21 Feb 2009


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When I opened the window yesterday morning to let some fresh air in, I saw our neighbor's dog Yanouk on the sidewalk. When he saw me he came under my window, looked up and waved happily with his bushy tail. Now Yanouk is a "little" bearnese mountain dog composed of 60 kg (132 lbs) of love and kindness. Apparently my friend Domi wasn't there and Yanouk had found a hole to escape the garden.


I quickly ran downstairs in my Egyptian red velvet long homedress, uncombed and with my orange slippers. When I opened the door I was pushed inside by a very friendly tail waggling Yanouk.

I took him by his collar and pulled him outside, I could hardly let him in I am not equipped for such a big dog and I thought I better put him back in his garden. That's what I thought but not Yanouk.

As soon as he was outside again he sat down and gave me this hard breaking look out of his true brown eyes. He didn't move. I pulled. My hairs were standing up, my dress blow in the wind I pulled so hard that my bottom nearly touched the ground. Yanouk smiled (at least I had this impression) I gave up. As soon as I stopped pulling he got up and jumped joyfully around.

I went inside and looked for a cord. Of course I had no leash. I found one (orange too) and fixed it on his collar. Yanouk was pleased he thought that we would go for a walk and pulled me in the right direction. But I stopped at the gate of his house, opened it and let him in. He wasn't pleased at all and looked at me as if I had abandonned him in the middle of a desert. I checked the gate and fixed the metal wire again which holds the gate together or at least should. I said good bye and freezing returned in my warm house, with the feeling that I had done a good action.

15 min later Mr. Gattino coming home told me that Yanouk was in the street ! He had found his way outside again. Now Mr. Gattino put him back in the garden and fixed the gate with a metal wire, a chain, a heavy tile and a wooden board to be absolutely sure that Yanouk couldn't escape again. And he was right, Yanouk couldn't get out anymore, but Domi my friend when she came back couldn't get in ! Mr. Gattino had to undo his work of the day.

Yanouk (the belly belongs to Mr. Gattino)

20 Feb 2009


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When I was a little girl I lived with my grandparents in a little town near Frankfurt in Germany. My grandpa loved to drink a beer on saturday and sunday evenings. In 1949 there were no beer cans or bottles in the shops at least not where we lived. Beer was served in pubs and if you wanted to drink beer at home you had to buy it there.

So it was a big honor for me when he asked me to buy him a jug of beer. Proudly carrying his personal jug I went down the street into the pub and bought his beer. I was so happy and felt so grown up !

Today it would be unthinkable !



My grandpa's beer jug. The cover in pewter has his name engraved in gothic "M. (for Max) Tessmann" It must be at least 90 years old.

19 Feb 2009


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13 reasons to return to bed and stay

1. I woke up and stretched myself voluptuously in all directions, when I knocked down the night table lamp and it was suddenly as dark as in a devil's hole

2. I fumbled in the dark to find the lamp and switched on the light while my foot landed in something cold and disgusting. One of my cats had choosen my bedside to vomit.

3. I scampered direction bathroom like a handicapped kangaroo and swang my leg over the sink to clean my foot. I got a cramp. I watched my gramacing face in the mirror until it stopped

4. My mood scale dropped on 0 ! I decided to be in a bad mood the whole day

5. I was right. Mr. Gattino had forgotten to prepare the coffee machine. While I filled the filter with coffee I was observed by 5 pairs of hungry eyes from my room tigers.

6. I fed them before they ate me up

7. Armed with a cup of coffee (finally) I switched on my computer to read my emails in peace

8. Google was bad mooded too and didn't let me in my gmails

9. When I was ready to demolish my computer, suddenly they were there ! 17 emails to answer !

10. The first blog didn't load

11. The second one was on strike too

12. I decided to wait a bit and started to make my bed. I pulled the cover and got scratched by a very angry cat whose nap I had brutally interrupted

13. Looking at the blood colored scratch, I asked myself wasn't it better to go to bed again and wait until this day is over ?

But instead, as you see I wrote this down. Wish me a nice day !

18 Feb 2009

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Picture taken in the African Museum (see below) in Brussels

17 Feb 2009

MY WORLD - Africa in a museum

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In my world I also like to visit a museum from time to time. The weather was beautiful and I choose a museum in Tervueren which is located in the suburbs of Brussels and has a very beautiful big parc. It's a nice place to walk around and afterwards visit the museum and have a little drink inside ...... read more here

16 Feb 2009


I asked you to show us what you are wearing on your feet when you are at home. Now I am really curious to see the result ! I don't know if inside shoewear tells something about character, but if it would be so mine is dotted or fancy.


These kind of slippers I wear the whole year around except when it is very hot then I would wear flip flops. They are in fact summer shoes with a fabric top. I wear them outside too and have several pairs in other colors.

Rosie loves my slippers too

This winter it was especially cold, and when I saw this nice warm slippers on my midi market, I bought them right away and am wearing them now. They keep my feet warm !

These are the participants who want to show their dressed up feet !

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I appologize to those I have not listed, it isn't on purpose, but with blogrolling out of work it's a rather arduous job to type all the links !

15 Feb 2009


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I am not a car fan at all. For me a car has to have 4 wheels, a steering wheel, and breaks. If on the top of that it looks nice and is comfortable, then I am happy.

Nevertheless I went to the Waterloo Lion where an old timer race took place. I like to see these old cars and imagine how the streets looked like with them and their high speed of a few km or miles !

Old Napoleon watched over them

The family picture of the participants


Must be nice to drive at a high speed of 20 km (12 miles)/h !


or driving around in this elegant sportscar !

But this little thing, a Fiat 500 is still to be seen on the streets ! They must be at least 35 to 40 years old by now. I found it on the parking place.