9 Oct 2010


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8 Oct 2010


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One of Belgium's most famous cartoonist who had exposed his drawings in Waterloo, came personally to sign books and postcards. I went there with my neighbor but there were so many people, that we only looked and laughed about the cartoons ! I had seen them already, but it was nice to see them again as he is the only person who is able to explain what is going on in Belgian politician's brains !

2. From time to time I love to eat "French" fries (although they were invented in Belgium I have to point out !)

The little Greek restaurant has very good once, so I ordered two pitas and the chips for taking home as supper. It was delicious, even Arthur the cat appreciated.

3. There is one real nice use in Belgium and France. When a child is born the parents offer little bags or boxes filled with dragées to family, friends, collegues etc.

As they are quite expensive, I offered my services to the future young parents and bought the necessary things to make them myself. Here you see me folding the little boxes together.

and this is the final result.

4. A very unnerving job is to take our long haired cat to the "beauty shop". She doesn't like to be brushed by us, but enjoys it very much once she is there !

She then behaves like a model cat, purrs and is just so good ! and with us she screams and hisses ! That's really offending ! Cats !! With the hairs which were combed out I could have knitted at least two pullovers. (If I had a spinning wheel and I would knit, which is not the case)

5. Between some showers I also managed to do some photo hunting for different memes.

7 Oct 2010


Jenny Matlock
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Letter C

I live in a country where people love to complain and moan whole day long about the weather. After a few years of the Global Warming invention it got colder and colder in areas where it had always been warm, where it used to snow now it only rains, even the once who had created this expression realized that it became ridiculous. And what did they do ? they changed the "Global Warming" into "Climate changes" which can more easily explain if you wonder about your climate up and downs.

If we have a cold winter it's due to the climate change. If the winter is less cold than expected it is also due to the climate change. When in the past you didn't even know if it rained or snowed in the next city, now you know if China has too much snow or not enough rain. Indeed the world became global but not necessary in warming up !

Concerning my little world, thanks to the climate changes, I soon will have flippers instead of feet and fishes will cross my way instead of cats and dogs. These are now dedicated to fall on my head.

My umbrella is permanently wet and I have to jump like a kangaroo over the puddles on the street which is a very good gymnastic for my health. I am full time busy to dry one of my cats, fortunately only two go out when it rains. Thanks to them I also know if it rains during the night because they love to jump almost in my face and wash it with their wet fur. I wonder if this is good for my skin. I will see the result in a couple of years, when a young, handsome man asks me for a date.

Last year we suddenly had snow thanks to the climate changes ! White cotton like stuff which fell from heaven when I was a child. I had forgotten how it felt like, I hadn't seen one snowflake for years !

Unfortunately the climate hasn't changed enough to bring some summer like weather in this country. There are only two things to do, or emigrate or wait that the climate changes ! Meanwhile I look for sunshine somewhere else and in a country where everybody complaints about the heat !

6 Oct 2010


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Belgium seen from China (by the Belgian Cartoonist Pierre Kroll)

5 Oct 2010

MY WORLD - Path of Artists

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The invitation

A friend of mine invited me to a "Path of Artists" which means that artists are organizing an exposition in their town or in their municipals and show their works in their private homes. You get a plan with the addresses of the houses where an exposition takes place. It is very interesting because not only you see the artworks but also the houses and how the artist lives.

I only had a few km to the little town and my GPS took the shortest way so instead of driving on a big mainstreet I found myself in the middle of the countryside !

The street was very narrow and in fact (what I learned later) mostly for bikers, but I had this beautiful landscape with the horses instead of a busy street. Apparently I wasn't the only one who had the same adventure, other people had it too with their GPS !

But I arrived safely and here is the house with the first artist I visited. She did mostly sculptures but also other things.

Her works were exposed all over the house, here you see the kitchen and the living room.

Each house had the invitation poster at the main entrance, you can see an easel in the backyard.

My friend exposed three sculptures, you can see them in the post below, but the one I liked the most is the sculpture of her son with his pregnant wife.

Other artists not only exposed in their houses but also in tents (you are never sure about the weather !)

another house

where you even got something to eat and drink

and one, with solar pannels. I see them more and more here in my area.

4 Oct 2010


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of October 2. You never know if you need an alibi ! If you participate please put the little logo on the top of your post and leave your link.

If ever you did nothing during a weekend, Belgium is the ideal country to find a subject of conversation or in my case to write a post, I just have to complain about the weather !

But bad or good weather, I found something to do !

This picture gives you an idea how Saturday looked like ! On top it was cold. To lighten up my mood, I went to a big garden store which was full of colorful flowers and I could walk around

like in a park without getting wet. I even noticed a young man with a Rasta head, I thought that was out of fashion !

It was so colorful inside and the first Halloween decorations appeared ! The rest of the day I spent with my blog posts and comments. While Mr. G. was sitting in the bath tube I visited in 30 min Canada, the Sudan, the UK, Malaysia, USA New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, Texas, Australia the Gold Cost, Brisbane, Sweden, The Philippines, Hongkong, and Singapore. After all this travelling I needed a rest in form of Mr. Barnaby's Midsummer Murders.

On Sunday I was invited by my friend Laurence to a "Path of the Artists". It took place in a little town nearby and artists are exposing their works in their private homes. So you go from house to house and admire the drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

This was the house where my friend exposed together with two other women. A miracle had happened and the sun was shining so that I could visit several places.

She exposed these three sculptures. The one on the top right represents her son with his pregnant wife.

In the afternoon I worked a little in our garden because for tomorrow ..... rain is announced !

3 Oct 2010


It's again a memeless Sunday, but I have got a comment from Mary from Work of the Poet, who suggested to make a "Memeless Sunday" meme !

As long as I am without, I just ponder about whatever comes through my mind. This week I was spoiled with spams. Especially on one post and this already since at least a year. The post is on my cat blog and the titel is A special night guest. If I would have known that this title would attract all spammers in blog world I would have named it "A night with my cat" or something like that, because I only wrote about Arthur my lovely white cat who had innocently jumped in my bed at night. Poor thing couldn't know what a success he would have !

The poor thing

Because the spam creators thought that they had to help a special human night guest and suggested Viagra, erection pills, penis exercises etc not to speak about all the X and XXX pictures to look at for inspiration and all that for my poor little Arthur who is anyway castrated and not interested at all in human females ! I mean it was a very friendly thought but still they should read the post first then such things wouldn't happen.

And to increase my general knowledge I asked Wikipedia again and learned that "Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems (to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately and Spam in blogs (also called simply blog spam or comment spam) is done by automatically posting random comments or promoting commercial services to blogs.

That's right I didn't ask for all these things which are certainly helpful for a man in technical difficulties with the other sex.

Now I am expecting new spams because my post "The bed in your life" is certainly very interesting for spammers ! What kind of suggestions will I get for the bed ?? I am so curious ! So far no spam creator has seen the title of my bed story, I can't expect that he would read the post. But I am waiting ! I am sure he will come !