9 Sept 2023


Laura had invited me to tell me about her adventures in France. She has a beautiful old but modernized farm there as holiday home and retired there for 2 months after the death of her husband. 

She told me about her neighbor who has about 30 cats well fed but not spayed ! Apparently now they mayor intervened.

A kitten settled in with her and her younger son couldn't resist and took her to Belgium where she now lives as a princess! Sterilized first of course, it's a Miss with the beautiful name Pumpkin. The next day it was so hot and humid that I couldn't even go out, I got breathless after a few steps. 

Therefore I spent the day with taking pictures of the things I want to sell and look for addresses to Experts whom I will contact to have an idea of the prices. Sometimes a thing I almost throw in the bin had a value from over 100 €.

My new room

Laura also wanted to see my "castle" so we went. I was surprised that they had already started to renovate "my" room nr 13. It turned out that there was a mistake in the price list and this room was more for two people; I told the secretary I don't care if the room is a bit smaller anyway I won't give orgies there,  as long as I had the VIEW on this beautiful park. She looked on the planning and told me I could have nr. 14 which is just besides the nr. 13, in fact it was not occupied for so long, because people didn't want to live in a room nr. 13 ! I had never thought of this ! Fortunately Rosie is not completely black.

view from the window where I will put my little office, computer etc.

She took the keys to show us the room and I was pleasantly surprised, it was a little different but the size was about the same and I had a view of the park and mini golf. Laura estimated if I could take my two sofas and the table with me and thinks it is possible. Otherwise I will see. 

There were a few furniture in the room which will be replaced by mine.Miss Rosie also has a space in the bathroom which is very huge so I will make her a private corner there except her basket which has to be besides my bed. 

Now again I move my furniture around in the new room, if only the owner would find somebody to rent the apartment then I could move in earlier.

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7 Sept 2023


1. It's National Read A Book Day...whatcha' reading? What's a book you want to read?

I have read so many books at my vintage age, that now I read interesting blogs, that's real life and I learn a lot how people live on other continents or countries, and finally except for food we are all the same !

2. Which is better...having high expectations or low expectations? Explain why. 

Difficult question. It depends on age. Now at my vintage age I have neither high nor low expectations. I take it how it comes.

3. Serenity is_for me is watching the waves of the sea and listen to the sound

4. What's  the most interesting thing in your purse or pocket right now? 


Maybe not interesting (only for me) but the most important. A picture of my late husband

5. What helps you calm down? 

It depends on how angry I am. Either I take my car and drive around, or I throw whatever is lying around somewhere.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I avoid to think ! I could think about a bouquet of roses and after a few seconds I am back to my move again. I think what I should take with me, what not, how get I rid of all things I certainly would not need. Some days I know everything and then the next day I am lost and I change again. 

In fact it's probably very easy. my cats I sell, silver cutlery too, and also some other stuff and all the rest, furniture etc I call the guy who has already emptied our house. Sounds easy, so why I am so stressed ?

6 Sept 2023


 I think everybody knows where I am ! Honestly I was a bit disappointed.


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5 Sept 2023


While I checked the jewelry pieces I had found in a case, I found this wedding band ! It must have belonged to somebody of my family, because the stamp was dated 1914. On the outside was graved : Gold gab ich für Eisen 1914 which means "I gave Gold for iron". 

First I thought what a stupid idea, but then my grandpa explained me why ! To finance the war, the young married soldiers "had" (no obligation, but you better did) to give their wedding band and got this sheet ring instead. Clever idea, I only hope that my post doesn't inspire those who love wars and have not enough money !

4 Sept 2023



Aren't this lovely animals ? They remind me a feathered Rosie, especially the face with the round eyes.

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 On Saturday I took pictures of my cats. I put the in groups, because the value of the material is very different. A little wooden cat you could sell for 4 € while a Cristal cat would make nearly 100 €. 

As it was Sunday, after my breakfast, I took my smartphone and made photos of my cats. I put them together in groups, so that they had the same size and the same material. I had found a Website where you could estimate the things you want to sell, and I also looked the prices of today. At least I had an idea and looked not too stupid when in the afternoon the experts came. They were a couple. When they heard that I had googled already everything say made big eyes, but unfortunately they were only looking for gold and 18 k. My aunt in the States had left me her jewelry but that was all 14k and not considered as pure Gold. 

But I had a lot of semi precious stones broken out of earrings or rings, he admired them but he didn't buy them because it didn't fit in his boutique. They gave me a few links and were very friendly. We chatted a bit and she said that there are lot of people are emptying their houses, for the moment because the are too old.

It's quite a lot of work, I had the intention to watch a concert in our park, but finally I preferred to stay home and continue the cats. Then I have to measure them +/- put a price and the material, and then put them for sale ! Wish me that somebody suddenly loves cats and want to start a collection and buy them all !

And then I have the same thing to do for the cutlery and plates. 

It's so easy to buy staff, but then sell it !! 

My son called me they are back from Italy it had been very hot except a week, but they all survived even the not so little Leia.