4 Mar 2016


1. It's time that this cold and wet weather stops ! Everybody is so tired, me included. After aqua gym I always fall asleep watching a short movie, and the worst is when I wake up I think I haven't slept at all, but the film was finished !

2. I had to go to the hospital for a check up, fortunately everything was OK. There were so many people ill in this time, lots of colds and flues it looked worse than our midi market on Sunday morning.

3. My not yet ex neighbour Dominique stopped shortly by to say a short hello, it was to tell us if our common cleaning lady has to come to her house or not because Mr. G. has to switch off the alarm. Since end November she lives now with her fiancé to take care of him because he had fallen from a tree and broken his spine. Fortunately after surgery he isn't paralysed and has almost completely recovered ! What her friends are reproaching her is that she disappeared and only calls when she needs something. Some people have a strange idea of friendship. We know each other over 15 years and have undertaken so many things together !

4. The bad weather is ideal for Museum's visits ! Chantal, I and another friend went to see the large and exclusive exhibition on Egyptian sarcophagi, showing lots of items and  scenes of the restoration process and learned about ancient Egyptian funerary rituals.

Behind glass you could see the scientists  working on a sarcophagi with the help of computers, scanners etc. It was very interesting to see. At the exit stood a camera which allowed you to make selfies. First you had to choose the background, then wait until the picture was taken and then you could send it per email to your address which I did of course. I will write about this exhibition in another post.

5. Our painting class had lost quite a lot of members, for different reasons, so we made a bit of publicity and today we had quite a lot of newcomers. They all seemed to be very sympathetic. We also celebrated Chantal's birthday and she had brought two delicious cakes for this event.

I then had lunch with Nicole in our "Lunch Garden" the lunch was very good a steak with salad and chips, the classical Belgian meal and for once the steak was very tender and didn't stem from an old cow, rather from a teenager.

A waitress who cleaned the tables asked if she could give a bone to  Charlie who was bravely laying under the table. Nicole said yes and Charlie got his bone !

Was he happy ! He ate it all, we didn't even have to clean the floor !

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3 Mar 2016


My vet is an extraordinary woman. You can feel that she adores animals and that's not only her work for an income. My neighbor's cat was old and sick and the decision was taken to put her asleep. The vet came over to my neighbor's house so that the cat could die at home. My neighbor was devastated and cried and cried and what did our vet do ? She comforted her, asked for a box, put the cat inside and buried her in the garden. Have you ever heard of a vet like this ?

My cats when they have to go there are not afraid at all. She is so gentle. Arthur had been bitten in his tail and almost lost it. So he got a surgery to keep his tail. When I wanted to pick him up he was walking around in the consultation room, and watched all sick animals laying on the table, because he had meowed that loud that she couldn't keep him in the cage and as he is such a social cat she let him free walking all over the place. Even the biggest dogs shut up !


Charlie my friend's dog had to get his yearly shots. When he got out of the car, he pulled her to the entrance as if a big bone would wait there and not the vet ! He greeted her with a waggling tail and even forgave the shots. The vet said that Charlie is getting too fat and that he must eat lighter and then she gave Nicole a huge bag of 12 kgs dog food, for free !


Everybody in our street who has an animal is going to her, it's now at least over 20 years that we know each other, she was just a young new starting vet. She knew all my cats over the years and never forgets Arthur the crooner, each time I met her by coincidence in the city !

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2 Mar 2016


explanation : this is a nest box !

1 Mar 2016


Since the Mont St. Jean  farm near the Waterloo Lion, has been renovated for the bicentenary of the Waterloo battle, behind the farm a new Brasserie was built which starts to have a lot of success. You can eat there or just have a drink. It is quite big and ideal for receptions, or meetings. Although it is modern, it looks a bit Art Deco and gives a cosy feeling.

The farm had been a ruin and now it looks very nice there is also the distillery of the Waterloo beer inside.

On a huge parking space this bus welcomes you

The old barns are decorated with old tools and other things used in the past.

Along the opposite barn are straw bales making a wall, which of course dog Charlie had to water.

and then you arrive at the Brasserie

The views from there are stunning, as far as you can see only fields. The terrace in summer is always full.

and this is the bar where we sat on Sunday on comfortable leather sofas and chairs.

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29 Feb 2016


On Sunday morning when I opened the stores, the sun was shining and the sky blue and immediately I felt full of energy to go out and enjoy the wonderful weather. Ilona had the same idea. So in the afternoon I picked her up and then .... a strong wind blew us in the faces, despite the fact that we were dressed like Eskimos we were freezing. No way to walk outside !

On my way to Ilona, near Wellington's headquarters the Queen smiled at me saying No to UK exit of the European Union. She was right, finally it's thanks to Wellington that we have the Europe of today, if Napoleon had won, we would all speak French today !

We decided to have a drink in a nice Brasserie just in front of the entrance to the  Gaasbeek castle. We had no luck ! It was closed and for sale ! We hurried back to the car and decided to go in the huge Garden Center which was nearby.

at least there we had some spring views, on lots of flowers, garden furniture and decoration. Ilona bought some plants and some potting soil, I bought nothing for once. We then returned to her home and warmed us up with a hot coffee !

On Sunday I wanted to go to the Midi Market, but it was again so windy and cold, that I preferred to stay inside. We got a few telephone calls from friends where Mr. G. had installed Window 10, I thought we should open a hotline. But the problems were easy to solve and they were all happy.

The afternoon I spent with Nicole and her granddaughter in the "l'Orangerie" which had been built for the bicentenary of the Waterloo battle. From there you have a wonderful view over the fields.
It was nice and warm in there and chatted with the people. Charlie was with us and is always a nice subject for a conversation.

Before we left the farm he had to water the straw ball bale in front of the barn.

A happy birthday to all who are born on a 29 ! They are lucky ! I would be 18 !