14 Jul 2007


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The culprits

When I woke up this morning I thought today I will write something very nice I really will do an effort ! And while I was thinking about what I could write I stretched out my arms hit the lamp on my bedside table which made it fall on the floor with a loud noise. At almost the same time my cats sleeping on my bed jumped in all directions.

Kitten Rosie jumped on my printer, hit the there standing vase filled with water and flowers which landed on the parquet spilling water all over the carpet and under my desk. That made me jump out of the bed making @&!#@! sounds.

Now really awoken I stumbled in the kitchen to pick up a rag but before I arrived there I stepped into something which one of my cats had left there as proof of an indigestion. As I didn't realize this first it stuck on my slippers and left traces until my arrival in the kitchen. There I was greated by three hungry cats who meowed for breakfast. I fed the cats pushed the button for the coffee maker, picked up the rag noticed my traces and %@"!&@ came again out of my throat.

Then I cleaned the indigestion souvenir, my traces, the water from the parquet and carpet and put the flowers back in the vase.

Now I am sitting here with a cup of coffee, to gather my spirits but all my good writing intentions are gone and all I am able to put on paper, sorry my post is this.

There are mornings you better don't move in your bed !

13 Jul 2007


Kim the black cat to be avoided today, but Pookie is not paraskavede....thing

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Today is Friday the thirteenth, known as for bringing bad luck ! Many people avoid travel and other dangerous activities on this day. The clinical name for fear of Friday the Thirteenth is "paraskavedekatriaphobia." (don't break your tongue !) Many cultures view the number thirteen itself as an "unlucky" number, which accounts for the lack of a "thirteenth" floor in tall buildings, thirteenth apartment in apartment complexes, and other missing 13's.

So please avoid to take a plane today or even your car or bicycle, the best is you stay in bed the whole day and tell your boss that you suffer from above "paraskavede....." He will be very worried about your illness and ask if it is not contagious because it sounds so sophisticated and he probably doesn't know what it is.

Please be careful not to do the following !

- Don't Spill salt it may cause a fight or argument ! Attention during your breakfast !

- Avoid a single magpie it is considered a sign of bad luck. (And it can steel your jewlery)

- Avoid that a black cat crosses your path, because something very bad will happen (I personally have to avoid my cat Kim the whole day)

- Don't Break a mirror it may bring you bad luck for 7 years. For once do your make up without mirror, a all over smeared lipstick is better than seven years of misfortune.

- Don't walk underneath an open ladder it brings bad luck. Walk on the street there are no ladders, you only risk to be overrun by a car.

- If today you receive your lover and he is wearing a hat (or a cap), pay attention that he doesn't place it on the bed it also brings bad luck.

and don't put your horse in a stable n°13, if you will keep your neck !

If tomorrow you are still reading my post and comment, then I will know that you followed my warnings !


What is your favorite fruit?

Coreless grapes, I can eat them the whole day

Who is someone you consider as a great role model?

Nobody. Never met one !

If you were to spend one night anywhere within an hour of your home, where would you choose?

My best friends place and chat with her during the whole night !

Main Course
Name something you do too often.

Chatting, everywhere, home, street, phone etc. I don't have any button to switch me off !

Fill in the blank: I really like blogging because I can even chat by writing and with the whole world !

12 Jul 2007


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Pookie washes, she gave up to meow anything ! Sale is dangerous for women !


Never go in a Supermarket when you only need one item ! Yesterday I needed some Basmati rice just one package and thought I quickly jump in and out to get it. And when I got out I had :

1. My package of rice of course

2. two bath towles because they were on sale (sooo cheap)

3. two bath rags (because they were also on sale) After that I went out to get a caddy.

4. four canvas which I don't need right now, but they were on promotion

5. Toys for kitten Rosie, because I just went by the animal section

6. 1 bottle of parquet cleaner because suddenly I wasn't sure if there was some left (there were 2 bottles left)

7. One case for my camera although I have already one, but that would be for the second camera and then they were on sales ! (sooo cheap)

8. A thermos for coffee, which I might need if ever we make a long trip by car. (we never do) On sale of course !

9. A thermo bag which I also may need for the same purpose (you never know)

10. 2 bottles of shampoo, because they were on promotion, coming home I found 4 !

11. Cat litter, what I never buy because Mr. Gattino does it, now we have a nice stock !

12. A long T-Shirt to be worn as pajama because it had such a cute cat on the front and it was on sales I couldn't miss that !

13. Two flat cushions for my car to protect the seats, although I have my car since 5 years, why didn't I think about it before ? But they were on sale couldn't miss the occasion.

When I payed I thought "this rice is expensive" !

11 Jul 2007


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Sanni from Coffe 2go has honored me with this award ! The meaning of a "Smoozer" apparently is as follows :

As it goes, schmoozing is the natural ability “to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.” Good schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship."

The word "smooze" comes out from the yiddish word schmuesn, late 19th century ! According to the definition I feel now like a Blog snail, sliding through Blogworld and leaving friendly, slicky, trails ! At least I have never got an award with such big biceps !

As I have to find some other schmoozers I thought about Melli who always makes me laugh with her posts and comments, even when she has problems or says she is not in a good mood ! She doesn't slide through blogs but rather rocks !

Hootin Anni is about the same kind ! She writes and comments with all her heart and makes me laugh too !

Puss-in-boots from Australia informs me about life over there and so good that I want to see for myself ! She loves white wine as I do and makes me laugh when she talks about her neighbor friends, cats or her job.


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10 Jul 2007


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Pookie after listening to the news

This morning on my "news" internet page I could read that our King has left the Hospital yesterday on two crutches after his hip operation. The whole Hospital staff gathered around him and the Queen smiled happily in the background. He then walked to the crowd armed with flowers and other little gifts who wished him all the best. Now he has to excersise in his castle, but I think there is enough room. I always start with the "royal" or "people" rubric, because it's the best of daily news. All others are everyday the same. War, terror, global warming ...

I also was informed that princess Masako from Japan has still not recovered completely from her deep depressions she had for the last couple of years and therefore is unably to go with her venerable husband on official trips abroad. Poor girl must be awful to sit in a golden cage while others are sitting between garbadge cans.

And Prince William is again together with his Kate (Middleton) ! Who would have believed that ! I thought he would now go into the steps of his grand father and play around with beautiful girls, as he is free while his grandpa still had the Queen who bravely wait in her castle until the unfaithful husband turned up again !

Now I arrived at the "people" section and there I read that the desperate housewife Eva Longoria married in Paris to become a real one. She started by getting married behind a screen, so that nobody could see her walk into her misfortune. In reality she had sold the exclusivity of this ceremony to people magazine OK for 2 millions USD ! (Whistle !) Maybe she is desperate housewife but a good business woman that's for sure.

The son of Al Gore, Albert was arrested in California with some Marijuhana in his car and then set free against 20.000 $. Earth protector or not it also happens in the best families. At least this smoke doesn't warm up much our globe. Father Al was surely very happy.

In church something happened too, Pope Benedict II (or was it 3 ?) wants that mass is again held in latin, as it used to be some 30 years ago in the catholic church. I think he is a very very kind man. This at least allows people to better sleep in church. Who knows latin nowadays ?

Under "general" I was informed that two bodies were found in a deepfreeze. A woman and an 11 year old boy. Her husband had killed them and hid them in the deepfreeze. When he had guests 3 month later and a guest helped him to clean up the table, she discovered the bodies when she wanted to put some remaining food in there. She informed her husband but they didn't say anything to the man and alerted the police. I had already some surprises in my fridge but haven't found anything in other peoples deepfreeze so far.

A study from US universities Texas and Arizon proved that women don't talk more than man. In the study, women spoke a daily average of 16,215 words during their waking hours, and men 15,669 words. That's very interesting ! I wonder how many words I speak during the day !

And to finish my news I learned that a new research suggests rather than being a precursor to sleep, the purpose of yawning is to cool the brain so it operates more efficiently and keeps you awake ! Very interesting ! So now that you have yawned enough over my news, you can do more intellectual things as your brain must be cooled down or even freezed by now.

9 Jul 2007


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Pookie was 7 two years ago

1. The superstitious believe that to break a mirror brings seven years of bad luck. The cure: to bury the pieces, or run them in a stream.

2. The common ladybird has seven spots.

3.According to many faiths, there are seven heavens, corresponding to the seven heavenly bodies (earth, the sun and the five "naked eye" planets).

4. According to Buddhist legend, after his birth the Buddha rose to his feet and took seven steps.

5. The Seven Sisters is a series of chalk cliffs on the East Sussex coast, a set of waterfalls in Norway, and a group of Stalinist skyscrapers in Moscow.

6. Both Elizabeth Taylor and the late Lana Turner have had seven husbands (and eight marriages).

7. Daniel Craig is the seventh actor to have played James Bond (with the controversial inclusion of Barry Nelson, who starred in a 1954 adaptation of Casino Royale). Sean Connery made his seventh and final outing as Bond in the unofficial Thunderball remake Never Say Never Again. In Ian Fleming's novel You Only Live Twice 007 appears briefly as 7777.

8 Jul 2007


Pookie prays (for me)

Melli choose ME of all people me !! to find out Five Things about Jesus. It must be the wine of her church service. Apparently it is a new meme
which wanders through blogworld. I wonder who had this glorious idea ! If at least I would win an award ! Like "best bible knowledge blog" or something like that !

Here are 5 things I remember about Jesus.

1. After Jesus was baptisized, he came out of the water and retired into the desert, and as he was not hungry he fasted for forty days and nights. Then the devil came with treats, but Jesus didn't like them and resisted. Therefore he became God's son.

2. Jesus made a mess at Herod's Temple by overturning the tables of the moneychangers who set up shop there, called them "den of robbers." and threw them out ! Does that mean he had a fiery temper ?

3. He preached a lot and suggested that if somebody hit you in the face you should turn your other cheek, which most of people don't do, they hit back.

4. He had 12 disciples to help him preach. They were instructed to: "take nothing for their journey, except a mere staff — no bread, no bag, no money in their belt — but to wear sandals, because if any town rejects them they ought to shake the dust off their feet as they leave. It's not said if they had to change sandals too.

5. Jesus died by crucifixion and rose from the dead on the third day. This was commented by my 5 year old son after bible lessons : "Jesus died, and three days later he was still alive" !

The rule of this meme is that I also have to find 5 victims. So if you know your bible lessons very well, please consider yourself as tagged. But not more than 5 people !!

Today is my birthday and I have received wonderful gifts !

a new camera and a wooden big cat

a Swatch watch and a necklace !
I should have birthday at least once a week !