6 Apr 2018


Easter Monday beat all records it rained and rained and rained.

That's what I saw from the inside looking into the rain, while cat Arthur sat on the window sill under the roof and admired the rain from outside.

Fortunately Nicole had some work for me to do on her computer, and to explain, so we spent the whole afternoon together. We didn't have our scrabble afternoon, because all the others were busy with their children and grandchildren. Mr. G. hid behind his computer and played Whist as usual.

The next days were not better, I just could do some shopping to feed my "What do we eat tonight" husband, this is usually the sentence I hear when I just wake up. Sometimes I can understand that people have killer instincts. I blogged a bit and looked on Facebook, at the group "Living in Waterloo" because I badly need somebody to help in our garden. Usually it always works people are very helpful. I put a little request and now I am waiting for an answer.

Another friend wanted to join Facebook but didn't know how to do so. I don't know very well either only that it is better to adapt

this policy, because some people can get so aggressive and have no humour at all. That's why I told her to only read and eventually comment in our group, although even there are some black sheep.

As we missed our scrabble game on Monday, we did it today

As usual the winner was always the same, our half blind friend (red pullover) !

What a boring week again, I feel like in prison who wants to go out in the cold, wind and rain if it is not absolutely necessary !

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4 Apr 2018


Grandson and grandma !

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3 Apr 2018


I think by now everybody knows that I love cats. So it is a real drama that my grandson is allergic to them ! It seems to be like a bad joke.

As there was an international cat exhibition near Brussels, Nicole and I went there, it was the ideal weather to visit an exhibition, because it was cold and rainy. I repeat myself all the time but unfortunately it is the truth !

When we arrived the jury was already in full action. There were several sections for kittens, and other cats, I don't know exactly how that works, I was only interested in the cats. I got the impression that they were all bored and made fun of us, laying in their luxurious cages and sometimes dared to open an eye or they groomed their fur.

Some cats were really enormous, very big and then some little once.

They were all very cute, except maybe the naked once but that's a matter of taste

This one had the perfect camouflage !

I liked the stripes and spots.

A very friendly cat, enjoying its treat

Perfect for knitting pullovers ! What a hairy cat !

Waiting to be classified

and one quite bored

There were a lot of English speaking people amongst the cat owners, but also from eastern countries, like  Poland.

It had been a nice afternoon to see all these cats. Of course to me my cats are the winners !

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2 Apr 2018


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I think this Easter weekend (which is not yet finished because today it's Easter Monday) had never been so boring and everything else then "Happy".

This cartoon represents exactly how Easter was in Brussels ! All outside activities couldn't take place because of the rain, Easter egg hunting was therefore reduced or could only be done in raincoats. Poor kids. In Waterloo they had built a village from the Waterloo battle, but the poor people were stuck in the mud !

My friends were with their children and grand children only Nicole and I had to look for something else then celebrating Easter with bunnies and egg hunting. She too hadn't done any decoration and wasn't in the best mood either, because it was just one year ago that her dog Charlie died.

Finally we went to an international cat exposition, which was very nice ! Such beautiful cats in all sizes ! And some very expensive. Nicole wants to adopt a cat but from a cat shelter an elderly cat to give her a nice forever home. She got some ideas of  what she wanted, when we had seen all the cats and seen how they were judged, we returned home (in the rain) but stopped to have a drink in a nice cafĂ©.

Easter Sunday was even worse, we had intended to visit the historical village, but as it rained cats and dogs, I stayed with Nicole and explained the function of Facebook at least what I know. On the picture you can see the raindrops otherwise the view would have been very nice as the trees are starting to bloom. Everything is late this year.

and as Easter egg I found this in the kitchen, cat Arthur had smelled the bag which had contained a roasted chicken we had for supper the evening before !

The only one who didn't forget Easter and brought us these little gifts was our cleaning lady ! She is such a good soul.

We also got an Easter card from grandson Toby ! He celebrated Easter with his parents and my son's Father in Law in Holland.

Mr. G. has square eyes now because he played Whist on his computer the whole day, except late afternoon when he switched to TV. 

It seemed to me that there are less and less Easter celebrations this year, somebody else in Blogland had noticed the same.

1 Apr 2018


Since August I had closed my photo blog and published the photo memes on this blog. Now it starts to get complicated and I decided to reopen my again. Therefore you will find the today's memes

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