27 Nov 2010


Just do a funny post, something which makes us laugh that's the most important.

And of course there also is

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I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving celebration !

(my son and Toby my grandson)

New father's fate ! I wonder who is more tired ?

26 Nov 2010


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1. On Monday after our acqua gym we had our cup of tea and exchanged our experiences of becoming grandmas ! 3 of us 6 girls had reached this title almost at the same time. 2 on Monday and I on Wednesday. Two baby girls and I with a boy. You can imagine that we had something to chat and to compare how it was when we became mothers, because our now big babies have forgotten that we had been young mothers and had gone through all this too.

2. On tuesday I stated that our fridge was empty and I did some shopping. Of course besides food I also found moon boots and as snow is announced for today or tomorrow, maybe it comes on purpose. On the other hand I thought if I buy moon boots now, it probably will never snow enough to wear them. That's the same when you buy a new ombrella, it won't rain for the next weeks.

3. In our painting class we have started to paint surrealism, I thought I would paint a woman in a black dress with a cat head. But besides a red background I haven't done anything because there was so much to talk about, I had missed the annual exposition and of course wanted to know who had sold and how it was.

4. I have spent a lot of time with taking photos of the photos of an old album which shows my son when he was freshly born, retouched them and send them to him. As comment was that the pictures were not clear and good enough as if we had the same possiblilities and cameras 37 years ago ! Most people didn't even take pictures of their babies !

But I managed this collage, showing me and my DIL in the same situation with a difference of 37 years !

5. Internet is a real great invention because my son calls me on Skype and shows me little Toby. Yesterday I took this picture of him on my screen.

It's just as if I would be in the same room ! What a blessing when you live far from each other.

25 Nov 2010


Jenny Matlock
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Before I started blogging I didn't really know what Thanksgiving meant. I had only seen on TV when an American President showed up with a fat turkey and then saved him from the stove. We found that rather funny.

Of course we don't celebrate Thanksgiving as we didn't sail with the Mayflower to another continent but stayed here. Not even I have a great, great, great etc. uncle who was on that boat ! I digged a little in history and learned that only 54 from the original 102 pilgrims survived the cruise and only because they were fed by 91 Indians (today called American Natives). If they would have known what happened later, they probably would have eaten their harvest alone. For them it wasn't really a thanks giving celebration for the next +/- 360 years.

I also knew from my aunt's letters when she celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family. She had married an American just after the war and was my mother's sister. She sent lots of recepes to prepare a good stuffed turkey, which we had then on Christmas, when they showed up in Germany. Before we had chicken.

When Europeans first encountered turkeys in the America Continent, they thought they were imported through Turkey and that name stuck as the name of the bird. It's amazing what I learn in Wikipedia !

In Waterloo there are lots of Americans living and therefore the stores stocked fat deepfreezed turkeys imported from the States together with all ingredients which usually you can't find here, but business is business.

Our turkeys can live a little longer, at least until Christmas.

I wish all my American friends a very happy Thanksgiving and please put a little piece of turkey for me aside !


24 Nov 2010


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to pee or not to pee ?

23 Nov 2010


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When my world outside is grey and cold I like to find another world in a garden store called "Green Decor".

There are colorful flowers

which lets me forget that outside there are no flowers anymore and that the trees are all naked.

But even here there are signs of rain

They also have a very nice choice of outside and inside decorations

for all seasons

and now the Christmas decorations are showing up !

22 Nov 2010


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My weekend was as exciting as a visit to an old graveyard. On Saturday I recovered from the flighting visit to Amsterdam, which had been quiet boring. Besides the visit to the hospital to see little Toby, we haven't done anything. Mr. G. didn't want to go anyway so we stayed at my son's flat and waited for him to come home as he spent the whole day with wife and Baby.
At home I worked on my photos which I had taken from the baby and the hospital, and was angry and disappointed that I haven't seen anything from Amsterdam despite a wonderful sunshine.

We had left the hospital in Amsterdam at 10.30 and there was plenty of time to visit, but Mr. G. was like a horse who smelled the stable and so I gave up, I didn't want to carry a bullet behind me either and we drove home. When I was finished with the photos, I made a little tour to a big store, but I got quickly bored and spent the rest of the day watching TV without seeing it.

Sunday was not better. The weather was grey and foggy, and I only went shortly over to Dominique to see the photos of her granddaughter who was born 2 days before Toby. Toby is a giant compared to the little Lucy. I hope one day they can play together.

The daughter of another neighbor also came because she had computer problems and Mr. G. is a specialist in solving problems at least on a computer, otherwise he is only creating them. From my son I heard that my DIL was already allowed to go home on Saturday morning after her cesarian she had on wednesday.

As you may read between the lines, for a fresh baked grandma I am not in a very good mood. We had imagined the first meeting with our grandson completely different. I think we went there far too early and should have waited a bit, although our son had invited us, I think it was all a little too much for him.

That's what I have seen from Amsterdam

the hospital

and the view out of the flat's window. At least there was a strange bird to observe.

Pictures of Toby in the post below.

21 Nov 2010


This date will enter in our family history, it was the day my little grandson Toby was born.

He was born in Amsterdam in this huge St Lucas Andreas Hospital. We went there the next day to see him. On the bottom on the right you see the freshly baked grandpa going inside.

and here is Toby, only a few hours and one day old.

The new mummy, the proud parents and the 3 generations !

and here we are in our new job ! Mr. G. imitates Toby's face