26 Feb 2016


1. There is nothing exciting to do for the moment so besides aqua gym as activity, I pottered around in the house, blogged and watched TV.


Nicole was in the same case so she came over with Charlie, who was very happy to sniff at my cats, who were less happy but didn't run away. Only Pookie who is deaf hadn't heard him coming and saw this huge head as big as her whole self suddenly sniffing at her head. She ran away like a flash, poor thing was shocked !

2. The only outside distraction I had this week was going with Kim to the groomer !

She is an unbelievable hair producer it's a pity that I can't spin and knit !

the next day I went with Pookie to have her claws cut. She is 18 years old and doesn't go out very much. After that I was happy to be home in the warmth, because outside it was cold and wet. 

We had a British store in Waterloo which became to small, so they moved into a bigger space. I was curious to see how it was and indeed much bigger. I bought some Chili beans and a special bread flour for my bread machine. I hope it tastes as good as it smells.


After our painting classes we went to "our" Asiatic food restaurant. As usual the food was delicious, and we had a lot of fun ! and ate a lot ! The whole menu plus a coffee is for 12,50 €, no wonder that this restaurant is always full.

Chantal (now 61) showed us a tattoo she had had made just the day before ! Nicole and I made eyes like saucers, we both hate tattoos. I had never thought that Chantal's dream was a tattoo ! So now she wears a feather inside her left arm, and 3 little birds in her neck. We suggested a little cat !

I told her that it must be the midlife crisis ! We stayed there for about 2 1/2h and then finally returned home. It snowed a bit.

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Mara said...

Well, it sounds as if you got up to plenty anyway! A tattoo, how daring. People are always surprised when they see mine as well.

Tamago said...

Wow, your kitty Kim is seriously furry! You can make another kitty out of those fur!
Tattoo is never my thing, but I think it's great to be 61 and go for what she loves to do :-)

Susanne said...

My husband would love that restaurant! My your cat has a lot of hair! I'll bet it feels really good for him to get all that out and be a bit lighter!

Andrew said...

Putting a tattoo on 61 year old skin must be a bit difficult. You know the world has changed when you buy chilli beans from a British store in Belgium.

Barbara H. said...

I can imagine Pookie's fright! Wow, that one cat does produce a lot of hair. I'm sure it feels better with some of it gone. Your Asiatic restaurant sounds fun.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It sounds like a mid-life crisis to me -- but at least she is old enough to know that skin eventually sags .... I know some of those young kids don't think they'll ever get old and have those tattoos a lot lower than they were when put on. In Eugene there are at least two places I've seen that specialize in tattoo removal. I bet that will be a growing business in a few years.

Your Chinese buffet restaurant sounds and looks wonderful; we enjoy places like that very much.(More in Oregon than here; at least we haven't found any good ones here.)

Faith said...

aw......i love the dog picture! sounds like a great week! yummy! that asian food looks delish!!! happy weekend!

Sandra Carlier said...

Nice to see Charly at home with your cats and Chantal with a tatoo !!!

Tom said...

I love the car with the Union Jack on it

Loree said...

Your weeks are always interesting, even though you think that not much happened! Is that fur all from you cat?

Willow said...

Despite the cold and snow, you had an entertaining week. I always love seeing the photos of Charlie and the cats.