2 Oct 2010


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I never could read a map and I have no sense of orientation either. I have problems with left and right, besides that I think I am normal. The invention of a GPS was for me a real blessing.

The other day when I wanted to visit a friend, the chaussée Alsemberg which I had to take was closed for work. Trusting my instinct I thought I could drive along the street parallel from the chaussée. Of course I got lost. I took out my Madame GPS to help me.

She sad : turn left then turn right

I did. I turned right and then left (I suppose) because

- Recalculating she said !

- I said why ?

- Drive 500 m then turn right, she said

Ok I took the next street to the right.

Recalculating she said

Why ??? I did what she had asked, I only had turned too early.

- Drive 1 km then turn right

This time I payed attention and turned in one km to the left

Cows stared at me I was in the middle of nowhere on a cobbled street far away from my chaussée. I explained my situation to the cows and they told me to pay more attention to the screen so that I would see what direction is left and right.

That's what I did and ....

finally I heard : Arriving at destination on right !

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1 Oct 2010


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1. Since almost two weeks now it rains so I like to go to a place where it is not raining and this is my favorite Indian shop

There had been a new arrival, and this huge elephant was standing at the entrance. Immediately I felt transported into another world.

It's nice to walk around in there because it doesn't really look like a shop. There are so many beautiful things to see from little things to big furniture.

2. I had a fun time with my acqua gym girls because after the gym we sat down had a cup of tea and were discussing how free we girls were when we were teens. There was no danger, even when you walked alone when it was dark. The girls today are less lucky.

3. With my friend we went to a Greek restaurant where we had a pita, it was real good !

4. Each thursday I have my painting class

I don't have to explain very much what we are doing there !

But we also "work" under the watchful eyes of dog Shania

5. I wanted to do my shopping at Lidl and then visit my friend Ilona who lives a little farer. Lidl was on strike and my usual way was closed because of works. Following my instinct (!!) I landed at a touristic place called "7 fountains" which is quiet far from Ilona's place, and I didn't know at all where I was now ! Last time I had been at the 7 fountains was maybe 25 years ago !

Therefore I put my GPS on which directed me I don't know where through woods, fields with cows, and cobbled ways finally to the main street where I had to go. After an hour I finally arrived at Ilona's house ! Usually it takes me 20 min. On the way back I took the highway !!

But it was good too, because I could take lots of nice pictures !

30 Sept 2010

ALPHABET THURSDAY - The Bed in your Life

Jenny Matlock
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This is the very first time I participate in this meme or theme or whatever it is, because I am a little fed up with Thursday Thirteen. After 3 years it becomes more and more difficult to find 13 things to write about and this group seems very interesting so I give it a try.



Have you ever thought about how important Beds are in our lives ?

For a child the bed is rather an annoying place because it is only used for sleeping and not for other amusements. Some parents even send their children to bed as a punishment and are then surprised that the child doesn't want to go to bed at night.

This changes later when the bed is used to make experiences with the opposite sex. At this time it is still a bed for one person. Later usually the bed doubles, for example after marriage or partnership. Now there is room for two and in the beginning it is used for pleasure and procreation purposes. When the results of the procreation are there the bed can be used as a Sunday battle field with the children.

When the children are too old for that, the bed becomes again a place for two. It is used for reading and mostly sleeping and occasionally for other purposes. The next step is when the bed becomes a terror place where one partner lays with open eyes helpless there and has to listen to the the loud snoring of her partner which makes her think of a motor saw. (I say her, because statistically men snore more !) The peaceful sweet face in which you looked with loving eyes is suddenly transformed into a monster mask with a big open mouth and the bed can become a place for planning a perfect murder.

After some time of good will and trials with ear plugs or stopping the snoring with more brutal means, comes the big decision, to make two beds out of one, when there is enough room as the children are gone. You move with your bed in one room and your partner with his bed in an other. Now peace is in the house again because both partners snore peacefully in their respective beds. But lots of couples don't remain alone in their beds. Now they share it with cats or dogs or both, and if they are lucky none of them snores.

29 Sept 2010

28 Sept 2010

MY WORLD - Pumpkin Festival

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The first big pumpkin festival took place on Sunday in the next little town near Waterloo. The sun was shining and the huge garden and field of the farmer was nicely decorated.

A sunny welcome at the entry

the advertising at the farmer's house front door

decorations all around the house

and windows

For the little once a puppet theatre

with Arthur and Malvira shouting and fighting. The children had a lot of fun

There were other little games

and also apples to buy

Pumpkins of all sizes

Products for sale in favor of mistreated racing dogs

Exposition of paintings and besides a bee keeper who sold honey and showed the bees

Playground for children

Beautiful sunflowers in long rows

Big horses for riding usually they are used to pull heavy trunks, and little pets

I had some pumpkin cheese cake which was very good !

27 Sept 2010


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of September 25. You never know if you need an alibi ! If you participate please put the little logo on the top of your post and leave your link.

This weekend was a real catastrophe weatherwise. I was still in my bed when I knew that it rained outside because my cat Arthur which is also my personal weatherman jumped in my bed and pleased me with his wet fur in my sleepy face ! What a delicate wake up. I throw Arthur out of my bed and heard the rain drumming on the roof ! How nice ! that meant locked in for the day. On top of it, it was cold ! Only 9°C (48 F !) and I wanted to go to the Pumpkin festival in a little town nearby. My mood sank into the basement.

Suddenly the rain stopped around 11 and the sun was coming out, so I took my car and went there and had a real nice morning at the farm with it's big garden.

Lots of people were there, but I will write about it with more pictures in another post.

As soon as I climbed in my car to return home it started raining again and that for the whole afternoon ! I kept myself busy with blogging and sorting out my pictures.

On Sunday it wasn't better. But fortunately I had read somewhere that from autumn til spring there is a flea market on Sundays in a Shopping mall in Brussels. This was a good opportunity to get out of the house.

When I arrived the parking was almost a swimming pool, but at least inside it was dry.

and packed with people who had the same idea. On top it was the first flea market this year.

In Belgium shops are all closed on Sundays, including the once in Shopping malls, that's why you see here the good Belgian Chocolate shop Leonidas, closed.

There was all kind of stuff to buy

A basket full of Diana postcards, jewelry and African statues

or other decoration stuff, but also fabrics leather articles etc. I found this little statue so cute.

But then of course I found something for me ! I thought I really have to comfort myself because of this awful fall weather, and I bought this little cat for the very expensive amount of one € ! Then I returned home and rearranged my little Blogging corner. I had bought a shelf to put on the top of my desk because I had to bend over all the time to see my screen. Now it sits higher and just in front of my eyes.

Originally it was a wooden bathroom shelf to be put under the sink, but I thought it would be exactly the right thing what I needed. I decorated it with cats of course and now it looks like this ! Rosie appreciates.

26 Sept 2010


Usually I participate in a "meme" on Sundays, but unfortunately the last one I did "Summer Stock Sunday" ran out of Summer because now it's autumn and my outside activities and complaining about the heat is finished. Now I can start to complain about the cold, the rain and the leaves who fall from the stripteasing trees and make you slip and fall if you don't pay attention.

This is a terrible situation to be without a meme. But finally I had time to check out what the word "meme" means ! After 4 years of blogging, it is really a shame especially because there are so many in Blogworld ! Therefore I asked Wikipedia as always when I have a doubt and it says :

"A meme is a unit of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena."

Speech, gestures, and rituals are excluded because you don't see or hear me and my rituals (going to bed and getting up) you can't see either. Remains writing which I can transmit from my mind to yours of course only if we both have one.

The memes consisting of a questionary can be very difficult.

Imagine when for example you are asked if you are a parent and if yes what would you do with your children (I suppose it means to entertain the little once ?). If your child is between 40 and 50, I doubt very much that it would like to go with you in a zoo or make sandcastles on the beach.

It also must be of a vital importance that everybody knows which color I like and what outfit I prefer.

It becomes very difficult when you are an orphan and the question is "what family member do you like most ?" Or "what was the last thing you drank ?" and you sit in front of a bottle of Whisky, would you tell the truth ? Such memes can put you in terrible conflicts with yourself, which can harm your wellbeing and health tremendously !

But I have also noticed that when you participate in a meme you get more visitors. The only trouble is when these questionaries contain around 20 questions, it is almost impossible to read all the answers of 20 to 50 participants ! So what happens, people just read one question, and then give a wrong answer. To the question what is your favorite color and you say : "red" you get as a comment "I love green too".

So I will stay memeless until a meme crosses my way which is a "unit of cultural ideas" ....

A meme question