24 Sept 2021


The weatherman must be wrong because since this weekend the sun is shining as if payed for and apparently it will last the whole week. 

I went visiting Mr. G because I hadn't been with him on Sunday, there was the Formular 1 and a friend with him and I would only disturb them. 

On Monday we sat with the others in the salon had a coffee and chatted. Mr. G had some difficulties he couldn't find the words and got angry 

I went with him in his room so that he could lay down, he wasn't feeling so well. The worst is he doesn't really look sick !

We could scrabble outside which was great, but probably the last time this year. But you never know maybe winter comes in December.  Of course as usual I won counting from right to left like the Arabian


Myriam the one in pink as usual won. 

It was time for me to go to the hairdresser ! I looked nearly like a punk.

 This was before, the after was even worse, I think I have to do some selfie training ! 

The 3 "posters" I had ordered turned out to be photos and not at all a poster. Next time I have to check the mesures ! With Chantal we went to see Mr. G. and bring  him the "posters". I had brought tacks with me and put them on the wall so that he could see them from his bed. 

He was tired and a bit dizzy so we just hang up the pictures and returned home. 

And another week went by. 

Rosie is not happy her water bowl is empty, she loves rain water and it hadn't rained the whole week !

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


  1. Monza GP? You failed to mention Aussie driver Ricciardo won.

  2. Good photo of you two!
    Rosie's unhappiness is touching! Please rain, come to her rescue!

  3. Yay for sunshine! I hope Mr. G. feels better soon. It must be terribly frustrating not to be able to find the words you need. I was going to get my hair cut this week, but didn't make it out. I know my favorite stylist works Wednesdays, but I am not sure of the rest of her schedule--I need to ask next time I go so I'm not restricted to Wednesdays!

  4. Oh Rosie, you are so picky!
    I hope Mr. G will continue to improve.
    I have not been in to get my hair cut nor has The Professor. We're looking a bit shaggy.
    I hope you enjoy many days of cooler but sunny weather and more Scrabble outdoors.

  5. Congrats open winning scrabble. Sorry mr G is not the best but he is in the right place. Lets see the new haircut.

  6. I don't recall seeing a picture of Mr G. He is a handsome man.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  7. Yes don't get in the way of any races. Smart lady. I like that picture of you guys. I hope Mr. G is feeling better soon. Must be so very frustrating at times for him not being able to communicate what he is trying to say.

  8. I used to love playing scrabble, and when I got together with friends, it was certain that eventually the box would come out...and the game would start!


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