5 Jan 2023



This is the summary of the whole week ! 


On Monday when I woke up, I felt like I had been put through a spin dryer ! First thing I did was taking the thermometer to see if I had fever, but I had none. I took out all the medication I had against a flu and lay down on the sofa. I called Adeline next door and told her that I was out of work. Of course she asked me if I wouldn't need anything, but besides peace I didn't need anything. Then the two other neighbors called to propose their help and I was touched because I felt less alone. In these circumstances you think of all kind of things which could happen and I have no family here around. 

I remained in this state for two days, and then suddenly the Christmas decoration got on my nerves ! Slowly, slowly because I felt so weak I took it down and put it on the table where it stayed until yesterday !

God sign, because in the afternoon I put everything in two boxes, and wondered if I would use it next year. 

Now I am more then updated on the Meghan/Harry - William/Kate affair, thanks to my weakness, I was sentenced to a 12 h lasting TV session. I know that Charles treated badly Camilla and that he was bad tempered ! Before he was shy. Fortunately that this family exists, it's especially nice to follow when you think you are leaving this world forever, but then you have to stay because of the next chapter.

Princess Rosie was a bit worried not about me, but because of her, she probably thought she wouldn't get her food in time


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4 Jan 2023


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2 Jan 2023


11 years ago


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We we Ol'girls from our building had decided to spend New Year's Eve together which we did.

We started quite early at 5.30 pm, because we didn't know if we could stay until midnight to welcome 2023. Nobody had believed it, but we stayed until somebody on the other side did a nice firework because in our city was nothing only in Brussels there was a big one.

Here we are enjoying our aperitif, which were all little glasses with shrimp in different sauces, unfortunately also "Foie Gras" which I don't eat, but there were lots of other things.


It was Adeline(84) who had prepared all these delicious things herself ! What a work, but she loves to cook and as she has a big family she had prepared for an army !

When we had finished the main course in Adeline's apartment, we went over again to mine to continue with the desert. I forgot to take a picture, because I was so full, I couldn't eat anything anymore, I ate it later. Then we chatted, watched TV and suddenly midnight had arrived and we raised our glasses to wish a better year for all of us, 2022 hadn't been good for many. Then everybody went home, very practical, nobody had to go out in the rain, just one or two floors down.

On the first day of the new year, I stayed in bed until 10, I really felt tired, and when I wanted to say something to Rosie, I spoke like Louis Armstrong. After my coffee and breakfast it was better but not yet normal. I was tired, did answer all messages I had got during the night, watched a movie and then the two young girls from the first floor came to wish me a good New Year. I had a blueberry cake and alcohol free Champagne which we ate and we had a lot of fun together ! They also brought me an invitation to their marriage next year, and for the first time I got a card with a QR code with all the information ! 

I am really happy that the year's end festivities have come to an end, and I hope to start a new life. Fortunately Christmas and New Year had been better then I thought.