only at 3.30 pm! We left immediately for my Boarding school for vintage people and what he saw he liked ! That that was already good. 

Then at the reception, the young woman looked at me and asked "Is the room for your mother" ? I didn't understand first, but then Dario  laughed and said no, it's for her, pointing at me ! 

The girl made big eyes when I told her that I was 80 and it is not too early to go into a retirement home especially when you have no family near you and most of the friends are still working. 

I put my own furniture in and also the curtains, Rosie is allowed to come with me if I take care of her. Which I will do with pleasure. A poor nurse has enough to do with the people. 

We went to my room. He was surprised that it was so big, he probably had thought that I had exaggerated. The view of course he loved too, and found it wonderful. He doesn't say it but I knew seeing his face.

When we had finished, I showed him the restaurant and the Library then we sat down a bit and admired this beautiful park. They offered us, water, coffee, or juice. In no retirement home I had ever gotten something to drink ! (except self service in the toilet !)

Then we returned home. Curtains and windows closed because of the heat, we fell on the sofas ! Then it was time for supper and we went to Rick's favorite restaurant "La dolce Vita". Now the temperature was very nice and we could sit outside. When we came home we were both tired but he helped me with a problem I had with my tablet. Then I said good night and fell in my bed. And for once I was not moving furniture around I slept very well ! 

Sunday was a catastrophe, it was so hot without a little breath !  I had my breakfast and then we talked about how to arrange the furniture and also if my tablet worked now. 

The slightest move with your little finger and you were exhausted. Therefore we had a salad together and then he left for Amsterdam and this time on time. 

It was a short visit, but better then nothing, only it was a pity that I was not on the top of form and we couldn't do anything, it simply was too hot. There was a farmer's fest just in the park in front of my building, but I was unable to go in this heat and he had to drive home. I hope that next week the temperature drops a bit !