16 Jul 2021


On Monday I went with Myriam to Mr. G's new home, to mesure out the walls and to see what was missing and what he needed. Myriam is much better than I for these things and I made a list of what I had to buy. She liked the home very much and found it more like a hotel.

The next day I went shopping with my friend Isabelle who works in a hospital and who had helped me already a lot. We bought together all the things for Mr. G's room which he needed, like a bathmat, glasses and plates and a knife, some table sets, a laundry basket etc.

She also connected the TV and installed a special phone, with which he can receive calls but not call ! It looked already very nice like that. When we had finished who we found at the reception .... Nicole with her daughter who had visited the residence and found it also beautiful.  

I was incredibly lucky, I had to buy a refrigerator and while I was waiting at the front desk I read an advertisement "for sale" It was a brand new refrigerator with a guarantee, it was delivered and a day later the lady who had bought it died! Of course I bought it straight away and they just had to put it in Mr. G's room. Now he also has a refrigerator! 

The best and very human is that the residents are allowed to bring their animals with them. Cats and little dogs ! As Nicole has a cat, she was delighted that she could bring her with her. We also saw a man walking his dog and then coming back. 

My son especially came from Amterdam on Thursday to pick up his Dad and his belongings. We all met in the residence. As it was noon they had dressed a table for the three of us in the "living room" and we could have lunch together as a welcome ! The food was real good, as a starter a vegetable soup, then potatoes and vegetables with slices of veal in a delicious sauce. As desert we received a piece of rice cake and coffee ! 

Then we went back to his room and he met the first residents when we waited for the lift. He was the only man and of course as he was new everybody wanted to know his name and where he came from ! I thought that was a good start but he was very tired. While he slept, my son went shopping and I picked up a few missing things, not much because our elevator was out of work and we couldn't carry furniture or heavy things down the stairs ! 

Today my legs hurt, because going up and down 4 floors was quite tiring and I couldn't carry very much !

The outside

and the inside. Our Welcome lunch, and the room. Besides
 the door is the bathroom. The room mesures 20 m2
Now the worst is over and once he feels home there I can start my normal  life again, and a big bag fell from my shoulders ! 
It's a strange feeling to live in the same town but at different addresses, I have to get used to the fact that now he is there but not there.  After a month I am allowed tot take him home from time to time, I wonder if he still wants to, he seems to like the place !

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15 Jul 2021


1. Tell us about one small blessing you have counted in the past week? 

I don't know if it was a blessing, but at least I had a lot of luck ! I found a wonderful retirement home for Mr. G. without looking for long, it was the first one I visited and I fell in love ! Thursday he will move in ! 

2. Bastille Day is celebrated on July 14th...have you ever been to France? Any desire to visit there, and if so what would site or city would you most want to see? (pretend for a minute international travel isn't an issue)

France and a part of Belgium speak the same language and are very close in their way of life, except for the "French" fries which are a Belgian invention. France is not my favorite country for spending holdidays. But I have friends there whom I love to visit. I have no favorite city to see and certainly not Paris, from this city I have enough. 

3. A food associated with France that you love?  

 Onion soup

There is no difference between the Belgian or French kitchen, there are local specialities en both countries. I love the "soupe à l'ognion", especially when it is very cold, it warms you up !!

4. Something you recently purchased where a coupon was involved? Do you regularly shop with coupons? 

I never pay attention to coupons or points or whatever, it exists, but not so much, anyway most of the people I know do like I do, they don't use it.

5. You have to give something away this week...what will it be? 

I have to give away a shelf, a laundry basket, a chair, a desk, and a Television, to complete the furniture in Mr. G.'s new room.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I think that in a few days all my practical troubles will be over, like packing, and moving Mr. G. in his new home. He doesn't really realize and the first month I am not allowed to take him home, but I can visit him as much as I want. That will be strange to have my own husband as visitor ! But there was no other solution with this &é"€^$ Parkinson.



14 Jul 2021


and now it's clean

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13 Jul 2021


At certain occasions the Royal Palace in Brussels is opened to the public (more about the Royal Palace here) The palace sits on a hill in Brussels city and is used as office by the Kng. Each morning at 9am you can see his car entering the gates. The palace where he and his famly lives is outside Brussels center in the municipality of Laeken.

If they stand at the windows they have a view on the Royal Park which is just opposite the palace and is open for the public the whole year. 

The entrance hall

and different rooms. The former Queen Paola, had redecorated the palace with a lot of taste and it looked really beautiful.

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12 Jul 2021


What's that ????
In tha park with the storks, there were also many turtles ! I like turtles, they are real Ferraris and they also like red ! Pay attention to your toe nails ! 

On Saturday we had an appointment with the female Director of a retirement home. My son came from Amsterdam, my nurse neighbor Isabelle who had arranged everything for me came too and together we went to visit the rooms and the inside of the nursery. and of course also the outside and the surroundings. 

It's a small one only 75 rooms. Each room has shower and WC, it's 20m2 big and nicely furnished, but you also can bring your own furniture. So now I can relax, once he is there the worst is over

In the evening Dario for once slept at home and we watched a funny movie together. We were really tired. Toby of course slept over at his little friend's house.

On Sunday we didn't do anything special, because Dario wanted to see his father and  I went to our friends to see Toby 

We sat on their terrace and the two played golf on the property. Meanwhile I chatted with my friend the mother of Benji, time flew by  and I went home to open the door for Dario. They took their things and returned to Amsterdam..

I collapsed on my sofa and didn't feel very well, it was too much excitement. Next week I hope I will get back to normal.

11 Jul 2021


too lazy to catch them

What was that ???