11 Apr 2020


It probably began in Italy the first victim of the Coronavirus In order not to stay all day in pajamas and also to entertain neighbors and friends, a  game has appeared all over the world and more and more people from all countries joined in.

In these times of confinement against the coronavirus somebody had the idea to dress in outfits as chic as possible ...... to take out the rubbish bins.

A bus driver in Glasgow, Scotland, posted a photo of him taking out his trash in a kilt with a bottle of whiskey. A woman shared the photo of her husband rolling the trash in the snow in Canada, with a Superman t-shirt, a wig and a red towel as a cape, and slowly, slowly more and more nationalities joined in.  I wonder if they do this to honor the garbadge man who also are confronted every day with this monster Virus.

Reading our Newspaper I found a whole reportage about this. Maybe it's not yet so well known as the  daily applauses and concerts in the evenings at 8 pm, in honor of the medical staff and nurses, but it starts ! I'll ask Mr. G. to take out our trash in his tuxedo !

The future

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10 Apr 2020


Another week went by and on the 14th it will be a month that we are locked in. As there is nothing to do, I finally got used to it, and it doesn't disturb me too much.

I hate food shopping so I am glad that Mr. G. does it, I think he also needs now to get a bit out of the house. We my two friends and I still meet 3 or 4 times per week, always the same and always the same places.

Apparently the situation has improved and we were told that if it's possible we will be released from April 18 on, if not it will be in May. Due to the beautiful weather the rules in Brussels were a little released. It's impossible to keep whole families in little apartments. Mother or father are allowed to drive to the next park when there is no one near their home and let the kids run on the grass.

The adults have to go to the parks close to where they live and are allowed to walk on the paths but no way sitting on the grass or on the benches. This is only allowed for a short while for pregnant women and seniors.

My days are all the same. In the morning I prepare my posts for the next day, and read blogs and comments. It is very interesting now to read how people all over the world live their confinement. Most of the countries have the same rules as we have, except some States in the USA.  That's probably why they are now on the top of the list with the most death and most infected people.

When I got up this morning, my cleaning lady was standing in the kitchen which she had already cleaned. I was very much surprised and happy to see her. This week she could come, the bus was running with the seats marked in red where you were not allowed to sit. To keep distance they had found this solution. The driver is protected behind a plastic screen. 

She cleaned the garden furniture and since today our garden is officially open, not for guests but at least for us ! I don't know how long we will stay in our house as it is sold, all depends the date when offices are open again. I still have to visit the apartment I found, because I have seen it only on video. We also have to go to the notary to sign the papers for the house sale. As long as we are all prisoners nothing moves.

Rosie doesn't care, confined or not she still goes out where she wants to, but never asks me if I need something !

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9 Apr 2020


Today is my third week's and 3 days time in my golden cage.  I am like a parrot or a budgie behind grids, not really, because I have big windows to look outside.  I call my cage golden, because I can sit or work in the garden,  I don't have to stay in a little apartment in the middle of a big city with empty streets in a 10 floor high building and a bunch of kids. That must be hell !

It's not so easy for everybody to live 24 h together and you can't escape for a shop or a park or just some city walk.

Now that we are locked up, the sun is shining and calling us to come out for a walk in the park or forest and not to stay inside. But no, when we could still run around freely, the weather was cold and rainy. It's just not right.

Today our only connection to our friends  and families is the internet ! What a great invention, I switch on my computer and can see my friends or family in their golden cages and we can talk together..

Toby always has a very good appetite ........Working for school from home

Our children work from home and my grandson has school on internet. I am happy that I learned to handle a computer since 2005 which helps me so much in daily life connecting me to the outerworld. Most vintage ladies here are afraid of  computers and regret now that they never made the effort to learn. Some of them live near to their children and when it comes to shopping, they put the shopping bag in front of the entrance door and chat from far through the window.

Meanwhile I got used to my locked up life. I can't do anything, not even sort out the things which have to be thrown or given away when we move. They would sit in bags in the room for I don't know how long, therefore I just rest and try to gather forces for this last big change in our lives.

We have sold our house and found a very beautiful apartment  ! I was so fed up with the garden and the steps, in our new home we will have a big terrace, and a lift to the 4th floor. The view too is very nice and we are in the city center of our small town.

Never happened in history, that the whole world is locked up all together !

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8 Apr 2020


Modern times

Eagle eyes

Calm down Baby

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7 Apr 2020


The Atomium was supposed to be a temporary monument but its success made it the symbol of European capital and a popular tourist attraction. It was constructed as the main pavilion of the world’s fair Expo 58 in 1958, which was hosted in Brussels. The Atomium is a giant 165 billion times enlarged model representing an elementary iron crystal cell and it can be considered as a mixture between sculpture and architecture.

The structure itself consists of nine stainless steel clad spheres connected by 20 tubes. According to the records from 1958, the object weighs as much as 2,400 tons. In total it is 102 meters high. The structure is preserved almost in original condition, and was renovated in 2006 in order to create a beautiful light show with 2,970 LEDS sparkling during the night.

Being locked in like all of us (I suppose) I had to dig in my archive pictures ! Not that you think I went out ! Anyway all tourist attractions, or exhibitions etc are cancelled or closed.

The Atomium

The balls and tubes which houses a restaurant in the top ball and escalators in the tubes, while in the middle tube is a lift.

The view from the last ball and the restaurant.

steps and escalator

Looking up in the middle tube where the lift goes up and down.

It is very beautiful at night 

You can read more about the Atomium here COUNTRIES & CITIES 

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6 Apr 2020


I don't like to have my head in the sun

Sheena my friend's dog




Another weekend in our golden cage ! That's the third one !! or is it the 4th ?? We started being confined in our homes  on March 14 ! The days fly by almost everyday the same.

On Saturday those who had a garden could sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Barbecues were not allowed even between family members. The others were allowed to walk in the various parks which had been opened again,  as couples, two people together keeping a distance of 1.50 or whole families living under one roof. But you had to walk, no way to sit on a bench a little wall or on the grass !

I sat the whole day on my sofa, first computer,  then TV for me it was too cold to sit outside I didn't want to catch a cold.

My temporary cleaning lady came, which was very kind, as you are allowed to have one from a certain age on or if you have a health problems.  Of course we must both agree and keep distance. I was happy to see our house clean again, because after 3 weeks it was really necessary ! I reluctantly watched the news, it's always the same in the whole world, infected people, death, and fortunately also healed once always the statistics !

It seems that we are on a good way and we can have some hope that this nightmare ends !

Sunday was a wonderful day and I thought again, that it was really not right for all these locked in people in their little cages in the middle of the city. The children probably were getting crazy. But then I saw in the news that the parks were open in Brussels, and respecting the rules of keeping distance there were many people underway.

This time it was Myriams turn for our little get togethers. Nicole could walk to Myriam. I had to take the car.

We were sitting in her garden, the swimming pool was green because not yet cleaned and I told them that I have got a call from the owner of the apartment which I like so much and he told me that we couldn't meet on Monday, because there had been a Coronavirus case in the building and people were afraid, but he would sent me a video he had made for me.

I had put the video on an USB stick and taken along. Myriam and Nicole watched with me and  both were very excited and told me that I have to take it because it's really very beautiful, with a nice view on a big garden and plenty of trees. All around the apartment the view was the same, even the street didn't disturb. It also  was very quiet you couldn't hear the cars because of the double or triple isolated windows.

Mr. G. also liked it very much and I helped him to imagine his office in one of the rooms with a view on the street, where at least he could see something !

I will call the owner and put an option on the apartment, so when we are set free, I can rent it immediately and we can bring already little things over and as the kitchen is fully equipped also the plates and cutlery. Suddenly the world was bright again and during the night I was arranging the apartment and thinking how I would put our furniture !

In this three trees there are lots of little birds who started to chirp all at once ! Fortunately my cat wasn't there.

On my way back, the main street of Waterloo was empty not one single car, but mine, and also the park, but it was already 6 pm and people probably had returned home.

Usually on this street there is always one car after the other and the city is packed. I had never seen at 6 pm the street so empty and the sun was still shining.

Normally young people would sit here on the steps in front of Waterloo's church and people walking by, but we are still a ghost town for at least another two weeks !