29 Sept 2018


This is my cat Arthur. He must have been a famous comedian and entertainer in his former life. Arthur is a cat who has a lot of potential to make people laugh.

First he is very social and as soon as there are humans around he has to appear in one way or another.

His mouse catching potential is rather high and if you are lucky he greets you with a bird or a mouse in his mouth as a welcome gift.

He also is very creative in choosing a comfortable sleeping position

on the microwave

He loves to sit in the dishwasher, don't ask me why, probably there is still some smell of food in there

in the sink

in the car. He loves to ride in the car and nearly causes accidents because all people in the cars behind are looking at him while he does his grooming

in the wardrobe, and when I open it he jumps out and I nearly get a heart attack

He thinks I can't see him in the snow ...

He loves to take care of the baby and hides under the blanket, because it is not allowed either

Isn't ashamed when guests can observe him using the flower pot, which is strictly forbidden ....

He has stolen the bone of the neighbor's dog

and this enormous cord, which also belongs to the poor dog. Don't ask me how he carried these two things from the neighbors garden across the street through the cat flap up the steps and into the living room ??

When I keep the birds of my neighbor he uses them as his private Television.

Now Arthur is 16 years old and still full of potential to make us laugh !

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28 Sept 2018


I think summer is definitively over now, I had to put on the heating. It is real cold in the mornings but  in the afternoons it becomes warm to very warm and we have to set the thermostat up and down !

Finally I finished another city of my big tour, Stockholm and the old Vasar war ship, which took me the whole morning.

I am so fed up with our living furniture in which I sit exactly since 43 years, except the sofas have changed once ! Now I want to have something more modern. Therefore I went to a furniture store to have a look and was horrified about the expensive prices !

My hair had grown and I started to look like a broom. To cheer me up I went and had my hair cut as usual, certainly 1 cm went off !

Arthur was not very keen to pose with me for a selfie. He doesn't care about my new haircut either.

We had our scrabble in the afternoon, and I lost again, Nicole this time won ! Little Isis, a very social cat sat besides the table and watched !

She loves company !

We will have our yearly painting exhibition end October and I was asked to compose a poster, which should appear on Facebook and a little everywhere in Waterloo in shops and restaurants etc.

After half an afternoon of composing and trying out I finally had my end result which had been chosen.

In our painting course we discussed what we have to buy and prepare for the exhibition and where to make the tom tom for the publicity ! Put posters everywhere ? Finally we decided on Facebook and email invitations. At least people get it directly. The past told us that posters are not so efficient.

In the afternoon I "mowed" the law, which means I was sitting and surfing on my computer

while Arthur and Rosie watched that thing with suspicious looks. The one who invented this robot earns a medal !!

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26 Sept 2018


 photo Stockholm 1_zpsspsytaln.jpg

 photo Viking_zpsghq1mwqq.jpg

Seen in Stockholm (Sweden)

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On my tour of the Northern Countries we visited the Vasa museum. The Vasa was a Swedish warship built between 1626 and 1628. The ship sank after sailing about 1,300 m into its maiden voyage on 10 August 1628.

The Vasa was a vast, beautifully decorated ship. It was covered in wooden carvings that told stories about the Swedish royal family, and most importantly the king, Gustav Adolf II .  It was the king who had ordered the ship, which carried an unprecedented 64 bronze cannons. The Vasa was recovered in 1961 and has been displayed in its own museum since 1990.

It was just amazing ! When I think that this ship had laid in the water for such a long time, it was a miracle that it was so well preserved.

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25 Sept 2018


We left Copenhagen early morning and drove over 600 km up to Stockholm.  It was a nice trip through the stunning rural scenery of rolling fields, lakes and forests.  and of course we stopped for lunch and "comfort" stops as our guide said, which meant of course the toilet ! Ever since when I have to go I also say I go to my "comfort stop".

When we arrived in Stockholm, we went on a walking tour of the city center. When I heard that Stockholm is built on 14 beautiful islands connected by 57 bridges, I thought it's a pity that we have no time to do a sightseeing tour.

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24 Sept 2018


Saturday I was invited together with my three other friends to Monique's Birthday.

After she had packed out all her gifts, we sat at the nicely laid table and had cheese and rhubarb cake.

Of course we chatted the whole afternoon and suddenly it was 7pm and we all had to go home. Outside it was raining cats and dogs so it had been a very nice afternoon.

On Sunday we all wanted to go to the farmer's feast in the park of Waterloo, but due to the awful windy weather and rain, it had been cancelled. The weather forecast had even announced a storm and the parks and woods in Brussels were closed, but nothing happened besides a not so strong wind.

Sitting in the warmth while outside it rains !

Instead Nicole invited us and Monique brought the rest of the cake we hadn't eaten the day before. The rain was beating against the windows and to make the room more cosy Nicole had put a CD on which faked an open fire. Here she adds a log  ! Cat Isis cross eyed into the flames, she had never seen that.  When I think that Nicole next year will celebrate her 80 birthday, I think she could make publicity in how to age well, without doing nothing special !

It had been a nice weekend although we had to stay inside and couldn't do anything very special besides chatting of course !