15 May 2010


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Once we spent 10 days at the Belgian coast with our 10 year old son. To keep him busy we had invited a little friend of him who was in the same class. We thought when they are two they will have more fun. And they had ! Both were very creative in finding out things to get amused.

One day when I was laying on the beach, peacefully reading a book and enjoying the sun, a furious looking lady of an advanced age, with a red face came over to me and asked me if I was the mother of the two little boys, playing in the dunes. I admitted to be the mother of at least one, and she started to shout at me and gave me a lesson how to educate children and how to bring them up to become honnest citizens. I didn't understand what she wanted and why she was so furious and when finally I could place a word and ask her what happens, I learned the whole story.

The two little once armed with a waterpistol had hidden in the dunes and were looking for topless girls or women who lay on their belly and had undone the string of their bikini bras. Of course when the boys shot and they got the cold water on their back they jumped up and presented themselves in their full beauty !

To calm down the furious lady who by the way did better not to wear a bikini I went over there and called my two little deliquents back and asked them to look for another occupation. I told them that it was not nice to shoot with cold water, the girls could get a cold. After that they didn't do it again and I swear none of them became a voyeur !

14 May 2010


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Just after Mother's day it is easy to show something new, which is my case.

I was invited to a nice restaurant and here is my little table neighbor Camille, my son's godchild. I had a sorbet as dessert, and grilled salmon before that.

On Mother's day I found this little basket with two red roses

and this cute (and special) cat for my cat collection ! I felt really spoiled.

In Belgium, Holland and Germany you only celebrate your own mother and not all mothers of the world as I realized when I got more than 23 good wishes for mother's day from all over the world !

13 May 2010


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I just have learned that I will become a grandma in November. As I am a curious person I wanted to know what is on the market for babies today. I found following

13 rather odd items for babies


If ever the baby should be bald when it is several month old, I still can buy him/her a wig


if he/she cries too much one of these pacifiers


This is meant for toilet training and then he/she


can play with, a stuffed turd !


get a slurp out of the Monkey Bottle Hugger


keep its feet warm in taxi booties


As soon as one tooth shows up a toothpaste puking cat (what else !)


to keep him or her busy, shave the baby


or play with knitted donuts


this lovely crocodile is self speaking


To encourage his/her intelligence a Baby Laptop with fun sounds and lights, a baby safe mirror and keys that light up and teach baby animals sounds, numbers, letters and cute phrases. With such a toy he/her will become a genious !


To walk him/her around in a iBaby Stroller with an iPod dock and adapter with speakers imbedded in the lining to funnel your baby’s favorite songs into her/his ears.


Here I have to admit I don't really see the utility of a barfing Barbie

If I was a descendant of Freud, I would ask about the childhood of these inventors !

12 May 2010



Russian lady with "modern" headphone

The funniest thing was we couldn't hear anything but she was swinging and singing loud and she didn't notice that we all watched her and were very "amused" !

11 May 2010

10 May 2010


Joangee at Musing an Waffle, our host this week asks :

Toys, games and pass-times. If like me you have pets, and/or children which are their favourite toys?

I don't have children anymore playing here around, but I have four cats. Two of them think they are too old to play and they prefer to lay around and sleep. One only plays with real "toys" that means birds and mice. The only once who play in this house is little cat Rosie with her toy mice collection and Mr. G. who plays with the cats.

Here is Rosie with one of her mouse toys

She not only plays with them, but she also collects them during the night wherever she had lost them during the day and puts them neatly around the food bowls

and she loves it to have one inside while she is eating.

one has also to be in the water bowl

Each morning I have this view

Unfortunately it can happen that I find a real one !

I don't know why she is doing this, I have never heard about a cat with such a funny behavor !

9 May 2010


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We have a store near by who sells all kind of stuff to make your decorations yourself. They have everything for each seasonal occasion like Christmas, St. Valentine, Easter etc. So I was quiet surprised that the main theme in May was birth celebrations ! Maybe the decorator was expecting a baby, because a big part of the store was dedicated to celebrate the birth of a baby !

It's the use to distribute "dragées" (whole almonds coated with a sugar shell in various colors) when a baby arrives. Not so long ago the color was pink for a girl and blue for a boy. But this has changed as you can see !

The dragées are filled into these little boxes or in the little bags

You can also paint them yourself. These are distributed to family and friends

For the table I saw this decoration

and pacifiers as napkin rings

two examples of the dragée presentation

and table decorations. What a difference between the white, pink and pastel blue of the past !

As in May there are also Confirmations and Communions there was a little decoration too for girls

and boys

and finally a lot of couples marry in May so there was a little bit for the wedding cake too.