22 Jun 2019


Today it's about time for my Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. I got the word for this prompt only at 6 pm, so I have not a lot of time to knit a story about the word "leave" which we got for this Saturday.

Anyway I have a cold, a strange one, without nose running, or a sore throat, or coughing or other signs, no, I only lost my voice and feel lousy.. When I try to speak I sound like Louis Armstrong in his best days, or I have to whisper. Somebody called me on the phone and called me Mister !

Mr. G. is in despair, because he can't understand my Armstrong voice or my whispering and even has difficulties when wearing his hearing aid, which usually he always leaves somewhere but not in his ears.

Our cats are certainly surprised that it is so quiet in the house and they only hear Mr; G. shout "What did you say" ? Even when I have said nothing.

I leave now and go to bed and don't open my mouth anymore only to my cats ! they understand everything, but can only teach me to purr.

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21 Jun 2019


For the week's resume I could make a copy and paste ! Or almost. As usual on Monday it started with our Scrabble, it had rained in the morning but cleared up in the afternoon and we could scrabble outside on Nicole's terrace, which is always nice, better then to sit inside.

We had two Scrabble referees, cat Isis and dog Tara who now after 3 days became best friends, and I am sure that when Tara has finished her holidays with Nicole, Isis will miss her. They brought me luck, I was second !!

I finished the "planting" of my fake flowers in the pots outside and watered the Hibiscus plant exceptionally twice this week. I do nothing with this plant, it's still the same earth and the same pot and to be honest I wish it would die, but no, it blooms and blooms, only one flower at time, but real beautiful. It's just as if it wanted to say "you can't kill me" !

The painting class was nice as usual and we have to paint and paint new paintings because in October is the yearly exhibition.

I have to make a poster for this occasion.

Each week we go in a restaurant and as the sun was shining we ate outside. It was delicious. Dog Tara got her share in form of meat pieces.

Ilona is back from her holidays in Spain and I went to her house which she had had freshly painted just before she left.

Now we already have half of the year behind us and still not real summer weather. The weatherman announced 35 to 40°C which will be a joy without air conditioning !

I have got some new pictures of grandson Toby, he grows and grows ...

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19 Jun 2019


I think I led a quite colorful life so far and I hope it will continue for a long time ! These are all photos I took and changed them a bit to my taste, just like a painting.

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18 Jun 2019


Chocolate mousse ....

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During the the flea market this weekend in Waterloo, we met a part of soldiers who had walked about 40 km from Charleroi to Waterloo, like the soldiers of Napoleon when they crossed Wallonia.

The Route Napoléon is a route of nearly 90 km lined with 150 monuments, memorials and museums evoking the passage of the emperor in Belgium. From Beaumont (near Charleroi) to Waterloo, it follows in the footsteps of the imperial troops and relive the last days of the Napoleonic epic.

I didn't take pictures of the stuff exposed for sale it's always the same when people clean their houses and try to sell things they don't need anymore.

The market was enormous with around 600 stalls the biggest ever done in Waterloo.

We were far more interested in the soldiers who stopped in the Beer tent, because they were very thirsty after this long walk. The poor guys in their warm uniforms perspired terribly !

As they insisted to sit at our table, it was the first time in more then 40 years we saw them so near and could see all the details of these beautiful and colorful uniforms !

Here are a few pictures

Nicole was joking with one

and then stole his hat

The others laughed and came to our table

and then the photo session began !

As you can see we had a lot of fun with the soldiers and they took a lot of pictures of us.

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17 Jun 2019


Best friends !




Informed by a Whatsapp message which I only saw on Thursday evening, I read that son and grandson would arrive on Saturday .... for lunch. In a household of two people the fridge is usually rather empty or just the things what the two people need ! I had to run in the evening to do the shopping for father and son. I bought as usual ham and salami, mortadella and other different ham, bought pancakes and cheese and chocolate mousse etc, so that the fridge was nearly exploding. This was really meant to please but honestly with my lack of energy it was a gigantic work ! And then what happened ? My son had changed his eating habits and after living for years with a vegetarian he has now finally become one too. I really don't mind but now I was sitting on my ham, salami, mortadella etc. Toby the grandson ate only one pancake with cheese and ham he wasn't hungry because he had eaten a sandwich before that's what he told me.

After two hours or so they left to my son's friend, Toby was invited for the birthday of Benji, the friend's son. Mr. G. who never says anything to his son but only to me was very upset to have now all this food in the fridge. I will give it my cleaning lady. This was the last time I buy things for a lunch on such a short notice !

Then came the question where to eat in the evening. I knew that Mr. G. although he loves to see his son and grandson is not in the shape to stand so many people, which meant three children plus us 2 adults. Too much noise for him, after all he is still in convalescent. I tried to explain this to my son, but he didn't understand a thing, I think he doesn't realize how hard it is to recover from a surgery when you are approaching the 80th ! I suggested to eat a Pizza in a restaurant, but no, he bought 2 enormous Pizza and we ate them here. Poor Mr. G. !

To digest the pizza they played Badminton, while we were sitting there and watching. I would have had a lot of things to discuss but that was impossible, how can you discuss with somebody who doesn't listen and who doesn't understand.

The kids at least had a lot of fun and that was the most important for me. Nearly 13 year old Camille is a very nice girl and at least with her I could talk and laugh. The two boys were too busy playing which is normal ! Only for the dessert a chocolate mousse they gathered around the table.

Cat Arthur enjoyed the visitors very much ! They offered him chocolate mousse and to their surprise he even ate a bit. Arthur is the only cat I know who loves kids ! Then they returned to their home.

On Sunday was  Benji's birthday and the parents had planned a laser game for all kids. Since weeks my friends and I had planned to go the Waterloo fest and flea market and watch the soldiers. As son didn't know when the game was finished, I went with Chantal and met with Nicole. Ilona didn't find us !

There were a lot of people who had the same idea and as the weather was so nice whole Waterloo was there.

and then Napoleon's soldiers marched in in their colorful uniforms and I thought Toby would have loved to see that. The solders were rather exhausted and VERY thirsty ! They had marched 50 km exactly what Napoleon's soldiers had done. From near Charleroi to Waterloo. They had slept in Bivouacs outside the city on a field. I know all that because some of them sat down at our table and as they were so funny and made a lot of jokes, we had a lot of fun too.

They also explained to us the different meanings of the colors and at our table was a Colonel who showed us his antique sword of which he was very proud.

Relaxing time and beer flowed in streams !

and then we had to pose with them, I don't know how many pictures they took. Nicole has tried the hat and looked so funny.

There was also a little couple sitting there.

Unfortunately I didn't see son and grandson anymore, because they said good bye to Mr. G. and then went home. I had thought they would join us.

Mr. G. was so tired that he went to bed at 8.00 it had been a little bit too much for him.