24 Sept 2021


The weatherman must be wrong because since this weekend the sun is shining as if payed for and apparently it will last the whole week. 

I went visiting Mr. G because I hadn't been with him on Sunday, there was the Formular 1 and a friend with him and I would only disturb them. 

On Monday we sat with the others in the salon had a coffee and chatted. Mr. G had some difficulties he couldn't find the words and got angry 

I went with him in his room so that he could lay down, he wasn't feeling so well. The worst is he doesn't really look sick !

We could scrabble outside which was great, but probably the last time this year. But you never know maybe winter comes in December.  Of course as usual I won counting from right to left like the Arabian


Myriam the one in pink as usual won. 

It was time for me to go to the hairdresser ! I looked nearly like a punk.

 This was before, the after was even worse, I think I have to do some selfie training ! 

The 3 "posters" I had ordered turned out to be photos and not at all a poster. Next time I have to check the mesures ! With Chantal we went to see Mr. G. and bring  him the "posters". I had brought tacks with me and put them on the wall so that he could see them from his bed. 

He was tired and a bit dizzy so we just hang up the pictures and returned home. 

And another week went by. 

Rosie is not happy her water bowl is empty, she loves rain water and it hadn't rained the whole week !

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23 Sept 2021


1. It's fall y'all! Officially that is and in the northern hemisphere only, so if you're visiting from down under happy spring! Does it feel like fall where you live? Does it look like fall aka are the leaves beginning to change? What is your favorite fall color? Scent? Flavor?

This was end October last year
 It doesn't look like fall at all, the trees are still green and full of leaves, last year  it started near end October here in Belgium. 

Anyway I am happy that fall hasn't arrived yet, because I hate this season I wished I was a bear and sleep until spring when everything starts to bloom !  I like however red leaves. Nothing else.

2. What's something you're not? 

calm and boring

3. Share a favorite quote related to fall and tell us why it's a favorite. 

I don't know quotes about fall, ask me about spring ! But here is one : I hate fall most of all

4. Besides Thanksgiving, what's your favorite fall meal? 

We have no Thanksgiving as we stayed in good old Europe, turkeys are on the table at Christmas. My favorite meal ? I have several, I like a baked potatoe with sour cream. 

5. Share a favorite photo you took last fall? 

Mid November

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

For the moment I have no special thoughts except that this Covid story ends ! But I think it will never end we just have to learn to live with it and for that we need the vaccin. Of course the oldies are the guinea pigs for the third vacccin. It has been decided that all persons over 85 years  should get a third vaccin. I don't care for me they can give me 10 if it protects me. We are to many humans in our world and like in nature the oldest go first and for all gouvernements that's good, they safe money because they have to pay less pension. I think they take us for a bit stupid.



22 Sept 2021


Before getting in the car, the friendly farmer cleaned the dog !



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21 Sept 2021


For the first time since the Covid pandemic which made us prisoners for two years, I felt normal as if I had returned to my normal life. 

I had seen that a pumpkin festival took place in a little neighbor village and thought I will go there hoping that it wouldn't be a Covid pumpkin festival, with three people, masks, few stands and 3 pumpkins ! 

But when I arrived I saw a lot of cars, a lot of people without masks and heard music from far. And then surprise, it was as it had always been as if the Covid had never existed, it was really nice and good for my well being. For the other people too, everybody was cheerful and enjoyed what was offered !

It took place behind  this private house which had a lot of land on the back side.

looked funny all these signs

"The Emerald pumpkins"

Not for me too high !

A shooting stand, I see there were a few people wearing masks

Self made dolls


a scarecrow


Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumkins ....

Miss Pumpkin ??

Towards the food stands and the tents to sit down for drinks

They are quite big ! 

which one to choose ?

You could eat pumpkin soup, pumpkin cake, pumkin jelly etc !

Probably arrived by bike which is very modern (and green) now

and then I returned to my car. I felt as if I had done a long trip in an exotic country, yes, I became very modest !

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20 Sept 2021



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Saturday was a beautiful day, the sun was shining for once and the world looked far better.  I didn't really know what to do with my day, but then in the afternoon I went to a little village not far away where a pumpkin festival took place. 

I was a bit reluctant, I thought maybe it will be the same flop as the Orchad festival in Waterloo, with a lot of publicity and nothing to see or do. 

I gave it a try and was not disappointed at all ! For the first time since 2 years of Covid prison I felt free and just like before this time ! Normal ! Lots of people and children were there, games for the children and adults tents with benches and beer, pumpkin soup, pumpkin juice and a lot of things to see. 

Nobody wore a mask, everybody laughed, kids jumped around and had fun  ! And I too ! I took a lot of pictures which I will show for the meme "Our World" ! Finally new photos and not digging in the past to look for some !


It was nothing special, before Corona, maybe I wouldn't even go there, but now it seems to me that people are hungry to get together and have fun without restrictions ! 

On my way back I stopped at the "Grange des champs" (Field Barn) where Mr. G. lives to say hello and show him my pictures. He hadn't expected my visit and was glad to see me. The retirement home is only 3 km from my home and when I am near there  I just pop in after my shopping. 

Sunday morning the sun was still present and  I thought I will go to another fest where people could sell all their junk, decorations or clothes or whatsoever and at the same time there were food stands and usually a cheerful athmosphere.

When I finally found the place because there were building a tunnel and Miss GPS had to direct me around, there was nothing. No people no cars and empty stands ! And then I saw the poster, the fest had been on Saturday and not on Sunday and what I saw were the left overs ! 

I didn't want to return home yet and continued without knowing where I was ! 

Is saw a house with a face smiling at me and my poor car didn't like the cobbled "streets". My car is already very small it is a  Toyota Aygo, and the streets shrank more and more and suddenly I was in the middle of a wood

I saw beautiful horses who didn't care that I was there and continued through the woods. No houses, no barns nothing. Not even a human. I liked driving on these narrow cobbled streets which seemed to date back to Roman times. I opened the windows and smelled the air of the wood. 

As I didn't know where I was, I finally pushed the button "Home" and followed the orders of Miss GPS.

Suddenly I had returned to civilisation and before I returned home I bought some fruits and something to eat for tonight.

This weekend wasn't something special, I didn't climb on the Mount Everest, but I had two days out in sunshine and freedom and no MASKS !!

And when I came home the laundry was done and ready to bring to Mr. G. That nobody tells me about "The good old times " !!