17 Jun 2022


After being left in peace for a week, the papers started raining down into my mailbox. Most of it was easy to do with a phone call or email but the best part were the administration forms ! 8 pages to fill out, all with data that they knew anyway. 

But to top it all off I should list all the children Rick had, legal, illegal or deceased!! I had to laugh so hard that I couldn't stop. I saw myself hiring a private detective looking for illegal and deceased children ! Unbelievable. 

I called them the next day and told them that unfortunately I didn't know how many illegal children my husband had brought into the world. The officer took a breath and said "Madame throw this in the bin". And the matter was settled! After all, I had already received my widow's pension, so all these questions were completely unfounded.

All this took the last energy I have. Friends from very long time proposed to help but fortunately there was not much paperwork  Now it's finished and on Tuesday when again I was only sitting in my black hole, I kicked myself and went to "my" travel agency and booked 2 weeks in Djerba/Tunisia in a Wellness and SPA hotel to help me to put me together again. I need a break from Europe and it's troubles and I like the North African countries. In Egypt it is too hot now so I choose Djerba

I hope it is so nice as it looks on the "stolen" photos ! When I come back I can tell more. 

I leave on Sunday and until there, I will try to find a new life as normal as possible..

Never forget, always in my heart

A big "Thank you" to all of you who sent me such kind words to try to comfort me. Virtual friends from all over the world found my post and sent me emails. From Thailand to Alaska, from the States to Australia, Canada, New Zealand the Philippines and probably other countries too and of course Europe. It was so kind of you to participate in my sorrow. 

"See " you when I come back

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