17 Jul 2015


1. My friend and neighbor had gone on a one week holiday, when suddenly two workers rang our bell asking for her key. They had to put new tiles on her terrace. The keys were not the problem, but Dominique has an alarm and I had never disactivate this thing ! I put in the code and suddenly a shrill noise went off, throwing all neighbors out of their bed, if they were still sleeping ! I was so shocked that I closed the door, but the thing went on and on. Finally I got in again, tried once again the code and suddenly there was a deadly silence. I pushed a sign of relief and the workers could get in for water and electricity. In my excitement I had left out one number of the code ! To switch on the alarm again when the workers had finished, I sent Mr. G ! I didn't want another catastrophe to happen !

2. As I had a cold, I went to my Doctor to check if it was finished. She is a real fancy lady and while she did my check up we chatted so much that I forgot to pay and she didn't notice. Meanwhile the waiting room was full of men who had to wait and probably had listened to our laughter and conversation. I returned the next day and payed !

3.  I had to go to "my" Indian shop, to buy my night creme.

and as usual, I broke the promise to myself not to buy anything, I couldn't resist to buy this little wallet to keep the coins apart.

4. I spent the afternoon at Ilona's we couldn't even go out it was raining once again ! On my way back I stopped at a shoe shop, because my beige shoes looked as if I had fished them out of a bin and bought new once. Fortunately I found a pair which I liked immediately and didn't loose my time in this shop. Coming home I threw the old pair in the bin and today I will wear the new once.

5. We continue our roller coaster weather ! The whole week we had just 15°C (59 F) and today 27° (81 F) !

If we still had the Roman weathergod Jupiter I would suspect him he drinks too much of the good Belgian beer !! We even have one which sounds like him "Jupiler" ! One day you walk around in sweaters and raincoats and the next day in shorts and T-shirts !

It was awfully hot when I had to drive my neighbor to the hospital for her monthly shot in her eye. The poor girl could hardly breath and I had to drive her almost inside the hospital which fortunately had air condition and also in my car it was nice and cool.

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16 Jul 2015


Letter : I

Back in 2007, a Blogger proposed to participate in an Internet Cruise. This idea was really great and had a lot of success.

When I tried to explain to a friend that I am doing an Internet Cruise, she was very confused.

I have to say that my friend has no idea of Internet, computer or whatsoever concerning the modern world today. Even a mobile or a remote control is a mystery to her.

I told her that we had started in Stockholm/Sweden, where this Blogger lived with an imaginary cruise ship and had sailed from Stockholm to France and then to Waterloo.

A ship she could imagine, but not a virtual one, and the fact that we criss-crossed through the whole world without any logic sailing from Germany to Hongkong and from there to Rome and to the States she couldn't understand. Why didn't we follow the normal way and follow the geographical order as normal humans, staying on one continent, visiting everything and then going to the next ? I said that doesn't matter if we go from America to Europe and back there and then again Europe and then Canada and then, and then ... my poor friend got dizzy and I started to fancy about all countries I would visit in the whole world, when she brought me back to my seat in the Chinese restaurant where we had our lunch and I gave up and changed the subject.

I have to say I learned a lot during this Internet Cruise and we even had parties on board, with hats and dresses and virtual food. We really all had a lot of fun !

and at the end of our Internet cruise, we had a ball on the ship !

Jenny Matlock
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15 Jul 2015


The paparazzi

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14 Jul 2015


Today I will show you Waterloo where I live. It became famous as here ended the battle between Napoleon and Wellington and his alleys.

The church where once the wounded soldiers were brought

The new City hall

The Wellington museum, where Wellington slept and signed the end of the battle

Streets and shops

In spring the Japanese cherry trees bloom everywhere and all along the main street flower pots are hanging.

The Gallery Wellington

and opposite the "New Gallery"

We even have a cinema

A music Academy

and an Exposition hall which is called "Les ├ęcuries" (the stables)

it is surrounded by a beautiful park.

a little more outside is another park to walk around

For the British inhabitants there is a store with only British products.

There are lots of restaurants in Waterloo

and an Office park

Every two years after the re-enactment of the battle, the streets of Waterloo look like this !

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13 Jul 2015


This has been an awful weekend ! Instead of driving to Amsterdam and celebrate my Birthday with our son an family, I suddenly felt that I was ill ! I had caught a cold  ! It had started Thursday night and on Friday I had to call him and cancel our trip.

Saturday it was very warm so I lay on a deckchair in the shade, at least there was a warm breeze and it was not so sticky as inside the house. The medications I took made me sleepy and I fell asleep. Mr. G. worried about my health asked me if I was sleeping, exactly the question you have to ask when somebody is sleeping ! He also asked me all 5 min if I feel better, men can't stand when their "better half" is out of work. Sometimes you feel killer instincts !

On Sunday the temperature had dropped to exactly the half of the day before, no wonder that lots of people are in the same state as me with this roller coaster weather !

I spent the day "traveling" from sofa watching TV or at my desk working with my computer !
Dominique came shortly over with her budgie in its cage, it will spent the week with us as she goes to Portugal. It stays in the guest room far from the cats.