25 Feb 2022


Each week when I write the post for FFF  I tell myself I should write down each day what I have done or rather not done and each time I forget. As we still have this lousy weather I stayed home and counted rain drops (not really) Fortunately I have a big mess in my pictures and also love to read what happened in the years before. Not the last two, they were stolen from my life !

Instead of Monday I decided to do my shopping on Tuesday, because a miracle happened, it was dry outside ! I bought waffles for a family of ten to bring to Rick, my stuff, and special  food for old cat lady Rosie. With 15 cat years behind  her I thought she needs special food so that she keeps me company as long as possible. 

This time I took neighbor Adeline with me to visit Rick. I have realized that when we are not alone he is easier to bear. He has changed so much, my sunny boy became a grumpy old boy, nothing is good. To protect myself when I am alone I take him down to the others. 

The week ended nicely, I went with 3 Facebook girls to a nice restaurant. We know each other from previous Facebook meetings when  the whole Waterloo group went out. Unfortunately the one who has founded the group is against vaccination and real stubborn so he can't go into a restaurant and organize he doesn't do either, I think he does his third puberty because at nearly 70 he let his thin grey hair grow until his shoulders ! He looks like an old Hippie or a homeless. So we had a lot to chat ! 

Now in the News I don't see statistics of Covid variations anymore nothing, it's not even mentioned. Before Putin invaded the Ukraine we were supposed to die of the virus and warned every day to keep distance and wear masks. So why nobody of our dear politicians has the idea to send parcels to Putin and his soldiers full with Covid infected gifts. That would end the war because as the Virus is supposed to be so dangerous Putin would land in a hospital with a mask on his nose and the soldiers in military hospitals and the war is ended. Anyway maybe that will happen even without gifts, because the soldiers don't wear masks and don't keep distance !!

Rosie doesn't give a damn what happens in the messy world of humans

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23 Feb 2022


This pretty parrot is sitting in a pet food store! He is very polite and says "Bonjour" to everyone (He can't speak English yet) and says "What a beautiful girl" even if it is a male, which makes people laugh and then the parrot is happy !



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21 Feb 2022


The Battle of Waterloo was fought on the 18 June 1815 around Waterloo in Belgium. A French army under the command of Napoleon was defeated by two of the armies of the Seventh Coalition: an army consisting of units from the United Kingdom, the German Legion, the Netherlands, Hanover, Brunswick, and Nassau. The battle marked the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

The end of the battle was celebrated in Waterloo every two years. Since the bi-century anniversary in  2015 the reenactment was cancelled. First because a quarrel between the two cities on which fields the battle took place, and then came the Covid mess and the whole  world was locked down. 

It had been always such a nice show, and "soldiers" from all countries which had participated in the battle came and it was funny to see a Scottish soldier with his kilt in a Waterloo supermarket ! I hope one day they will do it again it was so much fun for everybody adults and children.

The bivouacs where the soldiers and their wives slept

and then the march through Waterloo

Typical weather for the battle even for the real  once and the way to the farm where Wellington soldiers were hidden hasn't changed !

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On Saturday people recovered from the terrible storm Eunice that had swept across Europe and of course here in Belgium too. With some Facebook friends we wanted to have lunch,  but after listening to the weatherman  we decided it would be better and more reasonable to postpone it  to next week. 


Dear Eunice had done some damage! I wanted to know why the storm is actually called Eunice and found out that it was a Greek name and according to the Dictionary, the name Eunice is “a female given name: from a Greek word meaning “good victory””. In WIKIPEDIA the explanation was quite confusing becausee Eunice was a Greek woman, but also mentioned in the bible as a mother of a certain Thimoty of whom I had never heard. Finally I was so confused that I only kept in mind that Eunice meant  Victory and demolished everthing in her way. But who gives such a names, and why ? Indeed she had shown her victory over whole Europe. Finally I gave up and thought it's better to "repair" the damages on my terrace it was not very much just that the fake green grass carpet had folded itself into two. I fixed it with two heavy stone cats and returned to my computer.

In the afternoon I visited Rick, he hadn't heard the storm and nothing was damaged outside the residence. I put the laundry in his closet which he doesn't like at all because he wants to talk with me and not watching me "work". Finally we joined the others in the living room and I tried to show him a few pictures, but he litteraly jumped from one subject to the other and is was quite hard to find out what he meant. It's not getting better, it gets worse.  When he started to look at his watch all the time I understood, it was time leave, what I did. It was still windy but not at all like the day before.

Sunday was not better except the wind ! It blow a little less but it rained and it was grey. My neighbor who had covered his swimming pool with a tarpaulin, for the winter because of the falling leaves, had a hole in it from what I could see, he walked up and down and scratched his head, probably a technician has to come. 

I felt like a walking dead and watched a documentary about the former Belgian Queen. As she had arrived from Italy to Belgium in the same year as I, to marry her Belgian prince, I knew most of the story which hadn't been published in Belgium ! In the 60th it was still possible to tell the press to not publish in Belgium, but in Germany I had read everything about this pretty princess and later in German Newspapers. 

She was 20 when she arrived in Belgium, coming from a cheerful noble family who lived  on the countryside in the sunny Italy to the rainy grey Belgium in a palace with old rules which have fortunately changed ever since.

After having pitied the poor girl, I continued with my blog for a while and then returned to the TV. Rosie settled down on my lap and we spent the rest of the day like that !:

And while I spent a calm and cosy day, I got a picture from grandson Toby who arrived with his parents in Austria for ski holidays.

what a nice Austrian saussage !

20 Feb 2022


Spring should be in the air, instead we had a terrible storm which has never happened in Europe a gift from the UK ! These are pictures from last year !