23 Apr 2021


The week started with very good news, finally Mr. G was ready to be transferreed to the rehabilitation clinic on Thursday ! I was really relieved that he could go a step further. I checked all clothes for warm and cold weather because we have the coldest April since 30 years !


 Clinique Bois de la Pierre

Our shrinked Scrabble club (now we are three), played at Myriam's and could even sit outside on her terrace because the sun was shining and it was warm. This time we scrabbled but babbled too and it was for us all a very nice afternoon. 

I got the last instructions for Mr. G's transfer and went (hopefully) for the last time to bring him his travel bag with all the clothes. As it was quite heavy I took the IKEA carrier put the bag on it and pulled the thing to the reception where they put a label on it and will bring it in his ward.


When I came home I had TV life on my balcony ! My new neighbor got her furniture ! It was quickly done they had a very modern equipment, not like our move where they used an equipment  from 14/18 ! I have not seen her that day, but she is a nice lady and I am glad that we have her as neighbor. 

Poor Mr. G was so excited that he would be moved that he called me 9 times to ask all kind of things he had already asked me before, but as I had learned to never discuss and agree to everything I let him speak. I am always very worried after these conversations because I wonder how will they get him back to normal ? He has always been like a volcano, exploses with a lot of noise but then is friendly like a lam ! Of course people are not used to the Italian temper but get it quickly and after a while he becomes the darling of everybody. He had alwas been like that in a hospital and I am used to calm down the nurses and explain with humor referring to the famous American actors of Italian origin, that he will change completely once he is settled down.

And as I had foreseen I got a call from the coordinator informing me that Mr. G is very agitated and unable to give the informtion which they needed. I managed to establish a very nice contact and we talked a bit together about his work and other things.

In the evening Mr. G seemed to be quite happy and had even noticed that the nurse had put nicely his clothes in the wardrobe and that his room was very nice. He had already met other patients and told me that he has a whole program to follow from the next day on.

I had the impression that huge elephant who was sitting on my chest, finally got up and went to another person ! If all goes well there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

My happiness would be complete if with the next shuttle they would send all variations of the Coronavirus to Mars, instead of sending humans, at least that would be more useful !  

Rosie is bird and squirrel watching before she starts her lockdown sleep of 23 hours !

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22 Apr 2021


1. Find a penny. Look at the date and tell us something about your life or what you were doing that year? 

Couldn't find a penny, it's too long that I have been in the States. So I take our money the Euro which are notes and the Eurocent which are coins. There are no 1 or 2 cent coins, people did keep them because they were worse nothing. So the Euro starts with 5 cent. But I only found a 10 cent coin with the Belgian King Philip and with a magnifier I finally found out that it dated from 2018. But what did I do in 2018 ? Fortunately I have my Blog ! I have done quite a lot compared to this graveyard life we live right now. I went to a cat exhibition, I went to Compiegne in France with the Seniors of my city. We had several Facebook meetings in nice restaurants, there was a Gospel concert, and of course each week 4 hours of painting courses and on Tuesdays Scrabble.

2. Were you given an allowance as a child? Did you have to earn it in some way? Did you learn to save money when you were a child or is that something you figured out as an adult? 

I can't remember when I got my first "pocket money" what children got each week from their parents. Not all of course, but I got one. It was not much just to be able to buy some sweets, but as I didn't like sweets, I really can't remember what I did with 1 € a week (which is like a $ per week) Probably I put it in my piggy bank. But I was proud to have my own money each week.

3. April 23rd is National Take A Chance Day..what's a chance you need or want to take? 

For me it's really a day of chance because Mr. G. was finally transferred to the rehabilitation center, which is outside the city in the country with a lot of wood around. Now I need the chance that he recovers quickly.

 4. What's some outdated slang you seem to use a little too often?  

Speaking slang, outdated or not was strictly forbidden at home. I was told  only badly or not educated  people spoke like that. So I grew up and wasn't even allowed to say " sh..t" At least not officially !

5. It's National Poetry month and I always like to make us work our brains a little... Roses are red Violets are blue ....you fill in the rest with something original... 

Roses are red violets are blue but if you are colorblind it's a pity for you 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

For the moment my head is full of things I should put in Mr. G's suitcase because when he was taken away by ambulance he just had a training suit and a leather jacket with him. Of course later I brought him t-shirts and jogging trousers but there are a lot of other things to think about ! If only they would allow me to come with him and put his things in the right place ! But it's not allowed still due to the lockdown rules. I have to bring the suitcase over today. Once he is nicely established I can finally relax and try to get rid of the stress ! It had lasted exactly one month and 3 days he was in the hospital, and I saw him only once on his 80th birthday. 

But there is hope, this clinic is specialized for Parkinson disease, and they only accept people who are able to get back to nearly normal with the right medication.  

From this Side of the Pond

21 Apr 2021




Rosie observes a couple of magpies building their nest ! Fortunately she has a good view, otherwise she could  think it was a twin sister of her, they have the same colors !





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20 Apr 2021


The Abbey of Villers la Villers la ville was built in 1146 (you can read more here in my COUNTRY & CITY Blog) and is often used for operas, exhibitions, festivals etc. The ruins make a beautiful decoration for all events. This year there will be not very much, maybe exhibitions as it is in open air.

As usual I have to dig in the past, when a Medieval Festival took place in the ruins.


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19 Apr 2021








When my cleaning lady arrived at 7.30 on Saturday, I had difficulties to open the door. When she arrived she told me that somebody had broken the glass of the  entrance door and all pieces were laying on the floor. Later when I was dressed I went down and met other 5 people from the building apparently at 5 am 3 youngsters whose parents are on holidays had played there, I wonder what and had made such a noise that the people on the first floor called the police. They arrived with (only) 5 cars and took the boys with them.. I have never seen them but apparently they come when the parents are on holidays and squat the apartment just above ours ! Once I had heard them and wanted to calm them down at 3 am, but they had  stopped. And this night when so many people were around and made a lot of noise I slept peacefully and hadn't heard anything ! I hope they get a nice fine, which the parents have to pay, but unfortunately that doesn't bother them when they have a lot of money. I always think instead of letting the parents pay they should collect garbadge or clean the parks ! That's more intelligent and leaves them less forces to commit stupid things.. 

In the afternoon I went to the hospital to pick up Mr. G's dirty laundry and bring new once. Of course I am not allowed to see him all I see is this door which now I know by heart 

On the door is written : Please close the door patients run away  !

When I had gotten my bag I wanted to return to the exit and of course got lost. This hospital is so enormous and there was nobody around to ask. So I tried to remember how I had come but with my sense of orientation I finally landed at the mortuary ! At least there I found a male nurse who showed me the right way. I was completely exhausted when I came home !! My pedometer indicated 2 km !!

The rest of the day I looked a bit through Mr. G. papers and got a nervous breakdown or almost, I found a whole pile of reimbursement slips from the health insurance ! They owe me quite a lot of money. He had forgotten and I hadn't checked. On Monday I'll go and get the money back !

Sunday was very sunny and when Myriam came in the afternoon, we could sit outside on the balcony it was almost too warm and we had to put T-shirts on ! 

In our neighbor's garden it starts to bloom and it looks so beautiful ! We solved the problem of  the whole world or nearly and had a very nice afternoon and another weekend went by !

18 Apr 2021


Still confined in my apartment I don't have much choice to enjoy myself. I only go shopping because I have to eat, the restaurants are still closed. It's cold and humid outside so what do I do? I watch TV and from time to time I sit on my sofa and look at the moody sky that forms creative clouds which pass by in the sky. 


My neighbor always in shorts and T-shirt even if it snows !

all pictures were taken late afternoon