17 May 2013


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1. From warm spring weather we returned to winter again, with rain and cold temperatures around only 10°C (50F). Impossible to continue any garden work. So I stayed inside and only went out to pick up my neighbor at hospital, where she had got her monthly eye shot. The poor woman had gone with her daughter in the morning for a check up and had been diagnosed a tyroid cancer ! But she is very brave and fights and made me laugh the whole way back, describing all the examination with a lot of humor !

2. I started with feeling an oppression in my chest and didn't feel well at all. I felt hot then cold, then both together and finally went to bed with a thick pajama and a jacket and was still feeling cold.
I woke up coughing and it was worse. The whole day I swallowed pills against a cold and took coughing syrup, but it didn't get better.

3. Finally I called our doctor and he came immediately. He knows that if I call it must be something serious. I hadn't seen him for such a long time ! His diagnosis was : Bronchitis ! Now I was really worried because next Tuesday I go on my long planned trip through the UK. But he comforted me and prescribed antibiotics and said that I would be OK to go on my trip ! We know each other since we moved to Waterloo some 38 years ago, when he was a very young doctor and had just started working. Next year he will retire.

4. Mr. G. came back from Italy and looked good, at least he had got some colors although he never lays in the sun. Of course there was a lot to tell and finally despite his reluctance to go to the Garda Lake to visit his sister and some friends, he was now happy about his holidays. And they had very good and warm weather.

5. My son sent me some pictures from the "3 generation" holidays together.

The men still friends since the 50th have changed a little bit ....

But the dining room is still the same even the rifles are still hanging on the wall

It seemed so strange to me to see my little Grandson Toby, playing at the same places and the same games as his father did 37 years ago. It was just feeling like yesterday.

Above left you can see the three generations, besides it's our friend cuddling Toby the same way she once did with his dad. My sister in law and niece also behaved the same way, except that our niece was a young girl then and Daddy didn't play with an Ipad ! Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture showing us as a young family at the same place ! My DIL after a few days joined them for a long weekend, it was too hard for her to be separated from her little son.

Maybe next time I will go with them if we all go and not only the men !

Now I am waiting that I get well again !

16 May 2013


Jenny Matlock
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Did you know that zzz ... zzz ...zzz is an "onomatopoeia" (what a complicated word) !  It phonetically imitates or suggests the source of the sound that it describes.  In this case a sleeping object or subject ! Onomatopoeia  (don't make a knot in your tongue)  includes animal noises such as "oink", "meow", "roar" or "chirp". They are not the same across all languages; they conform to some extent to the broader linguistic system and they are part of.  Hence the sound of a clock may be tick tock, or tick tack, or tique taque etc. Only zzz..zzz..zzz is international and in all languages the same !

To show you some examples of "zzz" the best one is my cat Arthur.

But there are many other human examples too !

Sleep well !

14 May 2013


Only a few km far from home we have a beautiful park, the Solvay park, with its beautiful castle.
The park is huge, 91 ha (227 acres)

A part of it contains the "Fondation Felon"

where the Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon put more than five hundred works, in the farm of the castle of La Hulpe. This charming and characteristic building in the middle of the marvellous Solvay Park is home to more than forty years of creation.

But we didn't visit the foundation, for that the weather was too sunny, we just walked around the farm through the woods and fields.

Everything looked so green and fresh ! It's spring !

On the flat areas of the park a kite competition took place and we watched them flying.

We walked inside the farm and looked at the old stables and coaches which were standing there.

Lots of people had the same idea as we had and after our long walk we had a drink in the part of the farm which has been converted to a restaurant.

On our way back we watched the ducks and huge carps (real monsters) and the atelier where children built little kites.

13 May 2013


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(42.8 F !)

When I woke up on Saturday and looked at the temperatures, I depressed ! On top of these wonderful spring temperatures it was raining cats and dogs outside !

I had a morning skype chat with Ilona and we were both not in the mood to do anything special on such an awful day. I throw the laundry in the machine and then went shopping, my fridge and freezer were empty like my wallet,  and the worst I had no catfood anymore.

After that, I felt exhausted and comforted myself with some little murders in my favorite crime series on TV and the rest of the day I spent with making photo collages and put things together for my forthcoming roundtrip through the UK.

In the middle of the night when I went to the bathroom I got a shock, I thought Mr. G. was standing there, but it only was his bathrobe, which I had washed and hanged on the door frame ! I had to laugh about myself.

On Sunday was Mother's day, which nobody could miss, as everywhere I saw advertising to celebrate Mothers. I even got a card in my supermarket, as if I was the mother of all employees. I also got a lot of wishes through comments, although I am only mother to one son. It really has become a big business !

When I was a child, I made a gift for my mother at school (terrible things) which she bravely used for a few days, and then I didn't see them anymore ! My father never thought about offering her something, because he said that she is not his mother but his wife. When she returned to Germany, I sent her flowers through Fleurope.

My kitchen had a Mother's Day look, I had to make my coffee myself and serve breakfast to the cats, who refused to open their food cans themselves and disappeared when they had eaten. I folded the laundry put everything away and returned to my Blogwork.  I had to put the heating on and this in May, otherwise I would have turned into an ice cube.

Despite the rain, I had go to the Garden center to buy some more bark for our front yard. For once I had to wait for a "strong" man to lift up 2 x 40 kgs bags and put them in my car. When I was younger and wore mini skirts men were quicker ! Now I have to find somebody to unload them ! I will stalk some male neighbors for this purpose.

While I was waiting in the shop my son called me to wish a happy Mother's Day. He enjoyed warm weather and sunshine in Italy ! But honestly I wasn't jealous, I know this place too well !

My oldest friend, (I know her from when we were both 8 years old) lives near Cologne but wants to celebrate her 70th birthday in Brussels, where she has the best memories of her Teenage life. We not only where neighbors in Germany but in Brussels too. She returned to Germany and I stayed here, but nothing broke our friendship. She comes with a whole court of 17 people in total, from Mother, siblings to children and grandchildren !  This will be next weekend and I certainly will serve as guide to those who don't know Brussels.

In my favorite Indian shop I found a beautiful necklace in semi precious stones and a black varnish box decorated with nacre for this special day. I love the gift bags made by Indian women and the gift bag made by street children.

I ended the day in company of Inspector Barnaby (the nephew) in Midsomer and together with Dominique, who had come over, assisted to some murders. I think it's quiet amazing that there are still some population left !