16 Oct 2020


The week has started with cold weather, new Coronavirus rules, my friends are not feeling well, I included. One was in hospital for a kidney surgery, the other still had troubles with her teeth the only one who had fun was Chantal who spent a long weekend with her boyfriend. I was tired from doing nothing, Mr. G. the same and finally I took an appointment for him with our Doctor.

Apparently he is still suffering from the stress of our moving, but with the time it will get better.  Unfortunately I can't say that concerning the Coronavirus who apparently loves Belgium and has spread  all over again, which meant new restrictions or better said back to the old once, like lining up in front of the shops as only two people were allowed in.

When I saw this I just wanted to return home, but finally lined up with the others, masked and keeping distance. Everywhere are posters reminding you to wear a mask. 

Fortunately I found everything what I needed quickly and was happy to get out of this unpleasant atmosphere.

When our son had helped emptying our house he had thrown all my jewelry the real and the fashion one in one bag and it was an awfull bundle everything mixed up and stuck together. 

Fortunately I have a friend who loves to ditangle wool and proposed me to help with my jewelry mess.  There was a huge bundle of different necklaces of all lengths all knotted together and the worst of all, fashion jewelry and real jewelry were all in the bundle. I thought it would take her at least a whole afternoon to get everything right, but in a quarter of an hour she was all done! I was really grateful !

The second time I put my nose out this week, was when we went together, Nicole, Chantal and I to our Italian restaurant, where at least we could forget the Coronavirus mood for a while. The owner is very cool, of course the personal wears masks but he doesn't say anything if ever you step in and have forgotten the mask hanging at your ear !

The food was as usual delicious and after lunch we went to my home for a cup of coffee.


The view from our living rooms starts to change, the trees get red and yellow leaves, but most of them are still green. Everybody sitting on our sofas have this view and love it ! 

As summer is definitively over I had asked my cleaning lady to prepare the garden furniture for the winter which she did. At least now everything remains dry when it rains.

The rest of my time I spent on Internet to order a wig for Nicole, and was looking for a pullover for me, but didn't find anything. It's strange, but it seems as nobody likes to buy clothes !

Since yesterday we have a curfew from 1 am to 6 am, which doesn't bother me at all because usually I am in my bed at that time. Again we are only allowed to invite  3 friends or 3 family members at  home, I wonder how this should work with a couple and a child, probably they have to cut it in two pieces. Some rules are so ridiculous you just can't respect them. If only it would be the same in all Corona infected places, it would be far easier ! 

In spring the lockdown didn't bother me that much but now in autumn if we have to do this again, I think they can lock us all in a mad house ! 

Before I go to bed, little Rosie checks my room for eventual unwanted creatures and brought me this ugly spider, at a closer look it was a Halloween ring which probably was amongst my jewelry ! Now she loves to play with it !


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14 Oct 2020


Dog show in Waterloo, who wins ?

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13 Oct 2020


During my roundtrip through Tunesia we also stopped in Sbeita.

Sbeitla is a small town in the central west region of Tunisia, 250km from Tunis. It is known for its remarkable Roman site and its Capitol, made up of not one but three temples, dedicated to Minerva, Jupiter and Juno, the gods who protected Rome.

It was amazing how the three temples were still so well preserved. It was only discovered between 1906 and 1922.  Here are some pictures I took during our stop at the temples and around.

These are the three temples

and the ruins around

We also visited a villa with very beautiful mosaics

The bedroom

and visitors from everywhere. We had to take our shoes off and when we came back we only found one shoe ! Some people got furious and accused people to have stolen one shoe (??) until our guide came laughing with the second ones ! Then everybody laughed !

Of course we also had stop and listen for the X time how carpets are made and we should buy one. All credit cards were accepted and they would send the carpet over where you lived. Indeed it was a serious business because the carpets arrived ! 

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12 Oct 2020







What a strange season ! Not only weatherwise but also the increasing presence of the Coronavirus  ! Everybody fears that we will have a second lockdown or at least important restrictions. He the Corona must love us very much because he insists to stay in our world instead of taking the shuttle and go to the moon !

Our little group is still reduced, and  finally Nicole and I went to our Dolce Vita Restaurant. We didn't regret it, the lunch was extremely good. It was a big piece of fish with lots of vegetables around. 

We were really lucky because the sun was shining for once and we could sit outside under the palm trees in the sun. It was almost like holidays.
Besides me was a stub of a tree on which grew an enormous mushroom ! It didn't look very appetising ! Then we spent the afternoon on my computer looking for a nice wig for Nicole who slowly looses her hairs. We found a real nice one, looking exactly like her own hair. And as they were so cheap I also ordered one for me in case I had to go out and no time to wash my hair !

Sunday was again the same sad and dark weather. Mr. G. didn't care because he had his Formular 1. I escaped and Nicole and M. went to the Lunch Garden, so nobody had too cook !  I took a plate with me for Mr. G. as supper.  Nicole's cousin joined us and had a coffee. He prefers eating in the  evening. 

And another weekend went by. Sadly we won't see our son and grandson so soon as the situation in the Netherlands has become worse too.