29 May 2015


1. Once you start garden work, it's like a ball of wool, you don't see the end ! I thought I had finished, but no, I had forgotten the pots along the other side of the entry ! I sighed and pitied myself and then I started to pull off weeds again ! Why do weeds grow in pots ? If only the snails would eat them up, but they prefer my flowers ! I must have only posh snails in my garden !

2. Two of the flower pots were broken and I had to buy new once. Of course the garden store where I use to buy pots had run out of stock, apparently all garden or balcony owners had emptied the shelf. I returned home, looked again at my pots, and then just turned them around so the broken side was hidden and they looked nice again. That I call money saving.

3. My neighbor is again in hospital and as her daughter is working the whole day, she asked me if I could walk their dog once in the afternoon.

So that's what I did, and checked at the same time the other yards around. With a dog on a leash you don't look curious !

4. Dominique my other neighbor was away for 4 days and we took care of her budgie ! I had put it in our guest room with the radio on, my cats were not interested in a bird in a cage and didn't even sit in front of the door when the little budgie chirped with all his heart. Then Dominique came over to pick it up again and she told us about her vacation in France. We could sit outside on the terrace and had a cup of tea.

5. I went shopping with Ilona, she was looking for a dress for her grandson's wedding. Unfortunately we didn't find anything suitable. If my grandson marries one day I will be in my 90th or in heaven or hell.

Our gardener came and trimmed all the bushes and now the garden looks clean. That nobody talks me about garden work ! From now on I will only sit in it !

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28 May 2015


The bed is a very important item in our life. Imagine that we spend at least the half of our life in our (or others) beds ?

It all started with our ancestors long before Jesus lay in his first bed a crip !

The very first "beds" were just a piece of fur or some hay or straw. The latter was not very enjoyable, as bugs, fleas and other cute critters wanted to sleep with you. The human became inventive and put wooden legs under a plank. That made it a little more difficult for unwanted bed companions. By then somebody thought if he would cover the straw or hay with a fabric it would be more protected.Then the bed frames were invented.

And the creativity for beds went on and on

until we had this kind of bed. Of course it was not for everybody it was only for the nobels. They needed a good sleep to be able to manage their servants, who slept on very simplified beds.

The bed was not only a place to sleep peacefully during the night, it was also a battle field for couples to produce babies that's why we are all here today.

Especially in winter time or wet weather the bed as battle field replaced other places like fields, grass, benches or nowadays cars.

Unfortunately the bed is not only a place of pleasure, but also a place where you have to lay down when you are sick or even die. That's the bad side of our beds.

Wherever you live in the world, beds are standing in your home. Modern or antique ones it depends on your taste.

With that I wish you a good night ! 

Jenny Matlock
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27 May 2015


Fancy statues on a place in Maastricht (Netherlands)

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26 May 2015


On Wednesday 18 June the inauguration of the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Waterloo will take place. As I had visited the site several times to watch how the works would go on, I went there just one day of the opening of the new Memorial which is built under ground. And one month before the official opening of the renovated site.

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25 May 2015


As it was sunny but not too warm, I had no excuse anymore to postphone the more than necessary garden work. I pulled all my courage together, gave me an imaginary kick in the unspeakable took my car and went to the garden center where I always buy my flowers to be put in pots.

I thought it would be an easy job, just pulling out the fake flowers and plant the real ones in, but I hadn't counted with the weeds who had found a nice home in my pots ! When I had finished to clean all the pots and added some new soil, I was already fed up ! But I continued. Finally the flowers were in the pots at least in the front of our house and the entrance on one side. I decided that tomorrow was another day, fell on the sofa and watched a little TV before starting with my computer. Mr. G. was sent to the garden center to buy four bags of bark. He opened the bags, throw the bark in four different places, and exhausted went inside too !

The front

The back

The next day I planted the flowers in the pots on the terrace, and raked the bark in the right places. I finished with an anti snail product, as we have again a snail invasion who eat up everything available even invoices in our mail box.

Now our garden looks like "little Versailles" and I was very satisfied. Relieved I thought that now I will be in peace until autumn when I have to pull the whole stuff out again.

Then I went to Ilona who was also exhausted from garden work and we lay in the sun and relaxed, recovering from our hard work !