6 Nov 2010


Just make a funny post, something which makes us laugh that's the most important.

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Shakira who created Weekend Funnies, asked me to take this meme over because she has not enough time anymore to really follow up. I accepted with pleasure, I am retired and have nothing to do (hehehe !)

I have two questions

1. Should I get a dog ?


2. rather have children ? (In my case it would be rather grandchildren)

Just to let you know I'm thinking of you today.
No matter what situations life throws at you ...
No matter how long and treacherous your journey may seem ...
Remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel !!!

And always be kind to animals !


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5 Nov 2010


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1. Monday morning I woke up with a stone in my heart ! I realized that I was in my own bed at home, with a little fur piece at my side which was cat Rosie. I opened the stores and saw ... fog ! I couldn't even see my neighbor's house ! No sea and blue sky anymore !

2. I had to unpack my suitcase squatted during the night by cat Pookie. While I did this I was supervised by Rosie laying happily on my unmade bed ! As it was cold outside Arthur warmed himself on the radiator.

I realized that in the two weeks of holidays, the nature had changed. My green looking entrance looks now so colorful, but probably in a week it will rather look naked !

3. After having done the laundry and checked what remained in the fridge, I sent Mr. G. for shopping, I didn't want to go out, I was still with one foot in Egypt and felt nostalgic. My friend Dominique who just lives next door and who was with me had the same feelings and came over for a cup of tea so that we could share our souvenirs !

4. Finally I decided that I needed new slippers for the winter and for the first time I went out after 3 days of "isolation" ! I found some cute soft dark red slippers, which rather look like little ballerina shoes.

5. I finally accepted that I had to wear thick clothes again, I really don't have the choice and also that the daily routine has me back. And to celebrate this I cooked for the first time since two weeks, I made scampis with grilled vegetables and like rice looking pasta.

I also noticed that I still can drive my car !

3 Nov 2010


Jenny Matlock
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Alphabet Wednesday : G

In my memory as a little girl, my grandpa was all around. He had a round bald head, a round face and a round belly. I lived with my grandparents until I had to go to school at 7, my parents prefered a life as a couple and not necessary as parents. I found this all normal and my grandpa, as he was retired had a lot of time for me of course.

He took me in the woods very early mornings where we climbed up the ladders to reach the top of an observation stand and watched the deer. I remember that I was very impressed when I saw a little Bambi for the first time. We also collected mushrooms and I had a little basket to put them in. He teached me the once which were comestible and the once which were only beautiful but could kill people. Unfortunately I have forgotten the latter once, sometimes they could have been useful.

I always remember when he took his little afternoon nap, I loved to watch the flies which would land on his bald head. Then eyes still closed he waved them away. I was fascinated to observe them rubbing their legs and imagined that his head was a skating rink. Once I wanted to help him and had the good idea to take my grandma's fly swatter and smashed it on his head to kill a fly ! Poor man ! But he survived his imaginative granddaughter.

My grandpa liked to craft little things for me, like a flute which he made out of a willow branch and other things I don't remember.

Sometimes he lost his temper and I found this very funny. I remember when we were all in the kitchen and he stand there in the middle with a loaf of bread and a big knife and just wanted to sit down, when my bustling grandma took the chair away he just wanted to sit on. Instead he sat on the floor, and throw knife and bread against the wall. I still can see the scene and it still makes me laugh.

Unfortunately my Grandpa passed away at the young age of 76, just one day before my 14th birthday. But I keep him as one of the most important man I ever met in my life, he did do two good jobs, grandfather and father when I was little.

My grandpa in 1953

PS. about my grandma I wrote last year here


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seen in Hurghada (Egypt) at the beach

1 Nov 2010


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This weekend was not only the end of the week but also the end of our holidays ! Saturday our last day, we spent as usual "working" at the beach, swimming, reading and watching people.

A beach boy took this last picture of us and I took the last one of our little beach space which we had squatted for 2 weeks and the view from my bed. I certainly will miss this !

Our last supper (hopefully not) we spent in the oriental restaurant, where I ate an escellent Couscous which is not an Egyptian dish, but rather Moroccan, but it's one of my favorite plates.

After supper we watched "Sister Act" which was really very funny.

In the meantime we had done our suitcases and Sunday after breakfast and saying good bye to people we met, we were picked up by a bus and driven to the airport.

We waved good bye to the Sunrise Hotel, which was our home for 2 weeks, and took the decision that next year we are going back here. All people very friendly and even the Russian speaking people behaved !

The airport was a nightmare, there were so many people and when we arrived we were told by a histerical French woman that our flight were 7 h late ! This made people panicked, until checking my flight N° I saw with relieve that our flight was not concerned. We were pushed through the check ins and outs and finally landed in the Duty Free zone where we sat down had a coffee and had a last look on the shops.

Our flight was rather rickety and I got the impression to be in a bus and driven over cobble stones. But we arrived safely in Brussels, where Mr. G. picked us up.

At home I was greated by my cats Arthur and Rosie who were happy to see me again, only Pookie is offended and went away when she saw me ! It takes here a couple of days to forgive me. After a sandwich and an apple together with Dominique and Mr. G. I dropped half dead in my bed !

Now I am feeling a little groggy !

31 Oct 2010


When you are reading this I am closing my suitcase and will be driven to the airport of Hurghada ! Then I am sitting in the plane which takes me back into the rain ! (poetry !)

I haven't seen any rain or even one white cloud since 2 weeks !
Honestly I haven't missed it at all.

But I certainly will miss this !