28 Aug 2010


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Just do a funny post, something which makes us laugh that's the most important.

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To pee or not to pee ?

On wednesday I went with my friend Ilona to the Belgian coast. Of course after a little more than one hour driving, first thing we did when we arrived was looking for a loo.
We couldn't go behind a bush on the street, because we are not equipped with the outhanging accessories for this purpose.

Finally we found a loo on the beach which looked like a camping car. In front of the door sat a woman and knitted. As soon as she saw us coming she stood up and wanted 50 cents ! In £ that would be 50 pee to pee ! We were surprised. I asked her if she had a senior fee for people over 65, but of course she hadn't. Reluctantly we both gave her 50 cents which made 1 € to do a wee wee ! For 1.50 € you get a coffee and free pee ! (Imagine you have 5 daughters !)

We were discussing this abuse in an urgent natural emergency situation, and then we started to calculate :

An average of 100 leg twisting women in loo need x 0.50 € makes 350 € per week, 1400 €/month or 16.800 € (21.323 $)/ year, for sitting around and knitting and from time to time put a new roll of toilet paper ? Of course I wouldn't clean, for that I would hire somebody ...

With a view like this on future clients, I sincerly consider to buy knitting needles and wool !

27 Aug 2010


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1. This week again passed by so quickly ! I did a little window shopping, but apparently it wasn't only the window, because I came back with 4 little pyjamas for the little grandson

to arrive end November. I put them against Rosie's basket for those who have forgotten how tiny newborn babies are.

2. I also had lunch with a friend who wants to start acrylic painting and needed some advices.
Next week I will teach her a little about the different techniques.

3. As it had stopped to rain and the sun was shining a bit, I went with Ilona to Blankenberge at the sea.

We sat on the only pier at the Belgian coast and had a pic nic, overlooking the sea


and played pirates !


We also went to the Sand Sculpture exposition and visited 5 continents and 40 countries in 2 h. It was absolutely phantastic and I will write a post about this later.

From 1st of September on schools start again in Belgium, the two months summer holidays are finished and I see that at the traffic on the roads !

26 Aug 2010


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13 things you absolutely need to travel :


An air conditionned T Shirt ! Very important in hot countries


A body throw so you don't feel lonely when travelling alone


Location earth dog tags. If you are on an interplanetary travel mission, Location Earth Dog Tags will find you ! (not your dog)


A personalized airline seat cover to feel more "home" during long flights


Find a loo anywhere in the World ! If you desperately look for a clean toilet in a city MizPee finds one for you !


Magically fabulous electronic food sniffing device, sniffs the air above meat and poultry and detects bacteria produced gasses and determs meat freshness ! You can even use it at home when you have a cold !


Senz extreme umbrella, senses when rain is in the air and alerts you !


Ambient weather forecasting umbrella. A built in wireless receiver gets a daily weather forecast. (the only problem is what do I do when it's not raining and I left the ombrella at home ?)


Vending machine urban camouflage ! while waiting it saves you from assaults and other petty crimes. Also to recommend for going through the passport control and costums.


Solar powered cooling helmet, perfect for walking in the heat


WIFI network detector T-shirt, very important for people travelling with a laptop


The ultimate travel pillow especially suitable for public places like subway, library, classroom classic concerts, political speaches, etc


Zapperclick Bug bite relief works by rapid expansion and contraction of crystals that takes place when you press the activating button. This creates a harmless impulse similar to a mild electricity charge. (for me or the bug ?)

25 Aug 2010


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horses or men might bite

Beware horses may kick or bite thank you

24 Aug 2010

23 Aug 2010


As Fun Monday had no success anymore and had only very few participants, I meditated to find a new meme for Mondays. After a while of pondering I thought it would be interesting to write on Mondays what we have done during the weekends.

This could be very useful in case you are involved in a crime and the police asks you "What have you done this weekend ?" of course only in case the murder was commited on a Saturday or Sunday, you will always know what you have done. It can also be interesting for your offsprings to know what their grandma or pa have done 20 years ago on the weekend of August 21, 2010.

The inspiration came from Mariposa's Fun Monday question "Where were you and what were you doing exactly 5 years ago?" Of course I have no clue ! But if this meme would have existed 5 years ago I just could put a link to a post which I had (not) written in August 21, 2005 !

So if you are interested in this meme, just leave your link and come back next monday with a post telling us your weekend adventures.

And here are mine :

On Saturday summer showed up again, it was very warm and sunny. But instead of laying lazily in my garden, I had to do shopping as I was away for a week and Mr. G. had emptied the fridge. That's what I did and came back half melted because of the heat.

Meanwhile I also had done the laundry, or rather the machine, the only thing I did was to push the button. But unfortunately you have to take the laundry out and hang it out to dry or put it in the dryer. And still it is not finished because it needs to be folded and put back into the wardrobes. These machines are so lazy ! People walk on the moon and a washing machine can not even put the laundry dry and folded in a wardrobe !

Sunday I did a little walk across the Waterloo market with the intention to only buy some eggs and fresh made pasta. The result was that I came back with a nice summer dress and a short sleeved sweater.

In the afternoon my friend Ilona had invited me for a tea and chat but first we went to a summer fair in her district just to have a look at the stalls and the festivities. Of course I couldn't resist to buy a beautiful necklace out of real turquoises and corals which some Peruvians sold on the street and she bought two vases. Ilona is a specialist in semi precious stones so I was sure they weren't imitations. The rest of the afternoon we were laying in her garden and chatted. When I came home Mr. G. was wondering that we still have things to discuss !

In between I was blogging on the terrace and watched my cats playing.

22 Aug 2010

SUMMER STOCK SUNDAY - Eastbourne holidays

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Just before I left I decided to spend the whole day at the beach of Eastbourne. I had never done that because we always went elsewhere. But this day my friends had other things to do and so I walked along this beautiful seafront

On the left side is the street for cars, in the middle this colorful flower bed all along the seafront and to the right a nice way to walk.

I went to the Pier, all in white and blue

Made sure to follow this advice

From the Pier looking to the left side I had this view

and to the right side these beautiful old Victorian style buildings, which btw are all along the seafront.

I sat on one of these banks and did a little sun bath with the result that I had a red face in the evening but fortunately it turned into brown the next day.

after an hour I walked slowly back. There are lots of little souvenir shops, but also others, restaurants, bars a gambling place (under the round dome) and dancing places

and also a place where leisure fishermen try their luck. I didn't bring any, one fisherman catched an old piece of fabric not even in fish shape.

Then I had a sandwich sitting on the beach and watched the seagulls and people. It was a very nice day.