8 Dec 2023


Now that I feel better, I decided to go to the restaurant and join the others. When I arrived all tables were occupied and finally I ended up with 3 ladies. One couldn't see, only a little bit through a hole in her eye, waiting for a surgery. The second was a little funny lady, she had forgotten her hearing aids and I had to scream, but she was full of humor and made me laugh. I couldn't believe that she was nearly100 years old a few months missing, but all her brain was 20 ! An example to follow. 

The rest of the day I spent with computer and TV, and little Rosie was watching the birds outside.

She almost caused me a heart attack, I woke up at 3 am, the room was full of light people were speaking loud and it took me a few minutes to understand that Rosie had walked on the remote control of the TV !

Rosie's bird watching place !

The next day I went again to the restaurant, but before I had to give a paper at the reception and of course got lost in this enormous castle. But I also could see other rooms, because the doors were open, and also parts I hadn't seen yet.

I had less luck this time with the people at my table, there was a man hanging in a wheelchair and sleeping deeply. His wife told me that he doesn't eat anymore and that he sleeps all the time and she is bored and said it would be better that he wouldn't wake up anymore. I agreed. Soon or later it will happen, I think, it will be rather soon. The other woman had also lived in Waterloo and we talked about the village it had been before and now a city with a lot of traffic. We both said how lucky we were in our castle with the huge park around, where nothing had changed. 

In the afternoon I was invited by my friend Laura and we chatted the whole afternoon. We know each other for such a long time since she married my Indian colleague in 1970. We lost contact for a bit, but now that her husband died shortly after Rick, the old friendship has blossomed again and we have both realized that friends we have known for a long time, have remained, while the others have disappeared or died for some reason.

I have also emptied my last bag and there are a few things missing. Fortunately they were all still in the living room, so it was not so dramatic ! 

On the 6th was Saint Niklaas day which is or rather was very much celebrated in Belgium, and especially in the elderly generation. So they were so happy to get a special breakfast with a chocolate St. Niklaas and 2 slices of raisin bread called "cramik". Some of them were happy like little children


Each day at 3 pm there are games or other things to keep us busy. One afternoon we decorated  the first of three Christmas trees ! The others followed the next days.

We had a lot of fun especially when a ball fell on the floor and those who still could run picked it up.

and here is nr. 2 ! In the restaurant

and here is our Restaurant.

We have also made a game with finding words, to keep our brains fit ! Was very interesting. So now I think when next week I give the keys to my landlord, I will jump to the ceiling for joy, and then I can finally settle in properly without any worries.


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7 Dec 2023


1. What's one fun thing on your December calendar? 

This year unfortunately nothing

2. Sherwin William's Color of the Year for 2024 is Upward, described as 'a hint of silver lining', 'a breezy blissful blue' (see sample here). Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year for 2024 is Blue Nova, where 'violet and blue come together in a sumptuous hue'. (see sample here) Valspar's Color of the Year for 2024 is Renew Blue, a balanced blue with a touch of grayed sea -green' (see sample here). Seems like the design world is keen on the color blue for the new year. Do you have a lot of blue in your home decor currently? What shade? Of the three colors listed which one's your favorite? Do you need to paint? How likely is it you'd select one of these shades for your home? Which one?


As a hobby painter I learned how to make all kind of shades with blue a basic color and mixed with yellow it gives a green. There are so many possibilities with blue, I personally don't like blue in my home, because it is a cold color and makes the room cold. That's why you see so much blue in warm countries. 

3. Do you struggle with 'the seasonal blues'? What are some things you do to try to beat the blues? 

I write, I paint and I complain !

4. Blue jeans...love 'em or no? How many pair do you own? Are you married to a particular brand?

Yes I love blue Jeans since I was 13 and could wear them. They started to be sold or given by the Americans, because the part where I lived in Germanwas under American occupation, and that was probably the cheapest cloth to dress the population. When I moved to Belgium, nobody had Jeans ! They hadn't arrived yet ! It started in the 60th. I remember my first Jeans were a bit large, so I sat in the bath tub in water to get them right for my body !

5. In terms of holiday preparation (baking, shopping, wrapping, mailing, meal planning, etc) how far along are you? 1=haven't given it a second thought, 10=nothing left to do but wait. 


I have no idea how I will celebrate this year. I just gave up my apartment and live now in my nursing "castle" . It becomes complicated because I can't go to Amsterdam too many steps in my son's house. I have not enough breath yet. We will see. This afternoon we will decorate here !

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

This year has changed my whole life. Now I am living here in the "boarding school for oldies" and try to get my old life back. But without Rick it's impossible. I wished I had all my moving troubles behind me and start a new life in spring !

6 Dec 2023





 Setting up the Christmas tree in Brussels




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4 Dec 2023











I have started to unpack more then slowly ! There are still two bags left. One bag was full of salt, because my son had forgotten to close the the lid! 

Separating winter and summer wasn't difficult - luckily my closet is pretty big. But after 3-5 pieces I had to stop. I was panting like a locomotive.

I still stay only in my room and haven't met the others. But this week I will start and go for lunch in the restaurant. Breakfast is in your room anyway and supper is like you want.

On Sunday while I was on the phone and looked out of the window I had this view

and when I finished and looked again, to my surprise the view has changed ! it looked like this

The first snow this year !

Rosie hides when a man cleans the room !


3 Dec 2023



Lake of Lucerne Switzerland



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