8 Dec 2012


After a nice day at the beach, before supper I was invited together with my friends by the management team of the Hotel as a VIP guest ! Maybe I had been already vip to somebody in my life, but never a VIP ! It was for guests who had been staying in the hotel more than 3 times. The most faithful VIP (a German retired  couple) had been in this hotel for 15 years ! What a good publicity ! We got drinks and snacks and a speach in English, German and Russian !

We congratulated the chef for his delicious kitchen and then we also talked about what was good and what had to be improved. When the manager came to sit at our table I of course complained about the high internet connection costs and that for such a hotel it should be a free service, of course he said yes, yes, to everything, also that people put things other then the hotel towels on the beach beds, to get the best places ! Of course he would also solve this problem. This morning nothing had changed ;) ! Maybe next year !


While I am at my computer Dominique and Nicole play cards and use the sugar packages as money ! You  should have seen the face of the waiter when he saw all the suger on the table !

After supper we went to the animation team show of the hotel. This time there were again sketches involving the guests.

A "Miss Hotel" should be selected. From all nationalities present, there was an English girl from London, an Ukrainian girl on honeymoon, a German, a Russian girl and Dominique the only French speaking girl in the whole place !

First there was a "catwalk" of all participants. Dominique performs as "femme fatale", then she had to carry a ping pong ball between her legs and imitate a chicken and then let drop the "egg" in a glass ! The public screamed of laughter.

Then the girls had to collect clothes, underwear and shoes, as many as possible from the public !
A shoe was worth 50 points, a T-shirt I00 and a bra 200 ! it was hilarious ! Many women gave their bras to increase the points. A German girl gave hers for Dominique so she had more points ! In the last picture you see Nicole taking her T-shirt back ! The winner was the English girl from London ! She was so funny !

It was then quiet difficult to put the thing on again !

We had a lot of fun and before going to bed, we drank a Karkade tea to relax from all this laughing !

7 Dec 2012


When I returned to our room yesterday, I got a shock ! On my bed lay the old Lady from yesterday ! This time in our room and not in Nicole's. She had the remote control in her hand and was watching an Egytian channel in arabic ! I was so shocked that I nearly screamed, but then I burs out in laughter !

with the light switched on I saw this !

Isn't she cute ?

You can't say that Egyptians have a lack of humor ! Our room cleaning man (there are only man cleaning) had created this masterpiece ! A real artist ! I tell you when you come in a dark room and you find this on your bed it looks real ! Nicole had the same on her bed ! We had so much fun with that. Apparently our story had made the round amongst the personal ! (yesterday's post)

And we also had the honor to meet her son, sitting with her just besides us at the beach !

The man with so many girlfriends whom we had supposed to look like a double of George Clooney at least, looked in reality like this publicity for a fat man "before" diet, but there was no "after" picture ! Apparently for his loving mother he is a handsome man ! Love makes blind !

Of course she didn't recognize us, what a couple !  It's rather sad for them. Nicole and Dominique preferred to read ...

The weather was bad, it even rained a few drops, which seldom happens here. We couldn't lay on the beach it was far too cold.

The beach personal used the opportunity and cleaned all the beach beds. We tried them out when they were dry !

Despite the bad weather we had fun. Dominique and Nicole played cards, I went to my Cyber Café wanted to answer some comments but no chance the internet connection was so slow, that a snail would be considered as a racing dog ! After 2 h gmail was still not loaded !

This is my "working" place.

In the evening there was a show again, but I didn't go, it was all dances which I had already seen, so I watched a little crime story on TV.

Today the sun is shining again !

6 Dec 2012


Yesterday was a quiet exciting day ! It started when Nicole stood naked in her bathroom just stepping out of the shower, when she saw an elderly lady who stood there and looked around.

She wasn't bothered at all seeing a naked woman. She studied the things in the bathroom and said that her brush was missing. Nicole who didn't understand a word because the lady was German, quickly wrapped herself into a bath towel, made a sign to the woman and then she knocked at our door to ask for help.

The woman told me that her son had a lot of girlfriends and that's why she had chosen another room. I tried to explain her that she couldn't go like that into another room and how could she use her card and it had worked on Nicole's door. It turned out that Nicole hadn't closed the door properly, that's why the woman got in and declared that it is now  her room.

There was something wrong with her. I asked where her son's room was and that I would bring her there, but she said there were so many girls and she didn't want to disturb him. What a comprehensive mother ! Then I tried to find out her room number but nothing to do, she always told me another number ! Finally we took her to the reception, where an employee took care of her. She thanked us several times, kissing and hugging us and then she asked if we also belonged to the girls her son had taken into his room.

Nicole and I once away laughed that much that we were crying ! What a compliment, for us old girls ! Now I would like to see the son ! He must be at least a copy of George Clooney !

In the evening we took a taxi to Hurghada's city center. Of course we had to haggle for the price. Finally the guy agreed to take us there for 1.50 € (1.30$). He prefered to have Egyptian pounds. Dominique had Egyptian pounds but only a big banknote. The guy said that he would change her the money into smaller banknotes, which he did. I still insisted that he should take the Euros but Dominique said it doesn't matter. So she payed and came out of the taxi with a big pile of banknotes.

I didn't pay attention, but then when she wanted to pay her shopping and mine, the shop owner told her that instead of giving her Egyptian pounds he had given her Piaster notes ! That would be the same as if instead of a Dollar note you would get a 1 cent note ! With this kind of "exchange" she had lost 50 € (65$ ) ! Disgusting ! the shop owner was disgusted too, especially because it had been a taxi company and not a private car taxi driver.

He told us to watch if the guy returns to our hotel take the taxi number and then he would go with us to the police and catch the guy. We don't have a lot of hope, but this morning Dominique at 10 am sat  outside the hotel and watched with eagle eyes trying to catch the crook's taxi.

So be very careful if ever you go to Egypt there are Egyptian Pounds notes and Piaster notes (which have no value at all, but looks very much like an Egyptian Pounds note ! 

This had spoiled our walk through the city and after a last drink we took a taxi back, this time I haggled and insisted to pay in Euros and we got back for just one Euro ! Fortunately I love to haggle and with me they don't do any business !

Yesterday afternoon I had this beautiful waterpipe sitting on my table ! For a Cyber Café it looks very romantic !

5 Dec 2012


Since I discovered the Internet café I had to change my blogging hours ! Now my day starts with breakfast, laying on the beach, swimming, Yoga on the grass, lunch, swimming, reading, then I return to my room to take a shower and prepare pictures and text for the post of the day, before I go down to my Internet café.

which is on the way to the restaurant.

Yesterday evening we attended a show again, this time it was belly dancing and a whirling Dervish. As we have seen this so often Dominique and I didn't find them very good, they danced too mechanical. But we had fun with the animation team, who tried to do their best to entertain the guests !

The start was very good, she danced around swinging a golden cloth

Then she throw the cloth in a corner and started belly dancing

Then we watched the Dervish whirling around !

Today the weather was cloudy for once when I got up at 6.30 am (!) everything looked grey, but warm, already 25 °C. So we started our day as usual.

As usual mostly Germans put something on the beach beds very early before you get the beach towels at 8 am, some of them even keep the old towels to be sure to get the best places. For that sometimes they are already on the beach at 6 am or even before and then they return in their beds ! Some Easter country people do that too, and we the others have difficulties to find a nice place ! It's useless to complain or explain. They only get angry.

The sea was quiet rough, but the painter continued to paint the rocks in a nice yellow ocher it was difficult to keep the balance on the dancing boat !

The ships were dancing around too !

The decoration in the in the reception hall had been changed and new flowers were in the vases !
Everywhere the flower decoration if very beautiful ! Real artists !

We had a funny "adventure" with an elderly lady who suddenly stood in Nicole's bathroom when she was naked as Good had created her  ! but that's a story for tomorrow !

Tonight we intend to go to Hurghada city center and do some shopping.

4 Dec 2012


When we came into our room, and wanted to take a shower before supper, I noticed that there were no bath towels in the bathroom !

I just wanted to ring the room service when Dominique noticed that there was a ghost looking like swan sitting on our TV ! The bath towels !

I had payed for 48 h internet use and complained again because I payed 10 € (14 $) for 2 days ! that's really not a service but usury ! Normally in such hotels in Hurghada Internet use is free ! Even in the McDonalds !

But then on the way to the restaurant I discovered a nice little café very cosy where WiFi was free ! Of course I had to drink something, but anyway I would have done this before supper. So I sat down there, ordered a tea did my blogging and didn't even pay one € ! besides that, I had music and friendly English and German hotel guests.

I spent a calm day at the beach because Dominique and Nicole had booked a trip on a ship which took them to an island where they could snorkel to see corals and fishes.

I waved good bye and continued my "work" on the beach.

3 Dec 2012


Each evening when we come back from the beach we often find our bed nicely  decorated with our bath towels.

It makes you hesitate to use the towels !

Yesterday evening the animation team had told us that they would make a show with different sketches

It took place in the hotel's dancing bar. Here we are ready to watch the show.

The first one was a scene out of "Dallas" it was hilarious !

In the second sketch they looked around for a guest to participate and choose Nicole. She had to play a mother who found her son shot dead ! We didn't know that Nicole was such a good actor, the public cried because they laughed so much. She screamed "My son, my son" then throw herself over him and sobbed "my son is dead, my son is kaputt," and sobbed and sobbed and throw her arms in the air. It was hilarious. I made a little video because it is difficult to describe. She tried to speak and understand English and that was even more funnier, because finally she did the show alone with her words. She had such a lot of success and Dominique and I had tears running over our cheeks and I hardly tried not to damage my make up !

It was such a funny evening !

Today it was a little windy and that was good because it was very warm.

The sea was full of little fishes which followed the snorklers. I could see them from the little bridge there were hundreds !

After lunch where we had nice salads and Egyptian bread, we had a little nap, it was so hot and we were quiet full too.

Then the two girls went to stretching I had a hurting muscle at my left leg so I didn't go, but Dominique showed me afterwards what they had done,

but this was an extra exercise !

The cook came to say hello with little snacks, which was indeed very friendly and we ate them with appetite !

The problem is, we food is delicious !

2 Dec 2012


When I woke up at short before 7 the sun was already shining as payed for  !

After a nice breakfast with scrambled eggs, fruits and little special Egyptian cakes, which taste delicious, we went to the beach. The view over to sea to Hurghada was very clear.

Dominique had bought a new snorkeling mask and Nicole had brought one she had borrowed from her daughter. I don't snorkel, I hate water in my face and swim like an old swan with my neck and head far out of the water.

They tried them out and I tried the new one from Dominique, I didn't know that the guy on the picture posed behind me and made the others laugh.

Then came the big moment to try them out. Dominique swam away like a fish, but Nicole didn't manage to put it on her nose, it didn't fit. They tried and tried while I was swimming did water gymnastic and then returned to my beach bed, while they were still in the water trying out this snorkel mask which resisted to Nicole's nose.

Finally they gave up and came also back. Maybe it will work tomorrow !

There was also an acqua gym course in the sea, the guy remained outside and it was so funny to watch him gesticulating in all senses, while the others did the movements in the water.

Now that we know a little more about the guests, the majority of them are Brits followed by Germans and then some Russians, no Frenchs or French speaking people. So the three French speaking graces are well noticed ! Especially that we also speak German (me) and English (Dominique and me).

Nicole is busy with learning English and is happy that she can practise ! 

She had put her glass in the sand and got the whole load on her bathing suit. As you can imagine we had a lot to laugh about that, she looked to funny !

While I am busy with my blog and answer emails, they play cards (Rummy) and I join them later for a drink.

Then we went for supper and I took this picture of the deserts ! Everything is so nicely decorated !

We wanted to go to the show at 9.30 pm, but we were too tired again so at 9 we were already in our rooms and read.