14 Oct 2023

13 Oct 2023


Again a Monday, the sun was shining and I thought I have no excuses to do my weekly shopping. I hate to go shopping and tried to break the world record in shopping time. Then I was exhausted, ate something while watching my crime story and woke up 2 h later. The TV had stopped and in the first minute I didn't know where I was. I think I am getting crazy with this move because I know what I have to do but I can't I have to wait for Momo (abbreviation for Mohamed) who is doing my move he is on vacation but will hopefully be back tomorrow. He did the move for us from the house to the apartment 3 years ago.

Otherwise I sold a few things. My two neighbors invited me, to say goody bye,  they understood October instead of November. I found that very cute and I gave both of them two cats as a souvenir of the cat lady of the 3rd floor. 

I had an appointment with my dermatologist and couldn't remember why ! It was not my day, first I nearly fell out of my bed, then I forgot to put coffee in the machine and got dirty water in my cup, and after getting dressed I thought I have still some time to go to the doctor and didn't notice that it wasn't 11h but 12h! I arrived one hour late ! That had never happened to me because I am always on time. 

I was lucky the doctor didn't even realize, because the patient before me had taken more time than foreseen so in some way I wasn't late ! I thought I better don't move anymore I thought something else would happen, and indeed I actually tripped over the trash can but nothing happened.

The day ended with a phone call from my cousin and we spent one hour on the phone ! She told me stories of her husband who is busy to make his 3rd puberty and is behaving like a 15 year old boy. It was good to talk to her because she made me laugh !

Then Isabel gave me some good news too. She has a friend whose wife throw him out and now he sits in an empty little studio. Isabel very practical thought of me who wants to get rid of my stuff and he needs pots, pans and plates, cups and my 4 chairs, he will come and pick up the things.

1 month and 3 days and I am out of here ! 




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12 Oct 2023


Each morning when I see the News I am disgusted there is never something positive ! War, blood, injured people, raped girls etc etc and with that you should start a happy day ! 

Therefore I thought I read the Newspaper but the funny events, to be sure to have something to laugh, in the mornings I am always in a bad mood. and the first title was

1.France grapples with bed bug infestation as authorities warn of health problem before Olympics 

As France prepares for the Olympics next summer, Paris authorities are warning something must be done urgently against bed bugs. The pests have been spotted on trains and cinemas in recent week.The city is asking the government to organize pest control meetings.
2. MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Federal customs agents pooh-poohed the plans of an Iowa woman who wanted to make jewelry from giraffe feces she picked up on a trip to Kenya and brought back to the U.S. in her luggage.The woman declared the small box of feces when she was selected to have her belongings inspected upon arriving at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport on Sept. 29, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.The woman, who was not identified, told officials she planned to use the waste to make a necklace, as she had done in the past with moose poop.
What a great idea ! This is a good reason to travel, make the necklaces (from elephant poo) sell them and your travel has cost nothing !

3.It's World Dog Day! Here is that will make everyone smile

There is no Hodgepodge this week, so I collected a few News out of the Newspapers, because I have enough of the dramatic News on TV !

Now I can start the day in a better mood !


11 Oct 2023



 She did what she had to do .....

and he was so happy

Nicole was less pleased

Fortunately there was a very helpful guy who cleaned Charlie !


10 Oct 2023


 Today we would have celebrated our 54 wedding anniversary. We only made it to a little less than 53.

 But that's good too, we had a happy marriage and were a real team. Wish the same for future couples when they marry.

9 Oct 2023








I spent a lazy Saturday and sorted out what to sell to whom. Then I was fed up, I wanted to go out a bit but then I was too lazy and watched a film, I mean I had the intention, but I fell asleep and woke up 3 later.The TV had switched itself off.

On Sunday I had visitors ! Isabelle came with her niece and companion and her sister, the niece had just moved into their new house and I had proposed to come and choose whatever she needed. Finally they took the terrace furniture, 3 cats to put in the garden and the 4 chairs of the dining table. It was like us when we moved in, we had the table but not the chairs. They were very happy with what they had chosen and will come back for the parasol and the chairs. 

It's still unusually warm, 25°C in October ! Mother Nature will get a nervous breakdown, the trees are still green ! 

8 Oct 2023



I cheated a bit to make my best !

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