29 Feb 2016


On Sunday morning when I opened the stores, the sun was shining and the sky blue and immediately I felt full of energy to go out and enjoy the wonderful weather. Ilona had the same idea. So in the afternoon I picked her up and then .... a strong wind blew us in the faces, despite the fact that we were dressed like Eskimos we were freezing. No way to walk outside !

On my way to Ilona, near Wellington's headquarters the Queen smiled at me saying No to UK exit of the European Union. She was right, finally it's thanks to Wellington that we have the Europe of today, if Napoleon had won, we would all speak French today !

We decided to have a drink in a nice Brasserie just in front of the entrance to the  Gaasbeek castle. We had no luck ! It was closed and for sale ! We hurried back to the car and decided to go in the huge Garden Center which was nearby.

at least there we had some spring views, on lots of flowers, garden furniture and decoration. Ilona bought some plants and some potting soil, I bought nothing for once. We then returned to her home and warmed us up with a hot coffee !

On Sunday I wanted to go to the Midi Market, but it was again so windy and cold, that I preferred to stay inside. We got a few telephone calls from friends where Mr. G. had installed Window 10, I thought we should open a hotline. But the problems were easy to solve and they were all happy.

The afternoon I spent with Nicole and her granddaughter in the "l'Orangerie" which had been built for the bicentenary of the Waterloo battle. From there you have a wonderful view over the fields.
It was nice and warm in there and chatted with the people. Charlie was with us and is always a nice subject for a conversation.

Before we left the farm he had to water the straw ball bale in front of the barn.

A happy birthday to all who are born on a 29 ! They are lucky ! I would be 18 !


  1. Hi Gattina - it was much colder than it looked wasn't it. That poster is an interesting find; spending time in the garden centre with all the flower scents - lovely ... glad Charlie made himself at home. Cheers Hilary

  2. But you aren't 18 Gattina. I see Charlie doing what dogs do.

  3. I would hate to be 18 again. Glad my b/day was in middle of February. Love the queen's poster. And nurseries are my one favorite place to shop and visit. I love Charlie's leg-lifting. Skabenga does that so often in my photos but I don't post them! I love the way you always have friends to do something interesting with, even if your weather plays up.

  4. I never really noticed it was cold this weekend, because I did not put one single foot outside! Miss Oswin did and she was happy because at least it was dry!

    I am looking forward to spring now though. Enough with the cold!

  5. a busy weekend indeed...enjoy your week

  6. Happy Leap Day! At our weekly coffee this morning, a lady here thanked everybody for allowing her to live in this 55 and older park, even though she today was only in her teens. We sang happy birthday! Glad spring is on the way for you.

  7. NO!! Who put that sign there? The Queen would not express such an opinion. Any opinion she has on the UK pulling out of the EU she would keep to herself as she never gets involved in politics. I came out of my hibernation to express this opinion as like the Queen I keep my opinions to myself. (well mostly)

  8. Illona who has a wonderful garden continues to plant ! Spring is in the air !
    Want to go to the Orangerie ! It looks very nice !


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