16 Mar 2024


Slowly I start to be convinced that it will rain non stop ! Again this week it rained from morning until evening.  As usual I had my breakfast and then I started my Blogpost. Then somebody knocked at the door and brought me my laundry ! Like in a boarding school I have now my name ironed in each cloth, even in the socks. That's really practical, it's not sewed it's really glued, anyway it stays put.  Nearly at the same time came Betty, the assistant manager and brought me a parcel with some clothes I had ordered and also an USB stick which fits in a computer and a tablet or mobile phone ! 

In the afternoon we played Bingo, a little more complicated then the first time, I think now I got it because I could help my neighbor who always wanted to add the numbers, or mixed up the colors.

Now on Tuesdays when there is mass, the new animator makes games with us who don't go to the mass. We were so many that I thought that people went to the mass because there was nothing else ! We played a very nice game each person had to describe a word without saying the right one. We were quite good and laughed a lot ! As most of them don't hear very well, there were a lot of misunderstandings sometimes really hilarious. Fortunately they nearly all have a lot of humor and  the others played a nice game to find words. We laughed a lot.

Since the 15th we have 3 apprentices, young girls who want to become geriatric nurses. They are really brave! And so funny and always in a good mood, they cheer up even the worst-tempered resident.

When an argument breaks out, it's always a married couple and the others laugh.

And then a miracle happened ! the sun came out ! The program was changed and we all went outside to play boccia !

Unfortunately the sunshine didn't last and the next day it was cloudy. But I still try to do my daily walk in the park. 

Our animation team had organized a St Patrick afternoon. Two music students played Irish music. Most of the residents didn't know St. Patrick, and were Ireland was, had to be find out ! 
Our animation team and a nurse with her dog, a Bearnese Mountain dog

She was adorable and came amongst all these people to me ! I had never seen her before, she also listened to the Irish songs !

These were the two students who performed.

and our table decoration

I think I have never heard of a senior residence where you are allowed to bring your big dogs with you, and they are allowed to go everywhere, in the rooms, in the restaurant in the park of course !

Isn't he cute ? It's the dog of Ghislaine's friend

And a Golden retriever owned by the daughter of my 99 year old friend !

All I can say I have no time to be bored ! There is only one stupid thing which bothers me,  I got a summon from the Judge of peace, my house owner wants his money because I vandalized the whole apartment alone with Rosie. If it's a "normal" person he will laugh and I win, if he is Misogynist, I will loose !Anyway I'll go alone just to prove them that I am not afraid of a judge and a crazy owner !

Rosie loves my new T-shirt and decided to spend the night on it

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13 Mar 2024



1. Thursday is National Pi Day...are you good at math? What was the last thing you had to calculate? Did you use your head or technology? Last slice of pie you ate.

When it comes to math or something like that, I run away as quickly as I can. I am not at all gifted for what concerns math and even need a calculator to add 1+1. Rick was my calculator when he was alive, he was incredible, he calculated faster then a calculator ! I wonder how I slipped through math at school, can't remember. I probably slept and compensated with good points in German, writing, languages, and history. He was scientific and I'm more literary. So we complemented each other. 

 Last week we had a slice of apple pie as desert. Love it.

2. What makes a house a home? 

For me it's the furniture, the decoration and the colors. There are homes with expensive furniture and the house looks as cold as a picture from a catalogue ! And there are rooms with all kind of furniture and decoration but which feel homely and cozy !

3. Your current favorite green thing? 

Green is a color I only like in nature, not as decoration or clothes. I have nothing in green in my wardrobe. So actually I like the green grass and the fresh green leaves on the scrubs when I look out of my window. For the moment it's still a bit poor only the grass is real green. 


all this will look green in one month (I hope)

4. How do you define achievement? How does your personal definition look similar to, or different than, society's definition? What's something you think is worth achieving in life? 

For me it means something good and difficult that I have achieved, for example all the worries, difficulties, moves etc I have accomplished in the last 4 years. I still wonder how I have managed all this..

The most important thing to achieve in life is happiness.

5. What song is a good soundtrack for your life right now?


I think this fits the best. After 4 months of rain I don't sing anymore !

6. Insert your own random thought here.  

Despite they grey weather I feel quite good. My female Doctor visited me today to make a blood test and a little check up. I think the worst is over I am feeling good. I didn't fall anymore and I don't have to sit down all 5 minutes. I was happy that she complimented me about my room, she said she had never seen such a cozy room in a residence ! Now I consider my room as my cave where I retire when I want to be alone. 




Waiting to see flowers !!! Photos taken at the Floralia Exhibition,  in Brussels in the park of The Grand'Bigard castle.

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11 Mar 2024








On Saturday my son arrived without Toby, because he was sick. So we had lunch here in our beautiful restaurant with the beautiful chandeliers. The plate was typical Belgian, a white sausage with appelpuree and potatoes, first a veggie soup, and then a fruit salad, red and white wine or beer, and a coffee. 

Both hadn't eaten that so it was new to us but it was very good. Of course he was observed like a zoo animal and when he wanted to go through the door several ladies screamed "attention the door" ! and he laughed and answered : Don't worry I am used to that !  

Then we went in my room and he connected YouTube to my TV with a little remote control, it's wonderful, now I don't need the cable anymore and I learned to use it very quickly and in the evening I could watch my YouTube  movie on the TV ! He also hung all my pictures on the walls, not with a nail but with adhesive strips that can hold up to 10 kg. Now he had done everything I needed and we went down to the others. 

They played outside Petanque a form of lawn bowling originating in France, usually played on rough ground using steel balls.

Meanwhile Dario explored our park and found it beautiful. He also discovered the Madonna in her Grotto. Then we returned in my room and chatted a bit and around 6 he went to his friend for supper. This morning I found a message that he had well arrived home. It was nice that we were only the two of us and I was relaxed and not stressed.

On Sundays we always get croissants, that's lovely, only for the first time my coffee was cold. It was in a thermos and as most of the residents have no force in their hands anymore, the servants unscrew the top of the thermos a bit. I got one which was nearly open, so the coffee had time to cool down and was cold. Fortunately I had kept my coffee machine just in case and made myself two cups of good hot coffee.

I worked on my photos which I had taken on Saturday and after lunch I made my little walk through the park, 

When I wanted to take a picture of the blooming tree, I saw the Madonna who somebody had cleaned and now she was visible to everybody. Unfortunately it got quite cool and I returned I had enough.

At 3 pm we started a new game with Kim the second entertainer, who is in charge for the weekends. Until now there was nothing on Weekends and the people got bored. He unfortunately had chosen a game which didn't fit at all for the poor residents, as 90% from them have a hearing aid, or can't hear very well. It's a game I played at school, you whisper a phrase in your neighbor"s ear, and he in his neighbor and so on until the last one said what he or she had heard. Of course the poor Kim had to shout into the ear of Rina the first one so that a few others and I understood already the phrase ! And so it was with her neighbor who had completely misunderstood. I had to hold back laughing because it was so funny what the poor people who didn't hear well or almost didn't understand at all said as a result. 

Finally Kim also realized that this game was not suitable for oldies. So he took another one which was interesting, we had to guess proverbs and everyone did pretty well.

 Everybody "whispered" in his neighbor's ear !

Tomorrow the rain comes back, I thought we could hope for a longer break !