17 Dec 2022


I like Freddy Mercury and the Queens. My favorite song was "Love of my Life".

But this song is adorable, even better as the human song ! The one who had written the text must know cats very, very well !



Now Rosie watches the birds from her personal armchair with her basket on it and even I am not allowed to touch her basket when she is around ! She is exactly like the cat in the song !!







16 Dec 2022


On Monday I gathered all my energy and went down to the basement to get the two plastic boxes in which I had packed the Christmas decorations from last year. 

Unfortunately, my son had stored a few things in the basement that he wanted to take with him to Holland, but they were still here. He had put my Christmas decorations on the highest board of the shelf so that I couldn't get to it. As usual, he thinks everyone is a giant like him. At least I managed to get the box down without landing on my head, but in my arms. I was breathless and panting like a steam engine ! I returned to the apartment with the two boxes, fell on the sofa and didn't move anymore, only my fingers on the keyboard of my computer. 

The weather became cooler and then really cold ! The temperature went down to 8 °C and I couldn't go out, for a little walk the air was too cold and my lungs hurt. I had bought all Christmas gifts online and one parcel was missing. It took me a whole morning to find the right service for complaints ! No telephone no email address, and that was Amazon. The delivery service had pretended that it had been delivered, but that wasn't true, I was home all day and my neighbor too. After two days the mistery was solved , the parcel arrived and was in my letter box. The following days I got phone calls and messages from all kind of Amazon's customer service, despite the fact that I had told them that I had got the parcel ! I guess they have a lot to do just before Christmas. 

For the first time since Nicole is in her retirement home, I asked her daughter to bring her over to me to see my Christmas decoration, which I had finally started. 

I was a bit scared that she would fall or something would happen but everything went smooth. Her head works perfect, but she has difficulties to walk without help and also to write. My apartment is ideal for handicapped people. When I drove her "home" she had no steps to do or even go out on the street, she could get in my car in the garage. She was very happy to be with me here,  just as if everything was normal again like in the old days. My neighbor joined us and we had a nice afternoon. 

When I had finally finished the decoration it took me 3 days, because I decorated a little bit and then was fed up and stopped. Now the light garlands are still missing. Maybe today ! 

I finally managed to do my shopping in this cold, but it hasn't been too bad, as my car was in the garage and I found a parking space just at the entrance of the store. 

My three neighbors had asked me to show them the pictures I had taken in Switzerland, so when my living was decorated I asked them to come and we spent a nice afternoon together and emptied a bottle of alcohol free "champagne" ! 


Miss Rosie after having meowed a hello, returned into her basket and slept (or listened to the conversation) Ever since she lives in an apartment she loves visitors. 

I also have created my Christmas cards for this year, first I didn't want to send any, but then I thought it keeps me busy and when I have to concentrated on something I don't think.


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15 Dec 2022


1. What does Christmas mean to you?

That's rather difficult to say. When I was a child I loved Christmas, because my parents for once tried to play with me and I was allowed to stay up a bit later then 8 pm. Later I always wanted to celebrate Christmas with Rick alone, when we were a young married couple, then the three of us, because we meanwhile had a little boy, but sadly all Christmas were spoiled by the presence of my parents, and there were only fights ! This year I don't know what I will feel or what Christmas will mean to me, because it will be the first one I will be without Rick. I am always happy when Christmas is over !

2. What's your favorite cozy holiday activity?  


I don't know, maybe watching a nice movie with my cat Rosie on my lap.

 3. Is all your shopping-wrapping-baking done? Tell us about your holiday plans.  

I am proud that I have found nice Christmas gifts for my little family, son, DIL and grandson. I decorated the living room, but otherwise I don't do anything and I have no plans at all. I just let it go ...

4. If you were Santa what treat would you like to have left for you (it doesn't have to be milk and cookies!) What sweet or savory treat do you most look forward to indulging in around the holidays?  

Nothing, I don't like any sweet things for the moment, and food doesn't mean much to me this year.

5. Next Wednesday is the first official day of winter (in the northern hemisphere). How does that make you feel? Tell us what you love most about winter?  

We have started winter already at least the weather decided so ! It's freezing and unusually cold, this morning - 7°C; but no snow yet. I don't go out it's too cold only for a quick food shopping. I hate winter, even with a blue sky and snow it can be beautiful on postcards but in real it's too cold for me. I am born on the wrong side of the world. 

photo taken out of the window in my warm car !

6. Insert your own random thought here.  

Since I am back from Switzerland I thought that these short travels to see a country is good for me it just revitalize me and I feel like I'm not some old granny who sits behind the TV all day. At least I also have my "window to the world" the computer !



14 Dec 2022


At the lake, I observed a lady who fed the seagulls with all kind of food, she had 4 big bags with her !

Lake Lucerne Switzerland


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12 Dec 2022


After breakfast we were on the road again, this time to Hergiswil where we visited a glazier factory which had been founded by two Italian brothers, and became Swiss under the label Glasi ! In the town was not much to see and it was rather cold. But in the factory we could watch the workers blowing glass balls and how they worked and then of course we had to see the shop which sold the Glasi models. I personally didn't like them, to me they seemed to thick of course I compared to the Murano glass.

In front of the factory was this nice Christmas tree with "Glasi" balls. 

The Glasi factory looked very quaint from outside
Father Christmas stood outside the shop, and I kept him company after having been in the shop, but haven't found anything. Some of my travel companions bought some Christmas gifts. 
On Saturday we went direction Lucerne, where we walked around admired the diversity of the architecture.

Lucerne seemed to be a beautiful city, unfortunately we couldn't stay very long, but at least we got an impression that there were many things to see and in warmer weather certainly also very interesting.
I liked the facade of this restaurant


We also visited this church, and sat down to warm us up. The church was nicely heated and warm.

Then we stopped at Egisheim where we visited (again) the Christmas market. But this time it was different as there were no stands but the market took place in the shops or boutiques.

On our way back to the hotel in Beckenried we stopped for Lunch in this nice Hotel, 

and then returned by ship. Unfortunately it was already dark and we didn't see very much except the lights of the little towns along the lake.

In Beckenried, this evening was a very important event

The restaurant of our hotel and three men with an enormous cow bell had their glass(es) of beer before they started to join the procession.

Men in white shirts and the bells from their cows carried the list of their children's wishes for Santa on a long procession to St. Nicholas, who was downtown sitting on his throne waiting for them. From my balcony I could see the very long procession and hear the cowbells! But it was too cold for me to walk into town. A few from our group went to see the festivities and told me that it had been a real big local fest.

Unfortunately here ended our trip to Switzerland. We returned to Brussels but stopped in the Alsace in France, and had a very good lunch there. The owner made a lot of jokes with us and we climbed in our coach full, happy and tired ! 


Rosie likes her Father Christmas who watches over her basket !

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11 Dec 2022


The second day we departed at 9 am and went direction Wohlen always happy to sit in the warm coach and see the quaint little towns and villages. The mountains were still hidden behind the mist !

We stopped here and had our 3 course lunch ! The inside of this restaurant was very cozy and you got
a homely feeling. The food was excellent too, what you had on your plate was meat from happy cows and vegetables freshly from the many farmers around.

Then we continued to the small medieval town Bremgarten located at the Reuss river. First thing we saw was a little zoo with exotic birds.

Despite the missing sunshine you still could guess that the landscape was very beautiful

and the houses looked all so welcoming.

Then we went direction Christmas market
you had to go over the wooden bridge which was built over the Reuss River

Even while walking around and looking what things you could buy on the Christmas market it was cold and we finally gathered around this fire to warm us up and then took our coach and returned to our hotel. A long day as we arrived around 6 pm. After supper we all went early into our rooms. Next day was again a full program.