20 Jan 2017


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1. I learned in the News that January has the highest rates in suicides ! This fact didn't cheer me up but it's understandable if you look out of the window !

This view I had every day, except the last days of the week were the sun came out. I didn't go out at all, the snow has melted and it looks all so dirty. Besides that in this humidity I have some difficulties to breath. I decided to be in a bad mood, answered emails, wrote posts and watched TV.


My cats are philosophers sleep where it is the warmest and wait for better times. In fact I should do the same.

There was nothing to be photographed except the cats and Rosie posed besides the flower pot. Could make a nice postcard.

Fortunately there is the telephone and you don't have to go out in the cold, I stayed one hour with Nicole on the phone, but couldn't tell you about what we were talking, and then with my neighbor who complained about her daughter, and then with one from my painting course. Mr. G. was shaking his head and wondered when the telephone was free for him.

3. Finally I had to go out and do some shopping. I had seen sauerkraut on TV and like a pregnant woman I absolutely wanted  sauerkraut for supper, and for that I had to go out. In this cold weather it is an ideal plate.

And when I had bought what I needed, I saw this sky above the church,  it was so amazing, because I had the same sky far away in Egypt not in - 2°C but in + 30° above the beach !

4. Mr. G. new hearing aids were ready to be picked up and I drove him to the hearing test center or whatever the name is in English. This new hearing aid is absolutely great, it's fully automatic, regulates the sound when you are in a place with a lot of noise or in one where are not many people. It is also very polite, because when he puts it in his ears, it says "Welcome" with a little music which means that it's ready to do it's job, and it whistles friendly when the battery has to be changed..

For me a new life has started ! Instead of hearing the whole day long "What did you say ?", now he claims "don't talk so loud"! For the first time in ages we can watch TV together and he has not to wear a special headset, because without, the whole street could hear our TV program and I would be deaf by now too. I can't sneak in the house anymore, now he hears when I open the garage door ! The poor man even complained that his computer mouse clicks too loud !

5; Today in our painting class we were only 7 girls, the others stayed home because of the cold, or they were ill, the flew is moving in ! One had her birthday and had brought two big cakes, of course we couldn't eat it all and she gave me half of the chocolate cake for Mr. G. and took the other half of a rice cake home for her husband.

Otherwise nothing special happened except that I looked once again for my mobile in the whole house and couldn't find it. Finally I asked Mr. G. to call me, what he did and to my surprise it rang in my hand !! I had my camera in my hand and the mobile underneath. Mr. G. shook his head and said that this is typical me. 

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18 Jan 2017


Arthur in the snow

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1. ASAP typically stands for 'as soon as possible'. What else could it stand for in your life right now?
else could it stand for in your life right now?
For nothing else, because right now I am so lazy that I will do everything I have to do ASAP !

2. Are you the last person to speak up in a group or the first to have an idea? Why do you suppose that is? Is it a good thing or no?
If it is a good thing or not, I can't judge myself, but usually I am the first !

3. What do you remember best about being 12?
The best ? The only thing I remember is that I was roller skating and got my first period !

4. January 18th is National Winnie the Pooh Day. Which character do you relate to the most, and why? If you're stumped go here for inspiration.

to Averell Dalton, because Mr. G. is like him he always says "When do we eat" ! That's also why I call him Averell.

5. What's an app you use that helps simplify or make life easier for you in some way?
 I couldn't live anymore without my GPS ! It saved my freedom, now I dare to drive through whole Europe, before I was always wrong even going to my supermarket since 10 years. (Almost)

6. San Francisco (CA), San Diego (CA), San Juan (PR) San Antonio (TX) Sanibel (FL)...you have an all expenses paid long weekend to one of these destinations. Which one do you choose and why?
I would go to San Francisco, I like this town, lot of things to see, and the best Chinese food I ever had. 

7. Share with us a song that makes you feel nostalgic? For what?
Nostalgic ?? For nothing, I am like Edith Piaf "Non je ne regrette rien" (No, I don't regret anything) 

8. Insert your own random thought here.
It's always the same thought, that this &#^§% cold weather and snow and rain ends !!

17 Jan 2017


Since last week we are sitting in the snow, then it melts, then it snows, etc etc. It's a real boring time. because the streets are slippery and with a few snoflakes the traffic breaks down, people are not used or well equipped for snow in Belgium. It doesn't snow very often and also not each year.

So I was quite surprised when I opened the shutters and looked out of the window !

My street was white !

and also the garden !

The cat statue wore a coat

But then the temperature dropped and it rained

The snow melted

The streets looked ugly and when it froze during the night they were slippery in the morning;
I felt locked in like in Alcatraz ! Each day the same view, sometimes white, sometimes striped,  sometimes with only a little snow ! Very"amusing"

The only one who thought he would enjoy the snow was cat Arthur, until he realized that snow was cold !

Therefore he did what I wish I could do the whole day with this weather, he slept on my warm bed !

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16 Jan 2017


It snowed the whole weekend. The first day the snow lasted until late afternoon, but then melt, except in the Ardennes.. Very nice for people who love skiing there is more than enough snow !

In the rest of the country there was a big mess, traffic jams and accidents, we are not at all equipped for snow, or maybe we are, but the population reacts like the cartoonist represented so well here :

A snow flake !!!

Each morning I have the same view when I look out of the window. In the aftedrnoon it was almost gone and I went to Ilona who lives about 14 km away and in her area there wasn't any snow at all.
We spent the afternoon together and talked about eventual holidays together;

Sunday it snowed again, but the temperatures are too high so it will certainly melt. With all the salt they had thrown on the streets there is a lot of water and if it will freeze tonight then tomorrow the streets will be slippery !

Instead of going to Nicole we spent an hour on the phone and Mr. G. was wondering about what we could still discuss as we had seen each other shortly.

I worked quite a lot on my computer, observed by Rosie and then watched a bit TV.

Arthur settled down on my lap and "ironed" my legs !