29 Nov 2023



This is the handmade furniture of my doll house. It dates from 1946. My mother had asked a carpenter to make the little furniture and as in 1946 there was no money because Germany was occupied in my region by Americans and British soldiers, she knitted 5 pullovers for the carpenter's 5 children.

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27 Nov 2023


a happy cat

the watch tower

 The new collar

Princess Rosie enjoys her new home, a friend had offered her this beautiful collar, in case she would run away again. But I don't think so, because she doesn't approach the door anymore and slowly got used to the personnel.





On Saturday my son arrived to take all my belongings which were still in the apartment to my "castle". I sat in a chair and told them what to take. I left at least half of my clothes there, because I would never wear them here. Maria my cleaning lady put the rest in a suitcase, while Dario emptied the drawers. 

He did everything so quick, that I couldn't follow, because I had to think what I should take and what not. But he raced through the apartment, dumping the contents of the drawers into suitcases and plastic bags. 

I thought I used to be like that too when I was young. But now even though I was sitting and not doing any physical work, I was knocked out  ! Then they loaded everything into his car, which luckily is so big that he could carry easily two bodies in the trunk. Then we ate something, I think fish and he had a huge portion of spaghetti when we had finished we drove to the home. He arrived long before I arrived, I had taken the wrong way when my GPS said left I drove right and I wondered why I had to make U-turns ! Finally I arrived, half dead ! I could hardly walk so the girl at the reception led me to my room where Dario was already busy to unpacking everything. I told him to please stop, that I would rather do it myself, otherwise I wouldn't find anything. The only thing was to put the summer clothes at the top of the closet, because he doesn't need a ladder with his 2 m !The closet is very high !

Then we chatted a bit and then he left to pick up Toby who had stayed with the two sons of his friend who had the same age.

That's all to be put in drawers and furniture !

With all this I forgot to take a photo of Toby who with his 13 years is now 1.80 m ! Rosie didn't move, she had recognized them immediately. They left early, next day was school ! I watched a funny movie, fell asleep, did rewind and watched this time the whole story ! I was very thankful that my son had helped me just like he had done for his Dad.



24 Nov 2023


Since I arrived, I haven't left my room. Now that everybody has checked me and asked me tons of questions, the nurses, the cleaners come every day and look first for Rosie. Ever since she escaped  everybody knows the story and everybody closes the door once inside.  But Rosie must have had the shock of her life and no longer approaches the door. 

She spends her days sleeping on the sofa besides me  or on her cat tower looking at the birds.
I finally put my cat collection neatly on the shelf and tidied things up a bit. Everything is terribly exhausting for me and I often have to sit down.

 Otherwise I watch TV or surf the net. I was missing a few things that I ordered and also the food and a collar for Rosie.  I try to relax, but that doesn't really work as long as the apartment isn't empty. Luckily my son comes and takes the rest to bring it here.But otherwise I really like it. Actually, it's like home, it looks exactly the same!

The advantage is that I don't have to fear a fall or feel a discomfort as it happened two days ago, so that I had to ring and the nurse came and checked everything. Apparently everything was normal only my tension was a little low, it's the burn out she said and that's why I don't want to eat with the others. Too many people make me uncomfortable. I think my instinct worked well that I choose this place, at least I feel secure.

Today it's raining and nobody does his morning walk. Even the man with a little dog wasn't there, I see him every day, when it's not raining. 


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22 Nov 2023


When I opened for the first time my fridge what did I see ? A frozen water bottle ! The person who had cleaned the mini fridge had put the temperature on a maximum. Fortunately I could save my grapes which I wanted to put in. 

This white little cube is my fridge, I had never seen such a small one and wondered what it was ! But finally I am happy that it is so small because for drinks and fruits it's big enough. Otherwise I don't need anything, I get breakfast, lunch and supper.

Little Rosie is the Darling of everybody, she too had a terrible adventure.. The first morning I opened the door to fetch my breakfast which was on the floor,( as I don't want to get up at 7) and like a flash she ran past me  into the next room, where the door is always open. I was wearing a short red nightgown with black dots and black socks (!) there was a skeleton like man laying on the bed sleeping. Rosie ran around the bed, me too from the other side. The man snored and didn't realize the race around his bed.  I wanted to grab her, but she is as slippery as a fish and of course she slipped away from me. I really need to buy a collar, I thought. I ran after her as best as I could ! She tried to go into all the rooms but luckily the doors were closed. Finally she ended up at the reception and towards the exit. Luckily I met a young trainee who managed to catch her and bring her back to my room. I thanked him and fell on my sofa to catch my breath. Rosie was shocked and hid under the bed ! The poor thing was traumatized. Each time she heard a noise she hid in the hut of her cat tree or under the bed !

Like a fire the story made the tour around the personnel and they came to see the escapee. Now everybody who comes in closes the door instead of leaving it wide open as they did before, and I hadn't said anything ! 

Now after nearly a week,Rosie seems to feel home, she watches the birds outside and plays with her (fake) mice during the night. 

Our view this morning

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20 Nov 2023



Rosie's new home ! What a nice view to observe birds and cats !!

She seems to be quite happy, first she had to get used to the people who came in, but then she didn't hide anymore and stayed put. Even the manager came to see the little Princess, she is now the star of the home !


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I am sure I will never forget November 15 ! The day which changed my entire life. After the furniture I took with me was gone I felt like I was camping. 

I was so thankful that  Dominique came on Monday afternoon so I wasn't alone. We packed up personal belongings and emptied cupboards. After all that,  I was half dead. My bronchitis, weakness and also  the blues that all together was terrible.  

On Wednesday the 15th Momo my mover brought the rest and Dominique and I with our cars followed him. The maintenance man  helped us bring everything to my room. Momo had already put up the furniture, And now I have to slowly unpack everything again. I was hoping my son would come and not leave me alone, men have less imagination, I just think he did not understand how hard it was for me to be alone. Luckily Dominique was there and didn't drive home until it got dark.

I fought the whole night with my bed sheet and the mattress was like a Fakir board without spikes. I was used to a softer one. Rosie took me again for a race track and tried to eat my ears ! On top of that she sang, barked, growled I don't no what else I heard her even through the earplugs. That was my first night here. 

The next day a lot of people showed up and poor Rosie hid under the bed. But as it continued, finally she settled down on the sofa and people even could pet her ! The second night she made no noise and slept peacefully I don't know were. 

I have to say it is so nice to find you breakfast at the door not to wake you up, at noon you don't have to cook, I just had to ask them to stop serving me soup I hate that and then in the evening we eat cold, bread with cheese ham etc and a fruit. If you don't like something you just have to tell and you get something else. 

The personal is extremely friendly and helpful. Once I rang the bell and not even 10 min later there was somebody. If you imagine the size of the castle and the length of the corridors it's almost a record.

And here are a few pictures of my "forever home" ! This morning a young man asked me how long I would stay here and I told him until he can follow my coffin, and then we both laughed.


My place

The view

Rosie's corner

and the TV corner with my cat collection, which I have to put into the right place

Rosie should do a selfie with me, but with her face !




16 Nov 2023


 1. This week's Hodgepodge lands on National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. Is yours in need of a cleaning? Will you get that done today? How often do you tackle this particular chore?

I clean my fridge when it is necessary, as I am living alone there is mostly cheese and fruits in it and some drinks. Now I have to clean it when I leave my apartment which is empty now.

2. November 15th is also National Philanthropy Day...tell us about a charity (local or otherwise) you like to support when you're able.  

Of course  I help when I can ! All things in my apartment clothes, furniture are going to charity or are already gone. I could sell some things, but very few.

3.What in nature inspires you and why? 

 view from my room

I love woods and parks for their colors in different seasons, and also for the smell. I always remember the Sequoia park which had a very special smell. But I also love the sea, just sitting there and watching the waves, and listening to the noise they make.

4. What's something you own that makes you feel cozy? 

I love my TV corner with now one sofa, a shelf with my cats and my cat Rosie who moved with me in the castle. I have to get used to the high ceilings !

5. Who did you thank today? Who thanked you?

When I had just gotten up and had breakfast, about 8 young interns arrived to interview me. The questionnaire was so stupid that it made me laugh and I joked. It was extremely funny until the boss came and said they also had to go and see other people.
It made me happy to have such a funny morning and the youngsters promised to come back. I think my bad reputation is done!

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Since I moved in the retirement home I have mixed feelings. On one side I am happy that I have such a beautiful new home and the people are so nice, even cat Rosie sits here now and is surprised that so many people are coming. On the other side I tell myself that this is my last move on earth at least. Where I go afterwards I don't know, probably a better place then what we have actually here.

14 Nov 2023


Today is the last day in my apartment. Tomorrow I will move definitively. Therefore I will have no time to comment. I feel a bit strange because this will be my last home, and therefore I took the one which I found so beautiful and will spent the rest of my life as a princess in a castle !

I hope I will get rid of this bronchitis, which loves me so much that it is still there and I feel weak. 

As soon as I have recovered I will try to get my normal life back, or at least half of it. Meanwhile I will enjoy and feel protected here.

On the second floor is my room and the views I have from there !

13 Nov 2023

AWWWW MONDAY - Weekend Nov 11


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There's not much to say, on Saturday my few pieces of furniture were brought to my future new home, I only had to sit on the sofa and tell them what should be taken with me to my new home, but I was still dead tired when I crawled into bed in the evening! Moving alone at 80 is not so easy as I thought, especially I didn't know that I would be sick ! 

My new home a retirement home, an ancient castle, and the views out of my window

On Sunday I could barely walk and thought today I wouldn't move and just rest. These things below still need to be picked up but there is no rush.

Momo my moving man will take all this another time, I will live in my new home from November 15, but my apartment is empty until December 14. So we have time, it's only decoration stuff. 


11 Nov 2023


The whole week was awful, besides the fact that I am still not OK, and had again to ask on Facebook to do the shopping for me, as the official institution had not enough personal ! A real mess when you have to move, you are all alone and 80 years old. I don't know how I managed, but I did. 

The Facebook People were so friendly and I got more answers than I needed. Today it's over, the worst is done. I was sitting on a sofa and told 3 men and Maria what to do and where to put everything. 

every shelf is empty and in the boxes are my cats !

Then came the movers and took the furniture through the window on an elevator

From the 3rd floor until the ground. 

Then they drove to my "Castle" and Momo the boss put the furniture where he thought they would be nice. Then he sent me photos and a video. When I saw them I thought they had just taken my living room and put it in the room of the retirement home. It looked the same ! Unbelievable, was I happy

 Now we have to decorate and hang up the paintings.
But first I rest ! I will sleep for days, to recuperate all these months where I worried so much.  And now I feel like a horse that has reached its goal.

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