24 Nov 2012


As I told you in my previous post, we are preparing the yearly Exposition of my painting group. Now that I have seen all pictures hanged up I wonder if we are not a bit old fashioned. Each subject or object on a painting is recognizable ! A man is a man a woman a woman a flower a flower etc. Boring compared to modern Art ! The good thing is that you can let play your phantasy to give the artwork a name or at least an interpretation when there is no title !

I just had a look about what is now in fahion !

I think this is ideal for pessimists or suicide attempted people. To be layed out in a corner of their living room.

Ideal for a dentist's cabinet in the waiting room ! It would cheer up the patients

An advertising for Brussels' wafels ?

A man with a cigare, or an inspiration for young couples to be put in the bedroom ?

These sculptures can only be wrinkled elephants, maybe for you front yard ? Keeps visitors away !

This painting had a title ! "Painting the Air". Unfortunately I don't know if it is smoking or non smoking area air ??

23 Nov 2012


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1. The climbing up and down the spiral staircase of the 4 floors in our son's house had made us realize that we are not the youngest one anymore. Mr. G.'s knees hurt and he had to take a pain killer. My legs were more or less OK and after Aqua gym I didn't feel anything anymore.

While I was in Amsterdam my little travel computer went on strike. I was so worried ! I thought I have to buy a new one ! But it was only the battery charger so I went right away to the store and bought a new one. At home I tried it out, charged the battery and now my baby computer works perfectly again !

2. For the first time in about 40 years I took the tram to Brussels ! It is nearly impossible or very expensive to park a  car in the city center I drove to the first stop outside Brussels, left my car there for nothing and took the tram for nothing too (people over 65 don't pay public transport) Of course the tram had become more modern, and there was even  a man in the tram who played accordion and sang songs. After that of course he came with a mug to collect some money. I found this a good idea, people looked less bored !

3. I had seen on TV that on the famous "Grand'Place" in Brussels, a Christmas tree is "built" ! I saw an ugly scaffolding in metal, which should be the Christmas tree of 2012 ! Each year there was a beautiful tree standing in the middle of the Grand Place, a real one coming from Scandianavian countries or from the Ardennes. 

Like this one

But this year we will have an an electronic Christmas tree a 24 meter (70 ft) high monumental electronic Christmas tree made of steel, covered with wood and a screen ! I was more then shocked ! I was furious, such an ugly thing ! They were busy with the construction and it really looked like a boozy scaffolding !
At least the stable with the nativity scene will be classical, they just built it up ! I hope Joseph will not be a tatooed punk and Mary in a Laday Gaga outfit ! I will write about this "Christmas tree" later.

Also the Christmas decoration in the shops were "normal"

4. I spent most of my time with preparing my paintings for our yearly Exposition, I had to fix a cord to hang them up and also check the things I have for the table decoration.

Finally I had put everything together and it was ready.


In the morning we got all together and selected the paintings and started to put them on the screens and on the walls. Of course we had a lot of fun laughing, joking and teasing each other and also had coffee with Brussels' wafels !

22 Nov 2012


Jenny Matlock
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When I was a little girl I lived with my grandparents in a big village or a little town. There were lots of things to explore and I had always been quiet adventurous. I liked to play "Get lost" one of my favorite games, when I was around five. I left home and walked and walked and wanted to get lost and then being found ! Of course that never happened because I could walk for miles I always arrived in a place or street I knew and anyway the church tower was visible in the whole village. What a disappointment !

There were many farms around the village and I loved to go into the stables and watch how cows were milked. One day I waited that nobody was in the stable took a little stool and a bucket and choose a very friendly looking cow. I did exactly what I had seen sat on my stool  and touched the cow's udder. Apparently my grip was too soft, and tickled the cow, so she stamped with one leg and swang her tail right in my face. It was a slap like a whip, and probably therefore I never forgot this event ! The farmer and the people around laughed their heads off when they saw this little girl running out of the stable complaining that the cow has slapped her with its tail and apparently I had a red stripe on my face. I never tried to milk a cow again !

The owner of the house in which my grandparents lived had chickens. Each time I could I followed the lady when she picked up the eggs. I found that very funny so one day when nobody was there, I went into the henhouse and had a lot of fun because the chickens cackled hysterically and ran around. I tried to find eggs, but I didn't and while I was searching, the chickens escaped through the door I had left open and where all over the garden. My grandma and grandpa helped the lady to catch the chickens and bring them back into the henhouse. I only remember that the lady was very furious with me and my grandma, but although my grandma probably told me that I had done something very bad, I still today have the impression that she had a lot of fun too.

My grandma and me

21 Nov 2012

20 Nov 2012


Nothing is more boring then the highway from Brussels/Waterloo to Amsterdam ! The landscape is flat like a pancake, and a part from some fields with a few cows, industrial buildings, modern offices and sometimes a gaz station there is stricly nothing to see. On the whole way you can see maybe three windmills, which interrups the monotone way. It's almost a miracle that no driver falls asleep ! On the contrary they drive like mad (if they could, but there is the speed limit) probably to get out of this boring way !

But this time I was lucky ! We left Amsterdam around 4 and as the sun had come out late in the day, it had no time to shine but presented a beautiful sunset.

I took my camera and took all photos out of the window ! I shot and shot and shot in the hope that I could give at least an idea of the changing sky !

It got darker and darker

and near Brussels I could take the last photos. Then it became dark like in a cavern. At least this time I had something to look at and the time went by quiet quickly. The whole trip takes about two hours.
Reading is impossible for me, I get sick !

19 Nov 2012


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Our grandson Toby celebrated his second birthday on Saturday, so we went off to Amsterdam !
The whole living room was nicely decorated, the birthday cake looked beautiful and Toby blow out the candles like a little hurrican !

I had bought him a little train and we were happy to see that he really loved it ! As soon as it was set up, he started to play and didn't look at his other toys anymore.

After we had a little sandwich, Toby went for his nap, and then the whole Dutch family arrived. The other grandparents, Toby's uncle with his two daughters his Russian wife, and her mother from Belorussia (Belarus) and other family members a total of 15 persons !

Toby's mum, as a little girl had also a train, and the grandma had brought the rails ! They fitted perfectly on the new train so it became bigger and bigger ! Grandparents and cousins are working together to add the rails !

The two little girls spoke Russian with their mother, and Dutch with their father. Toby "speaks" French with his Dad and us and Dutch with Mum and the rest of the family. It was great fun, we managed to talk and laugh together using German with the Russian Grandma and with Toby's Opa and Oma (Granddad and grandma in Dutch and German) English with Toby's uncle and aunt and I digged out my Dutch to speak with the little 5 year old Girl, who only spoke Dutch besides Russian, which I couldn't understand.

Later on we had a cold buffet, Mr. G. had brought all kind of Italian ham, salami, etc and all sorts of Italian cheese. All these dainties were very much appreciated and only a little was left !

Toby managed his birthday perfectly, he was so social and friendly with everybody. But in the evening when everybody had left, we were all tired and collapsed in our beds !

On Sunday morning it was grey and very humid and as St. Nicolas' day on December 6, is not so far away, we also had brought the gift for this day, as in the Netherlands St. Nicolas' day is far more important and celebrated then Christmas. The children get their gifts from St. Nicolas in the Netherlands and it is a very special day full of traditions. We celebrate Christmas more like the rest of the Western world and St. Niclas only a little or not at all. 

Mr. G. in his now two year old job as Nonno (Grandpa) had bought a car !! and what a car ! It ran alone, Toby was so surprised ! But then he understood (more or less) how it works. But I think he still prefers to push a car then to "drive" it with a wheel and buttons ! Probably when he is a little older he will appreciate it more !

Dad and Nonno of course had fun ! 

Around 11 am the sun suddenly showed its nose, but we didn't go for a walk with them because it was too cold and I don't want to catch a cold just before going on holidays end November. And honnestly we also were too lazy !

We went a little outside on the deck. In the afternoon we drove home it takes about two hours from Amsterdam to Brussels. There was a lot of traffic but we went through without any slowdowns or stops.

My "antic" legs are hurting because I am not used to live in a house with 4 floors ! Steps up, steps down etc I wonder how I will feel tomorrow ! Mr. G.'s are even worse !

It was such a fun weekend.

18 Nov 2012

WHERE IS ...... ?

Children search for eggs at Easter, I celebrate Easter the whole year and especially in the last two weeks.

For three days I was looking for my car keys. Everywhere in the whole house, even in the fridge. Meanwhile I had to drive with my spare keys. After having investigated my purse for the third time at least, I finally turned it over and the whole junk things which it contained dropped on the kitchen table and .... also my keys !!

When I went to my Acqua Gym class, I suddenly realized that I had left my bag with underwear and towel and shower cream at home. Fortunately I had my bathing suit on, they lent me a towel and I returned home without underpants and bra. Except me, who felt a little naked under my clothes, nobody noticed.

I arrived in my painting class and had no purse ! Very annoying because I was without mobile, and had a meeting with a friend for lunch. But I had my painting stuff with me, left a little earlier hurried home, picked up my purse and was in time to meet my friend.

Apparently I am not the only one, because another classmate had forgotten her canvas, and the second one her painting brushes and colors. I was a bit comforted ! 

Often I find myself in the basement and don't know what I wanted there ! So I return into the kitchen and suddenly I remember ! I go down again. This keeps me fit.

Just let me know if you experience the same sometimes, which would reassure me that I am not alone !